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Leila Hazlett Receives Nude Spanking From Daddy at Spanking Sarah Gregory!

This week Sarah Gregory takes a well earned rest from getting her bare bottom paddled as she gives way instead to Leila Hazlett who gets a very sound nude spanking over Daddy’s knee!  Naughty girls must be spanked and Leila sure gets it in this movie!

As Sarah puts it:

It’s pledge week and Leila is a freshman. Unfortunately she is the only one who is caught by the police streaking through campus during pledge week. Daddy is not to happy to get called in on this one. He drives her home naked with only a towel and tells her she won’t want be running around naked anymore when he is done turning her bottom a bright shade of red.

And I have some of the spanking pics for you!

006 008 010 011

Don’t forget you can see the full awesome update with this sexy FemDom F/f spanking video now exclusively at Spanking Sarah Gregory!

Stacey Stockton Reports To Principles Office For Spanking at Firm Hand Spanking!

Another classically sexy domestic spanking has been administered at our friends site at Firm Hand Spanking as Stacey Stockton must report  to the principles office for a soundly spanked bare bottom!

She knew it was coming and now she must bear the indignity as well as her bottom over his knee for discipline that she knows will leave her bottom red and stininging!

As Firm Hand Spanking put it!

Stacy Stockton’s huge blue eyes widen in shock as Principal Reed decides to spank her bare bottom for tardies. Lying over his knee, her creamy cheeks quiver red as 190 firm smacks rain down. Stacy has never been spanked before, so give her a warm welcome!

Once again i have obtained a few of the great domestic spanking pics :-)

private_ba002 private_ba004 private_ba003 private_ba001

One thing is for sure and that is with the sore stinging red bottom she has now this young lady will be a lot more careful about disobeying Miss Alison again!   Here is spanking good video preview sample :-)


And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)

OTK And Wheelbarrow Spanking Will Sort Her Out! See It At Treble A Spanking!

AAA spanking has published an interesting spanking!  This one features Mishka who receives a sound OTK spanking and is then spanked in the wheelbarrow position!

As AAA Spanking puts it:

Welcome to the final part of John’s fantasy spankings. Imagine having such a naughty girl guide minx in such a provocative position over your lap and then spanked in that most revealing wheelbarrow position! Well, imagine no more as John fulfills his fantasy in one of his favourite films that caused the poor man all sorts of “Trouser Arousal” issues! Naughty Mishka assumes her place over his lap in a traditional OTK spanking first with some nice camera angles before the final wheelbarrow spanking takes place with lots of gratuitous bottom rubbing, groping and carressing in between the spankings. You will also see copious amounts of lotion being rubbed and massaged into Mishka’s very sore red bottom! She only ever worked for our company in the UK before retiring from spanking & disciplinary films for other companies so we are very privileged to bring you yet another film in this very naughty and popular spanking series!

You can see the full domestic spanking gallery here!

And I have managed to get my hands on some of the spanking pics!  🙂

003 001 002 005

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Before i stop i just wanted to give you all a heads up on their latest membership offer in which you can get an annual pass and get your membership loyalty rate at the equivalent of just $8.50 a month (thats about UK£4) – less than the price of an average spanking magazine 20 years ago and you didn’t get the video back then!!!

Curvy Bare Bottoms Soundly Hand Spanked OTK At Spanked Call Girls!

Another awesome update at Spanked Call Girls as Mary Jane and Anikka Albrite put each other across their knees for a good sound bare bottom spanking!

These are two of the sexiest most feminine of spankers and spankees out there and it is a real delight to see them giving and receiving a good smacked bottom like this 🙂   Kudos to Clare Fonda for arranging this one 🙂

And i have selected some of my more favorite F/f spanking pics from this gallery :-)

As Clare puts it on the video:

Two of the curviest, juiciest booties you will find anywhere, Anikka Albrite and Mary Jane square off over a disagreement, spanking each other over the knee. These are long hard, hand spankings that result in bouncing, red bottoms.

Here are a few sample pics from her update  :-)

005 010 003 006 009

You see what i mean about the curviest and most feminine 🙂   Nothing like a beautiful curvy naughty girls bare bottom to spank 🙂

For the video and yet more pics and many more videos and pics featuring other girls you need to join Spanked Call Girls :-) But its a great site and well worth every cent for this major archive of the sexiest of domestic girl spanks girl action videos :-)


Twin Models Get Sound Hand Spanking!

Just been over to take a look at my favourite Japanese domestic f/f spanking site at and they have a fantastic new update there!  2 moaning models have been complaining about how much their manageress works them!  But there is no sympathy from the manageress as she bends them over and soundly spanks their bare bottoms!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics :

t14-50 t14-07 t14-14 t14-20 t14-06

Don’t miss this one.  Get yourselves over to and buy yourself a present this christmas!  Stinging red bottoms all around!


Penny’s Smoking Habit Results In Burning Backside From Headmasters Cane at Girls Boarding School!

p0663p020When studying at the Girls Boarding School it is very unwise to be smoking on the premises!  Even more unwise to be caught!  But that is just what has happened to Penny and now she is in more trouble than she can imagine!

The head master it seems has summoned her to his study and if you have ever heard of the traditional 6 of the best with pants down you will understand how nervous Penny is feeling right now!  Except that 6 of the best is closer to 160 and she is also going to be getting a sound spanking over his knee first and then paddling and strapping!   This is what every disobedient lady can expect at the Girls Boarding School and this is exactly what  is going to happen to Penny!   And she knows it too!

Its been a few weeks since I have been over to look at the Girls Boarding School domestic M/f spanking site so it was fun to take another look!  It has several brand new titles there since i visited last and this is the latest of the bunch!   It has some excellent domestic spanking video and corporal punishment photos are of their usual high standard 🙂   Here are a few I managed to lay my paws on for you all 🙂





See the video now exclusively at Girls Boarding School :-)  They have absolutely tonnes of it there :-)  Be sure to check them out 🙂

New Spankee Andi Regrets The Day She Calls Her Disciplinarian Bozo at Bun Beating Fun!

You know i was thinking the other week i had not visited Bun Beating Fun for some time.  My pass had run out and ive been meaning to email Gregg there and grovel to see if i couldn’t get my hands on another one!  You know this is one of the plusses of running a blog! You join the spanking industry sort of on equal terms but for the beautiful girl over your knee!  😉   But anyway sure enough I had an email from them asking me to review their new Goddess there and Im kicking myself now as to why i never asked last week!  Its actually about 2 years since i have been in there it seems!  I CANT BELIEVE time has flown that fast!   But the plus is that i have gone in and seen 2 years worth of updates and my day here has been SO COOL 🙂   Or Hot!   Or whatever you want to call it 🙂

Now of course i have to find some way of covering for the fact that i have not really done a great deal of work today!  So that means i am going to post some on my other blogs at Amateur OTK Spanking Blog and Home Spanking and Discipline Blog over on Blogger 🙂  If you are reading this within minutes of me posting it then that means i will be in the middle of writing a new post on those other blogs so don’t get concerned if its not quite there yet 🙂

ANYWAY, this week has this real sexy gal called Andi!  And she has made the mistake of calling her disciplinarian Bozo.   Not very bright that!  I think the word she was looking for was ‘Sir’ wasn’t it?   But she has chosen Bozo instead so now she is getting and good domestic style sound bare bottom spanking!  Just as she should!  And i have got some of the hot M/f spanking pics for y’all to see 🙂


Andie-8 Andie-2

You know this is what I have always really liked about Bun Beating Fun 🙂  All of these spanking and corporal punishment CP sites have something going for them obviously but with Bun Beating Fun there is no mistaking what their biggest plus is!  Apart from having some of the hottest ladies to spank that is!  And that is they actually spank for real and that fact is demonstrated nowhere more than on the naughty girls face or with the contortions of her body as the spanks rain down on her bare bottom!   See these pics from their site of Stephanie for example!



See what i mean?  This great spanking action!  And the stills above show just how great the movie is!  Be sure to check it out!   And they have LOADS more hot domestic spanking and discipline movies in there too!

Visit them now at Bun Beating Fun everybody :-) I just know you wont be sorry :-)