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Sexy LezDom F/f Spanking – Take A Fresh Look at Bad Tushy!

Perhaps one of the oldest and most established spanking sites around at the moment is a site that many do not really pay adaquate attention to and yet in my view they have been producing some of the hottest lezdom spanking pics and video for some time!   And that is the site called Bad Tushy.   Shot in the depths of Florida where the wooden paddle is so popular, they really produce some extremely hot spanking material!  Hotter in fact than the Florida sun in the heights of summer!

Here is a pic from their latest update for example where a naughty girl has been caught eating her strict Mistress’s ice cream bar 🙂


Ouch!  🙂  But you have to admit, the naughty girl there has one really sexy bottom!  🙂

Here are a few pics from a recent gallery they published 🙂

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Well you can see the full video and picture set now exclusively at Bad Tushy!  If you have not looked for a while then be sure to check them out :-)

Stop Press: Sterntime FemDom Fm Spanking Productions Release 3 New Videos To FemDom Spanking Store And Domination Theater

Great news for F/m Spanking fans as Sterntime Fm Spanking Productions has just released 3 brand new fm spanking videos to the market starring the incredible Countess Wolfsong and the stunning Mistress Amber!   The 3 new movies include very popular Female Domination themes like school punishment and even one with the stunning Mistress Amber administering a judicial style caning with a birch rod!

Here are the details ;-)

Countess Wolfsong: Time For Your Whipping

Here’s a couple just settling down for the evening. He wants to distract her with a movie at home, with love to come. BUT…she’s in a different mood! “What’s today?”, she asks. Uh, oh. “Oh, that’s right…it’s time for your whipping!” He was hoping to avoid one of her sessions, but that’s not going to happen. One there regular rituals is going to happen whether he wants it or not! A bamboo birch rod and new “toys” she can’t wait to use on his bare ass! A nasty strap (silicone or something) and a vicious whip! She delightedly whips his bare ass raw. Countess Wolfsong doesn’t pretend! This session is real!!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store

See Video at Domination Theater.

Mistress Amber:  Court Punishment


It’s back to the future again! A time when it’s normal to provide corporal punishment for those small crimes. Like the original video “Court Punishment 2090” punishment is administered over the “Pony” bench, tied down. This time THREE women and one man are administered fm spanking for their crimes! The attractive prison guard-girls get theirs before they give it!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store

See Video at Domination Theater.

Countess Wolfsong:  School Discipline – Failed Spanish Class


This Fem-dom video stars our beautiful Countess Wolfsong. And if you’ve seen our other videos with her, you know she does not play light! This discipline scene involves one of her private students who is taking Spanish lessons. He’s really bad at it and obviously hasn’t studied at all. It becomes apparent that she has disciplined him before, but this time it gets serious! Over the knee is just a warm up (the hard swats hardly qualify as warm up). Then it’s bending over the couch with serious straps, flogger, wooden and paddle and rattan cane! If this doesn’t improve his studies….nothing will!.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Love Split Row Leaves Bratty Sarah Gregory With Blistered Spanked Bottom!

First off i need to apologise to you all for the fact this site didn’t get updated last week 🙁   I am sorry 🙁  Actually if you had been here on Monday and maybe even part of Tuesday you would have seen an update but this was unfortunately deleted.  The reason im afraid is down to hackers from China.  I wont bore you with the details (apart from which I dont want to give any information about what we knew (and we WERE on to them) for security reasons but suffice to say all of the updates i had prepared for this blog for last week were lost 🙁   Its not my fault.  It is the fault of scummy hackers so i don’t think i should be spanked 🙂  But depending on who it is dishing it out I might change my mind!!!  LOL 🙂

ANYWAY….back sharply to the spanking!   Because just as we all thought Sarah Gregory was starting to be well behaved again it seems she is once more in trouble!  It seems that her mom had told her to stop seeing her new boyfriend and when mom visited her bedroom to console her all she got was a load of lip and backchat!  So bratty Sarah finds herself over the knee again!   And i have gotten my paws on some of the domestic F/f spanking pics!  🙂

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Don’t forget you can see the full awesome update with this sexy FemDom F/f spanking video now exclusively at Spanking Sarah Gregory!


Anikka Albrite Goes Over Ashley Rose’s Knee For Hairbrush Spanking at Spanked Sweeties!

Two absolute stunning beauties have been published this week at Spanked Sweeties where the sexiest gals spank each other!  Curvy bottomed Annika Albrite re-enacts a birthday spanking from her younger sister played in this movie by Ashley Rose!   This movie is HOT with a capitol H 🙂  And there is a full free lezdom F/f spanking gallery for you here 🙂

As Clare Fonda put it:

Anikka Abrite is a blonde cutie known for her curvy bottom. She was spanked often by her step father and we re-enacted one of those spankings. She also spanked her younger sister, which we recreate with the assistance of Ashley Rose. We also re-enacted one of her birthday spankings (featuring Ashley and Kay Richards).

And I have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics for you all :-)






That last one is probably my favourite of all of them 🙂  That standing before your strict disciplinarian rubbing your sore bottom thing is really powerful 🙂

Dont miss this one!  Get your butts over to Spanked Sweeties!  You have seen what happens if you dont!  🙂



Tanya Carter Puts Beautiful Jennifer Torrance Over Her Knee To Spank Her Bubble Butt at Firm Hand Spanking!

One can never quite lose when the naughty girl you are about to spank has a bubble butt!  And that is just what stunning new model Tanya Carter was given over her knee this week at Firm Hand Spanking!   It seems that some spanking role play in Mr Andersons office was in order and Tanya never turns down the chance to spank a bottom!  Especially if it is Jennifer Torrance’s!  And she spanks her naughty girl methodically with a wooden paddle both otk and over a desk! Ouch!

As Firm Hand Spanking put it!

Jennifer Torrance’s juicy bare bottom is spanked and paddled to jiggling perfection in a College Girl Discipline dare with Tanya Carter. The freshmen are looking for evidence that Mr Anderson has a fetish about spanking, so how about a little spanking roleplay in his office…

Once again i have obtained a few of the great domestic spanking pics :-)

cgd_bj001 cgd_bj002 cgd_bj004 cgd_bj003

And you can be sure this young lady was very compliant after her bare bottom had been soundly spanked with that wooden paddle!  Just as she should be!!!

Here is spanking good video preview sample :-)


And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)

Stop Press: FemDom And Spanking Sites Releases 6 New Spanking & FemDom Site Previews!

News has just come in that FemDom And Spanking Sites has just released no fewer than 6 brand spanking new Net Verifier AVS sites to preview some of the best FemDom spanking sites out there :)Some of the pics such as Mistress Theresa is actually quite rare!  And to top it off, there is a really excellent Fm spanking art site added to the fray :)

The Fm Spanking sites includes a great little site featuring Mistress Theresa with pics from yesteryear atStrict Women called Domestic Mistress Spanks.   And to top off this great little site there is a brand new Fm spanking art & cartoon site called Tan His Hide Fm Spanking Art:-)  And I just know you all love fm spanking art as much as me!  🙂


But it does not stop there.  For the F/f spanking fans there are a further 2 spanking sites, one from our friends at Hand Spanking entitledJapanese Goddess Spanks and another from the veteran spanking site of many years, Bad Tushyentitled Jane Bends and Spanks!
 Janpanese_Goddess_Spanks jane-bends-and-spanks-frontpage
And as if that were not enough, the general Female Domination fans get to see a face sitting site from friends at Deadly Femaleswith Lottery Face Sitter and a foot domination site from our friends at Foot Dom United called Kneel at Her Feet!
All of the sites listed at FemDom And Spanking Sites to any of you with a basic net verifier pass.

So if you enjoy this blog, please go visit my site at FemDom And Spanking Sites:-)

And by the way, a years membership to this site containing over 100 sites like the above together with an additional 50 or so links directly into their older discontinued Cyberage sites costs about the same as many sites charge for a month  🙂


Click Here to visit FemDom And Spanking Sites

Kami Robertsons Bedtime Spanking at AAA Spanking!

When a naughty girl at AAA spanking is grounded, they can also expect a sound bare bottom spanking each and every night before bed!  And that is just what is happening this week to Kami Robertson who gets a very sound domestic Mf spanking for his behaviour!

As AAA Spanking puts it:

Kami had been a very naughty girl and had shamed everyone at home with her poor behaviour at school. She knew what was coming before bedtime as she had been promised a proper good old fashioned humiliating discipline with his hand, hairbrush and something else which would be a nasty surprise! Kami was understandably nervous but only had herself to blame as she was told to assume the position over his knee for an unwanted bare bottom spanking. She was then given the hairbrush which stung like hell as she was further punished, wriggling in shame over his lap before the concluding part of her punishment she knew nothing about… an old fashioned leathering with his belt! This was a particularly hard scene which had Kami whimpering and in tears at the end ensuring she was a little more aware of what would happen to her again if she dared bring the family name into disrepute!

You can see the full domestic spanking gallery here!

And I have managed to get my hands on some of the spanking pics!  🙂

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Before i stop i just wanted to give you all a heads up on their latest membership offer in which you can get an annual pass and get your membership loyalty rate at the equivalent of just $8.50 a month (thats about UK£4) – less than the price of an average spanking magazine 20 years ago and you didn’t get the video back then!!!


Bratty Sarah Finds Herself Over Miss Dana Kane’s Knee at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Well its been a while since i spoke of Sarah Gregory’s wonderful spanking site but I just could not miss this one!  🙂   The bratty Sarah has taken on a very rude persona and is being a very naughty girl indeed!  But new Domme to the site, Miss Kane certainly knows how to teach her some manners!  And before Sarah knows it, she finds herself over Miss Kane’s knee getting her bottom well and truly warmed with a stinging domestic hand spanking!

As Sarah Gregory puts it:

Sarah Gregory is sent to stay with Miss Kane for a week to learn how to be a proper young lady. She is a very rude and sassy young girl who is repeatedly kicked out of School. After her time with Miss Kane she sure learns the hard way that she needs to be respectful and willing to learn. Lesson #1 is how a young lady should drink her tea. This is Sarah’s first full age play video.

The outfit Sarah seems to have found goes so well with this scenario!   It would be good to see her in more movies like this but we will have to see how and to what extent that happens!   Personally I would like to see her do a movie or two in this guise with Miss Dana Specht too!  🙂  That could be really interesting!




Don’t forget you can see the full awesome update with this sexy FemDom F/f spanking video now exclusively at Spanking Sarah Gregory!



Stop Press: Institute of Feminine Discipline & Dana Specht / Sarah Gregory Release 3 New Videos To FemDom Spanking Store And Domination Theater

Hot off the press is news of 3 brand new movies released today at Domination Theater and FemDom Spanking store from the beautiful Miss Zoe of Strict Mistress Zoe, Miss Rose and Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory!

Here are the details ;-)

Miss Selina (Institute of Feminine Discipline):  Miss Selina’s Group Wank (High Definition)


Due to Overseer shortages at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Miss Selina has taken over for the day and decided to lead the Group Wank session for this month!  Those boys who due to their behaviour have not been barred from attending have all reported to the much awaited session which will today be lead by the beautiful Miss Selina.   Having specialised in tease and denial at FemDom College it does not take Miss Selina long to get the boys worked up!  But will She allow them to squirt where Miss Shay and Miss Rebekah would not?   We shall see…

Video contains sexy FemDom Fm spanking, paddling, tease and denial.

Note:   This video is in High Definition (HD) Format.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory: Maid For Punishment


Sarah Gregory is a maid at a hotel and I am her supervisor. When I walked into a guest’s room (Mr Givan) to check on her work I found her over his knee getting spanked. Mr. Givan informed me she was careless and sloppy and felt he needed to teach her a lesson. I took the matters into my own hands and turned Mr. Givan over my knee for being so forward with my employee, then gave Sarah a hard spanking for her silliness and poor work performance. I then ordered Sarah to give Mr. Givan a taste of his own medicine and she spanked him. I further humiliate him with an embarrassing “examination” to the delight of Miss Sarah, then turn the tables and make her bend over and endure the same. This video has something for everyone – F/F, F/M, M/F, spanking, hairbrush spanking and caning plus a few sexy surprises.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Rose (Institute of Feminine Discipline): Orientated By Miss Rose!


Drew has been sent to the Institute of Feminine Discipline by his Girlfriend as she is sick of his constant ogling of other women.   Upon book in he is sent to report to the Behavioural Therapist Miss Rose who begins his orientation to the rules for male creatures at at the Institute.  But having come top in Her class at FemDom College for Tease and Denial Miss Rose takes the opportunity to tease the new naughty boy as she orientates him to the rules!  And of course every boy reporting to the Institute can expect a minimum of 2 spankings a day and that includes Drew when he reports to Miss Rose!

Video contains sexy FemDom Fm spanking, paddling, tease and denial.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater



New Resident Linn Bends For The Strap in Girls Boarding School Sleeping Quarters

New resident, the blonde bombshell Linn is still in trouble at Girls Boarding School it seems after she turned up without those regulation knickers she was supposed to wear!  I have featured this naughty girl before when she was getting her  bare bottom spanked over the heads knee but  today she is getting a good strapping so clearly the OTK spanking did not help!  🙂




See the video now exclusively at Girls Boarding School :-)  They have absolutely tonnes of it there :-)  And of course with Tom and his film crew back for good there is every reason in the world to get out there and check them out!  🙂