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Miss Katherine Explains Why Naughty Girls Should Always Clean Their Teeth at Bad Tushy

Ok these lezdom spanking pics might be ones that you have seen before but sometimes its nice to see the classics 🙂  And i love these 🙂   They come from our friends at Bad Tushy and feature Mis Katherine teaching not one but two naughty girls the error of their ways with soundly spanked bottoms!  Bare bottoms to be exact!  Just as it should be for every naughty girl in the land 🙂

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics for you 🙂

Ouch!  A very sore bottom indeed.   And i love the look of anguish and worry on the naughty blonde lady that is to follow her!  Just imagine what is going through her mind right now about the sore smacked bottom she is about to receive!  What is she thinking? 🙂

Well you can see the full video and picture set now exclusively at Bad Tushy!  If you have not looked for a while then be sure to check them out 🙂


Sexy Striptease Video Leaves Cassie With Sore Spanked Bottom This Week at Spanking Sarah Gregory

When strict Sarah Gregory walks in on nude Casey Calvert filming herself doing a sexy strip tease there is only one thing to do in her eyes and the consequences for Casey are very painful!  And they leave her with a very sore smacked bottom indeed!  As she should!  Naughty girls like this should always get spanked and Sarah as she becomes Miss Sarah is a very strict task Mistress indeed!  Taking to her newly found authority in disciplining the other girls at the site, she shows real class and the sort of strict self confidence that female domination fans everywhere will love!  This of course in addition to the awesome submissive role playing by all of the naughty girls in the site, not least Sarah herself!  🙂

As Sarah Gregory puts it:

This week I think the surfers will love fetish model, Casey Calvert, in the latest promo galleries! “Video Vixen” sees Casey videoing herself as she does a sexy striptease. I catch her at the end when she is naked and give her a nice, OTK nude spanking.

And I have some of the domestic spanking pics from the galleries here and here  🙂  Given this was such an awesome set of pics I thought i would also show my readers at my other blog at Amateur OTK Spanking so be sure to check that one out 🙂

Awesome F/f spanking pics from an awesome spanking video 🙂   And you can see it now along with many others exclusively at Spanking Sarah Gregory!

You can see more pics from this gallery also at my blog at Amateur OTK Spanking Blog!  Visit there soon :)

Embarking On A Spanking Lifestyle And Fantasy With Stevie Rose

Stevie Rose who features in the recent update at Spanked Sweeties is apparently a very new convert to lifestyle domestic spanking!  She has now turned 18 and after yearning for a life under a firm hand of discipline she now has this with her boyfriend.  And you can all see her latest interview and latest spanking now at Spanked Sweeties!   The pics from the gallery featuring her hard otk bare bottom spanking look awesome and you can bet that the video will be too!  But you will also get to see some of what makes this naughty girl tick!

As Clare Fonda put it:

Stevie Rose is a lifestyle spanking enthusiast who got into it late, as she was not spanked growing up. But shortly after turning 18, she discovered what a discipline spanking was from a boyfriend. She talks openly all about her exposure to spanking and is given a hard discipline spanking from a large male.

And I have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics for you all 🙂


You can see the rest of the free gallery for this below though there are more in the members area of Spanked Sweeties!  🙂

You can see the video and yet more pics and many more videos and pics featuring other girls you need to join Spanked Sweeties :-) But its a great site and well worth every cent for this major archive of the sexiest of domestic girl spanks girl action videos :-)



Stop Press: Miss Dana Specht and Naughty Girl Sarah Gregory Release 2 New Videos Along With Institute of Feminine Discipline at Femdom Spanking Store and Domination Theater!

The news hot off the news stands today here at this spanking blog is that Miss Dana Specht has released two new spanking videos.  One of which is F/m and the other which is F/f spanking with her naughty girl Sarah Gregory and another for good measure :)

But it does not stop there as Institute of Feminine Discipline have just released the new video with their two new Overseers Miss Antscha and Miss Viktoria featured on the FemDom Spanking Blog recently when they did their first Fm spanking shoot and were originally published :)

Here are the details ;-)

Miss Dana Specht:  Todd Meets Dana Specht

Watch how my session with Todd unfolds as I strip him naked and administer spankings, strappings, paddlings, whippings, and canings. Todd is bent over my knee for a hand spanking then tied to the bed for most of my harsher implements. My wooden spoon is used in his session as well as a flogger and whip.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory:  Spanking Party Weekend

Dana’ Specht’s two sneaky daughters, Sarah Gregory and Christy, are supposed to be at a luxury hotel for a spa weekend. Ms Dana decides to check and see how the massages and mud baths are going but finds her way into a ballroom where a spanking party is taking place. Guess who she catches wearing school-girl outfits, pig-tails, and buying spanking implements? Her two precious daughters. Momma Dana marches them back to their room and gives them what they came for – hard, non-stop bare bottom spankings, and a taste from each implement they purchased at the vendor’s tables.

Anybody know who the naughty girl over Miss Dana’s knee is by the way?  It looks like she is getting a really well deserved smacked bottom there! Judging by how red it is it must sting to blazes 🙂

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Antscha & Miss Viktoria: Double Spanking Centre Trouble

Here’s a guy just messing around in his garage, knowing there’s a lot of clean up work to do, but really not in the mood to do it. Might as well just kick back and relax. He can’t help but think about a disciplinarian woman he once had in his life. Used to make him take care of houshold duties…. or else! But those were the old days. Suddenly, a sexy angel appears! Is he dreaming?! Is she real?!

With a simple clap of the hands she has him naked and in a variety of discipline positions using a number of implements, like, hand, paddle, strap, whip and a nasty cane. After his ass finally splits, she disappears! Was she really there? Was it a dream? Will she come back?!!

Video contains very sound FemDom Fm spanking, paddling, strapping, whipping and caning.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Veronica Ricci Puts Alexis Grace Over Her Knee When Rent Is Not Paid at My Spanking Roommate!

Alexis Grace has been a very naughty girl it seems over at My Spanking Room Mate this week!  Failing to pay rent and do her chores has left her in deep trouble with strict dominant friend Veronica Ricci!  I have loved this site for years since it first opened its doors and with bottoms like this being spanked you can see why 🙂    And the spanking does not stop until naughty Alexis’s wailing becomes so loud that she has to be gagged with her panties!

As Clare Fonda puts it:

Veronica is tired of her new roommate Alexis Grace not cleaning up and not paying her part of the rent. She also accuses Alexis of being a hooker. Alexis has no choice but to go over Veronica’s lap for a hand and hair brush spanking. She cries out so loud that she must be gagged with her panties.

And I have selected a few of my personal favourite domestic F/f spanking pics to share with you all :) The rest you can find in the free F/f domestic spanking gallery here. The video and yet more pics you can of course find at My Spanking Room Mate! :)

But the question is whether the wailing and screaming did any good?   Well i can tell you that it most certainly did not!  Alexis had a very sore smacked bottom by the end, just as she should have!

Don’t forget that if you want to see more then get your butts over to My Spanking Roommate if you like the pics above :)   And don’t miss my other spanking blog update at Amateur OTK Spanking Blog where i cover this same story but with completely fresh F/f spanking piccies 🙂

msr-anim hpa4

Naughty Kathy Pays With Sore Smacked Bottom at Girls Boarding School!

Just took a look over Head master Tom’s site at Girls Boarding School.  Looks like they have a very naughty young lady in schoolgirl outfit that is in need of some carpet beating action 🙂   This is what comes of bunking off from her chores it seems and smoking instead!  Lucky for her it is not on her bare bottom just yet!  But you can bet this domestic M/f spanking is going to sting like crazy!  And i have some of the pics to prove it 🙂

See the video now exclusively at Girls Boarding School :-)  They have absolutely tonnes of it there 🙂  And of course with Tom and his film crew back for good there is every reason in the world to get out there and check them out!  🙂

Strict Miss Maria Puts Midori Across Her Knee For Blistering Bare Bottom Hand Spanking at Hand!

Absolutely stunning update recently posted over at Hand with Maria becoming ‘Miss Maria’ and one of the sexiest and strictest dominant women around 🙂   Absolutely great show and Midori as the naughty girl will blow your socks off too!  Watch as the mature model Midori bends over her young new Mistress knee and is spanked from all angles! Beautiful.

And i have some great domestic spanking pics for you from this update 🙂

A naughty girls bottom well and truly spanked to a stinging red by Miss Maria 🙂  Lovely:-)  And a domestic spanking lesson truly learned from the team at Hand🙂

Have a great weekend everybody.   I will be back next week for another update here so see you all then :)


Cheerleader Audition Leads To Sore Smacked Bottom Fro Naughty Mishka at AAA Spanking

Hi and welcome back to the Domestic Spanking Blog where naughty cheerleader Mishka is caught masturbating before her cheerleading audition at AAA Spanking!  But she is not left to her own devices for long as not only her naughty bare bottom gets a sound spanking but her vagina that she was touching and the naughty hands that were touching it!  And by the end of this 30 minute long discipline you can bet she will be a very sorry young lady indeed!

As AAA Spanking put it:

The examiner is late for Mishka’s trial and she gets bored quickly, so to relieve the tension and her nerves due to the Cheerleader Trial, she dips several fingers into her white cotton panties and starts to masturbate. She is so quickly turned on by this mischievous behaviour that she even uses one of the Pom Pom handles to pleasure herself even though anyone could walk in, adding to the thrill of it all! She hears someone coming but isn’t quick enough to make herself totally respectable and it’s her examiner who tries to ignore what he thought he saw and apologized for his tardiness and proceeds with her Trial. Mishka is hopeless, however, and the examinier comes up with another proposition and he so happens to be a prominent member of a local fetish society and thinks she is better suited to a more profitable audition that he thinks she might excel at. You will get to see this very naughty cheergirl spanked, strapped, given the very stinging wooden ruler across her hands and bottom, a heavy hairbrushing and finally cropped on her lady parts and tight red bottom! A thorough workout and a very satisfying visual treat which runs to nearly 30 minutes! The is one NOT to miss!

 And i have some of the domestic spanking pics for you!  🙂

And you can see a few more at my blog at Amateur OTK Spanking Blog.  The full set of course along with the 30 minutes of domestic M/f spanking video you will find at AAA Spanking!  Don’t miss it!

And by the way they have a great membership offer at the moment where you can buy an annual pass and get your membership loyalty rate at the equivalent of just $8.50 a month (thats about UKÂŁ4) – less than the price of an average spanking magazine 20 years ago and you didn’t get the video back then!!!


Stop Press: Bumper Update as FemDom And Spanking Sites Update With A Full 9 Domination and Discipline Sites

Well approximately 2 months has now gone by since i last told you all about the latest update at FemDom And Spanking sites but they have been real busy it seems.  The sites entire back end has been fully updated to the very latest software and although this may not mean a lot to you, it does indicate that they have every intention (given that this was all consuming for around a month) of keeping this site going with constant updates :-)   FemDom And Spanking sites was actually updated around a week ago so its not quite as late with this update as you might think but they have made up for the time lapse in any event with a bumper big update of 9 sites.  Usually it is around 5 or 6 for the month.   And the sites I can tell you are really awesome :-)   And with Miss Jade and Amy Hunter as well as a dominant Bryanna Cox of Spanking Bare Butts and some of the best female domination from Hand Spanking in Japan there is something there for everybody who is a lover of spanking whether Fm, Ff or Mf :)

This latest update includes 2 FemDom Fm spanking sites, 2 lezdom F/f spanking site, 2 Maledom M/f spanking site and 3 face sitting sites.

The Fm sites are called Spanked By Miss Amy and Spanked by Miss Jade both of which are dedicated to the great site Strict Women!   :)

On the LezDom F/f spanking side you can see another site from friends atSpanking Bare Butts called Carol Gets A Sore Bottom and also one from our friends at Hand Spanking called Bad Girls Correction.
On the Maledom M/f spanking front you can see another two sites from friends at Girls Boarding School called Smacked and Spanked and Spanked For Smoking.
There are also three new FemDom face sitting sites there entitled Face Sit Submission and East European Ass Domination from our friends at Brutal Face Sitting and Competitive Squashing 4 with Miss Jade (as seen above in Spanked By Miss Jade) from our friends at Deadly Females.
All of the sites listed at FemDom And Spanking Sites to any of you with a basic net verifier pass.

So if you enjoy this blog, please go visit my site at FemDom And Spanking Sites:-)

And by the way, a years membership to this site containing over 100 sites like the above together with an additional 50 or so links directly into their older discontinued Cyberage sites costs about the same as many sites charge for a month  🙂

Click Here to visit FemDom And Spanking Sites

A Very Sad Farewell To Spanking Model Hollie Stevens

It is with great regret and much sadness that i learned from Clare Fonda’s blog of the passing of of much loved spanking model Hollie Stevens who sadly passed away with breast cancer last Tuesday.

Though I have admired her spanking pics so many times on sites like My Spanking Room Mate and others we had never met.  I had always hoped however that one day she would come to the UK and through our connections with the spanking world of sites here in the UK and perhaps we would meet then in a shoot.  But sadly that will not happen.

My thoughts now with her family and friends.

May she rest in peace.