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Stop Press: Miss Cassie (Of The Releases 4 New Videos at The Domination Theater

News has just come in that leading FemDom Fm Spanking Video producer Miss Cassie of The Hunteress has updated her streaming video theatre at Domination Theater with 4 really hot hard core corporal punishment videos starring herself and her friend Miss Chi!

Here are the details of these great new FemDom Fm Spanking Movies!;-)

Miss Cassie:  Airforce Strapping!

Flying Officer Hunter is very cross with her insubordinate, gives him a verbal dressing down before a physical one, he is strapped to the punishment bench and thoroughly strapped.

See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Cassie & Miss Chi:  Financial Slave Pt 1


Miss Chi’s financial slave presents the monthly accounts to Her, and it appears that £100 is missing…. She is dismayed as he is not letting on where the money is so she takes a strap to his behind and still no confession….. then She has an idea…..

See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Cassie & Miss Chi:  Financial Slave Pt 2


Miss Chi brings her slave to Miss Hunter, to see if She can find out where the missing money is…. Miss Hunter interrogates him and uses Her extra heavy strap and dragon cane to assist! He blurts out his confession and is reduced to a quivering wreck. Miss Hunter also gives him two strokes with the tawse on the hands, that will help to remind him to keep his filthy trotters out of Mistress’ money! The 2 Dommes inspect the marks on his bottom and he is forced to do some shoe worship to prove how sorry he is.


See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Cassie:  Uniform Caning


Flying Officer Hunter restrains and canes her insubordinate.

See Video at Domination Theater.

Some really great FemDom Fm Spanking action to be found there everybody…be sure to check it out!  Be there or be spanked! :-)

Domination Theater

Student Turns Tables On Teacher And Hand Spanks Her Bare Bottom at Hand!

Wow!  What an awesome update over at Hand!  In this update, sexy student Anri turns the tables on her teacher to show her that it is not just teachers that can make a naughty girls bottom sting but the students can do it too!

Hand Spanking is probably one of my favourite domestic spanking sites on the net.  If not then it actually IS my favourite.   Its not just because I have a thing for Japanese ladies (though I do) but also because the quality of everything that they publish is always top notch.   Japan has always had such a great reputation in the FemDom world for some of the hottest material out there but so much of it unfortunately is chains and dungeons so when you see all that creativity going into domestic scenes without the BDSM garb it is really quite special 🙂  And add to that, that hand spanking is my favourite and the girls that do the spanking are just as hot as the girls on the receiving end of those spankings and you have a real recipe for perfection I think 🙂

And today as always that is demonstrated as student Anri orders her naughty teacher to bend over for the same spanking she had received only days ago!  🙂

And i have some pics from the update to show you!  The video, you will need to go see at Hand Spanking itself 🙂

Awesome 🙂   And you can see more of this and so many other great spankings now exclusively at 🙂  Home of the best Japanese Lezdom domestic spanking anywhere on the net!  🙂

Meanwhile I will see you in a few more days for another update to the Domestic Spanking Blog!