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Bad Grades At Hand Lead To Sore Smacked Bottoms All Around!

Bad grades at school have always lead to sore smacked bottoms and the Hand Spanking school has proved that it is no different this week!!  But where it differs is that it is not just the student that gets her bare bottom blistered but the Goddess teacher too! Forever the great FemDom F/f Lezdom domestic spanking classic!  🙂  And Hand Spanking once again prove why they are the best 🙂

This video is called ‘Teachers Bad GRades’ and stars the very naughty but incredibly sexy Miss Ruka who disciplines the naughty Chihiro and vice versa 🙂  Really great domestic spanking action 🙂 Really cute :)

As Hand Spanking put it:

Miss Ruka disciplines the disruptive student Chihiro by giving her a stern spanking. When the teacher receives an invitation to talk to the student’s parents about making sure Chihiro obey, she receives an unexpected lesson.

And I have grabbed some photos for you all to see how sexy this update really is!  🙂

You can see more pics AND THE VIDEO now exclusively at Hand Spanking!  Not to mention many more!  Go visit them soon!  Meanwhile I will see you in a few more days for another update to the Domestic Spanking Blog!


Stop Press: FemDom And Spanking Sites Publish Four New Net Verifier FemDom Spanking Sites

Just wanted to draw all of your attention to 4 new FemDom Spanking sites that I have just launched over at FemDom and Spanking Sites :-)
These include 2 FemDom Fm spanking site from two of the strictest spankers originally of Strict Women of yesteryear, none other than the sexy Miss Candi in Miss Candis Club Spanking and the beautiful Miss Kira in Poolside Fm Spanking :-)
On the LezDom F/f spanking front you can see another 2 great sites from friends at Spanking Bare Butts and Hand Spanking entitled Trip Over Her Knee and Sexy Hand Spanking :-)
There are also 2 new FemDom face sitting sites there entitled Amateurs Face Sitting 2 and Amateurs Face Sitting 3 :-)
All of the sites listed at FemDom And Spanking Sites to any of you with a basic net verifier pass.

Many of you may not know this but the very first sites that I produced as a lover of dominant women that spank men was a number of spanking adult verification sites :-) I held them on Cyberage but for some reason they simply became unworkable. And for some reason they deleted my account but kept taking money i presume from those people who joined my cyberage sites.  Well I recently closed all those sites down to cyberage as a result.  It was a pain in the butt to be honest because a number of the sites i had were on their own hosting and of course when they allowed their domain names to die, the sites died with them.  And with no web masters password i could not update their admin area with up to date url’s for my AVS members areas!  So stuff them.  I am not going to accuse them of anything but the whole episode stinks in my view.  But to be honest, i have not made sites for them for probably 5 years or so.  My efforts instead went into making some for Net Verifier who frankly have been a far easier to work with both for me as a webmaster but also, more importantly, for those of you surfing out there looking for the best Femdom Fm and Ff spanking images and videos :) All of those sites by the way that i produced for cyberage are now available to anybody that joins any one of my sites on FemDom and Spanking Sites :-) You just get your one pass and away you go :) So if you do join any of my sites listed above you will get access to everything on that domain :-)

So if you enjoy this blog, go visit my site at FemDom And Spanking Sites :-) I just know You will love it :-)

And by the way, a years membership to this site costs about the same as many sites charge for a month  🙂

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Stop Press: Institute Of Feminine Discipline Open Store at Clips 4 Sale and Mean Clips!

Sorry to interupt all of your weekends everybody but word has just come in that Miss Acacia of the Institute of Feminine Discipline has opened a brand new store at Clips 4 Sale and at Mean Clips.

There are a whole bunch of videos there at both of the new stores and the two stores will compliment those already up at FemDom Spanking Store!  But it does at least give you more options on how to see the clips and full videos as you choose to view them 🙂

You can find the stores now at:



Naughty Allaura Shane Totally Nude For The Riding Crop, As There’s No Petrol In The Car At Firm Hand Spanking!

Just been over to Firm Hand Spanking and seen a really great update there as sexy Allura Shane, fresh out of the shower and therefore with a wet bottom gets her butt spanked with a riding crop!  The water of course adding a nice little touch as it adds to the sting as each spank strikes her naughty bottom cheeks in this really hot domestic Mf spanking video!

As Firm Hand Spanking put it!

Pulled out of the shower stark naked by Brian Archer, Allaura Shane suffers a riding crop whipping, legs over her head. Ouchie! She didn’t put gas in his car, so her bottom pays the price. “That was my first nude scene,” said Allaura, “which felt a little weird in front of the crew!

And as usual, I have a few of the great domestic spankig pics :-)

One way or another this naughty girl was always going to learn her lesson!   And to make sure, here is a video preview where she gets them!  Just as it should be of course :-)

Here is  video preview sample as well :-)

Anyway you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)


Head Girl Administers Ruler Spanking at Cutie Spankee!

There is a new head girl at the local class at Cutie Spankee and she is a real strict young lady!  Seems she is really on a power trip as she uses her new found authority to smack every naughty girl now placed under her command!  And when she catches two of the girls looking at each others knickers, it is time, she feels, that those panties were pulled down!

And as always, here are a few of my favorite pics from this update :-)

Lovely :-) A nice red bottom for a very naughty girl!  Just as it should be!  :-)fabulous stuff!  Great Lezdom Ff domestic spanking as it should be 🙂

Anyway you can see more from this awesome picture set and video now exclusively at Cutie Spankee!  And one membership gives you access to LOADS more too! So dont delay, get over there now!  Meanwhile Im just going to sit here and appreciate some of the other pics :-) )

Andi Switch Spanks 2 Naughty Girls Bottoms at Northern Spanking!

Just been over to Northern Spanking to check out their latest updates and it seems they have an interesting one it seems filmed in the bathroom with Andi Switch, Nicole Reina and one of my favourite spanking models, Nimue Allen.

As Northern Spanking put it:

Andi has problems with her domestic staff and decides to teach Nicole and Nimue exactly how she wants her bathroom cleaned. Its a painful and humiliating experience as the girls first suffer smacked bottoms but Andi has an extra humiliation in store – a paddling in wet knickers!

And ive got some pics! :-)

Be sure to go visit Northern Spanking for the video 🙂  There are naughty bottoms galore desperately needing their just deserts now over at Northern Spanking everybody :-) Be sure to visit them soon!!!  😉

Stop Press: Red Badger Productions Releases 3 (Three) Brand Spanking New FemDom Fm Discipline Videos at The Domination Theater and FemDom Spanking Store!

News has just come in that Red Badger Productions has just released 3 awesome new FemDom Fm spanking videos onto DVD and full length digital downloadable videos at the FemDom Spanking Store.  Alternatively you can get them streaming on Female Domination Theater!   And they are all really excellent movies as you would expect from any one of the 3 Goddess’s involved!

Here are the details of these great new FemDom Fm Women Spanking Men Corporal Punishment Movies!;-)

Miss Cassie:  Punishing The Peeper

Running in the Park one day Miss Cassie notices a peeping tom watching her from the bushes! Taking him to her home she decides that she is going to severely punish and humiliate him with the use of bare bottom spanking! Poor Dave does not know what he has let himself in for and there is one thing for sure, he has picked the WRONG woman to peep at!

Expect to see hard corporal punishment and Femdom Fm Spanking in this excellent Female Domination movie!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Dublin:  Turning The Tables

Dodgy Dave plays the part of the evil head master of a very expensive and exclusive private school! But little do the parents or the governors know of his despicable dodgy ways! But like all dastardly criminals, he finally gets his comeuppance when he summons college girl Dublin O’Brien to his office thinking he is going to spank her as she has other ideas! Turning the tables on Dodgy she finds a half empty bottle of whiskey hidden on his desk! Now it is going to be him that is over the knee! And Miss Dublin, as he now must address her, has many other plans for him and the school in the future years!

Great Female Domination and Femdom Fm Spanking!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Cassie:  Fruit Salad Spanking

We all have our likes and dislikes and it just so happens that one of Miss Cassie’s dislikes is banana! Even the smell of it makes her feel sick! So when she summons her servant Dave to bring her some fruit and he knowingly brings her banana with her fruit salad and then eats it in front of her he very quickly finds that banana squashed into his face and then himself over her knee with his pants down! Forever in charge, Miss Cassie soon teaches Dave the meaning of absolute obedience! Miss Cassie of course will in the meantime enjoy her fruit salad, or at least try to in between spanking Dave for his constant talking!

Expect to see hard corporal punishment and Femdom Fm Spanking in this excellent Female Domination movie!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Some really great FemDom Fm Spanking action to be found there everybody…be sure to check them out! :)

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Leia Ann Woods Blisters Naughty Sarah Gregory’s Bare Bottom at Spanking Sarah Gregory

A recent trip to Leia Ann Woods house lead naughty Sarah Gregory to get a well blistered bottom recently when she gives her new nanny who is looking after her some jip!  Seems that Leia who has just become Miss Leia tolerates no more nonsence from naughty girls than is tolerated from her when she is being naughty!

As Sarah puts it herself:

The photos below come from the current update “The Nanny” featuring sexy English switch Leia-Ann Woods. I am studying in London and I’ve just found out that a nanny has been appointed to look after me. The nanny, Leia, asks how my studies have been going, when she hears the answer the only course of action is an OTK spanking.

And i have a few domestic spanking pics for you all from the gallery she sent :-)

Sarah has her own site as you will all no doubt know and so lovers of her spanking video will see lots of great spanking videos with both Sarah being spanked and even with her dishing out some of the punishment!  So be sure to give her a visit and support her in her own endeavour :-) You can find her at her site atSarah Gregory Spanking :-)

Stop Press: Red Badger Productions Releases 3 (Three) New Videos at The Domination Theater and FemDom Spanking Store!

News has just come in that Red Badger FemDom Fm Spanking Productions has just released 3 new women spanking men videos!  Two of these great female domination videos come from somebody we have not seen for a while, none other than Chinese Goddess Miss koko Li together with an additional movie from spanking veteran Miss Dublin O’Brien :-)

All 3 of these great femdom fm spanking titles are now available as full length high quality digital downloads or as DVD’s at FemDom Spanking Store or as streaming media to your computer or tv at Domination Theater!  🙂

Here are the details of these great new Female Domination titles!;-)

Miss Koko Li:  Journalist Spanked Across Her Knee

A naughty journalist that misleads Miss Koko and writes stories exposing her life leading her to lose clients and spanking sessions is summoned to have a chat with Miss Koko.  But when he arrives he gets a lot more than he bargained for as she demonstrates just what actually DOES happen in the spanking sessions and after only a few minutes over her knee is left with a sore bottom that only a very sorry naughty boy with a well spanked bottom would understand!  But a few minutes is not all he is going to get as Miss Koko is determined to administer the spanking of his life!

Expect to see hard femdom fm spanking and female domination in this movie as Miss Koko totally takes charge of her new lackie and enslaves him into her servitude.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Dublin O’Brien:  Strict Boutique Owner

Having caught a shop lifter in Miss Dublins boutique, Mike thought that he would be praised but instead he is soundly spanked over his strict manageress’s knee for not wearing the company uniform before Miss Dublin turns her attention to disciplining the shop lifter!

Great Female Domination and Femdom Fm Spanking!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Koko Li:  Spanking In Camera

Miss Koko runs a top class modeling agency which has been having a number of complaints from their models that a certain photographer has been making advances towards them and expecting sexual favors. Miss Koko decides to investigate and goes to one of this potographers modeling sessions herself! When she discovers his dirty secret she does what we all know Miss Koko is best at and that is to tan his backside for him so that he will NEVER forget who is in charge!

Excellent Female Domination and FemDom Fm Spanking!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Some really great FemDom Fm Spanking action to be found there everybody…be sure to check them out! :)

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Classroom Of Naughty Girls Bent Over Knee And Blistered On Bare Bottoms at Girl Spanks Girl!

About a month ago i did an update here for Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl site where it seems that an entire class of naughty girls were being lined up for a  sound bare bottom blistering! And i was going to cover something else today but i had so many emails saying they loved this update that I thought i would bring it back!  🙂  Afterall, you cant really get enough of mutliple naughty girls bent over the knee for a sound bare bottom spanking can you? 🙂

are lining up for some sound bare bottom spanking from 2 disciplinarians in the room!  Step out of line and it is skirt raised and over the knee for a red stinging bottom!  Just as it should be!  You always have to spank a naughty girls bottom if she is going to learn!As Clare puts it herself:

A naughty class full of schoolgirls knows what happens when they act up. They are taken over the knee of the teacher and principal and given old fashioned spankings. First the girls get very warm bottoms while they are spanked over their plaid skirts, then- to their embarrassment- the skirts are raised but the girls are too busy wailing and moaning to protest. By the time panties come down and sore bottoms exposed, some girls are sobbing from how much a hard thrashing hurts and how humiliating it is to have you wiggling and jiggling bare bottom spanked panties down- in front of the whole class!

Here are a few sample pics from her update at Girl Spanks Girl :-)

Just can’t lose with pics like that can you? 🙂

For the video and yet more pics and many more videos and pics featuring other girls you need to join Girls Spank Girls:-) But its a great site and well worth every cent for this major archive of the sexiest of domestic girl spanks girl action videos :-)