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Stop Press: Domination Theater Signs Face Slapping Austria FemDom Site To Its Ranks!

Wow!  Fantastic news has just hit the press regarding the guys at Domination Theater who are just buzzing at the moment because it seems that the awesome DOMESTIC face slapping and FemDom video producer at Face Slapping Austriahave agreed to put their videos up at Domination Theater!  And it is with good reason that they are buzzing too I might add because this is a truly excellent addition to the theater which will help to give it some considerable extra depth.  Deadly Females brought face sitting to the theater and that was great but perhaps a little removed from the traditional FemDom Spanking theme that it was used to and now with FemDom Face Slapping (and just wait till you see it!) the gap between FemDom Fm and Ff Spanking and face sitting is well and truly plugged making the whole experience far more seamless and smooth moving from one to the other and then back again :-)

As the name suggests, Face Slapping Austria comes from the European borders of Austria where the girls (and guys) speak German and there is just something about that German accent that adds to the tension in the movies and the sexiness of the girls therein?  Its a little like Miss Chloe and the French accent I guess?  We used to melt when she would say we were a naughty boy and to bend over her knee for a spanking in that beautiful smooth French accent of hers and we treasure those videos as mementums of their time.  But time moves on and new stars are born and Im really excited now that I get to introuduce you to a whole bunch of them over the coming months!  And all with those hypnotic German accents!  Of course you are used to seeing much harder core leather, whips chains and dungeons stuff with military uniforms when you think of the German Female Domination movies but this site is different!  This is 100% genuine DOMESTIC Female Domination!  Sure its rough…its uncompromising and it involves many of the themes that you see across the better Female Domination movies like spitting, kicking and of course FemDom Face Slapping BUT these girls are just so totally secure in their authority and there is just NO doubt in their heads about their superiority over men whatsoever and that self confidence that comes out so strong is one of the most intoxicating reasons why this new theater set to increase in size over the coming days and weeks is really so good!

But dont take my word for it, here is a video preview to show you a little of what I mean :-)

All video here by the way can be seen at the new Face Slapping Austria video theater here :-)

See what I mean?  These are ladies completely within the domestic Strict Women style of Female Domination!  They simply do not need the whips and chains, they are superior to males and they know it and whats more, they only choose to be around males that know it!  Though I  guess it might be an interesting little challenge for htem from time to time to ‘break in’ a more ferel male!  That last lady by the way is Mistress Barby by the way and she has some REALLY HOT movies!  And thats not to say the others do not but there is just something about this lady that touches the buttons :-)

Here are a couple of pics taken from a couple of their movies at the theater :-)

That is Mistress Cindy above by the way :) One of my favorites :) She is SO sexy and takes no nonsense whatsoever!  🙂

Oh above you see possibly a joint favorite of mine at their site, Miss Yvonne who absolutely oozes sexiness!  I am told she will have videos up on the theater any day now and you really need to see them!  She reminds me a lot of Miss Karlene who spanked me several times!  There is just something about her that she knows every single button to press and she does it with that really sexy Austrian accent of hers!  Awesome!  🙂  And you see her above confronting her servant, pacing around him like a caged lion and slapping his face without him ever knowing its  coming!  But come it most definitely DOES!  This lady is well and truly in charge and you can see from the look on her servants face looking downwards to the floor in shame that he knows he is in trouble as Miss Yvonne builds the tension in the room there pacing around her naughty boy before she slsps :)

Yep…Miss Barby :) Hot as hell!  Can you imagine being put across her knee after she slaps your face like that? :-)

And there is more good news on the way from the guys at Domination Theaterby the way as the video producer at Face Slapping Austria has some 20 or so other really hot femdom sites around different themes and videos will be shown from ALL of them over the coming months!  All of that but also Domination Theater has also just signed yet another big signing in the spanking world which you may not know but we are sure you will love thier material!

So for now, why not go over to Domination Theater and see what these guys have to offer?  There are other theaters of course but this one shows ONLY the type of movies that those of us who love spanking and Female Domination love to see!  You will not have to surf through ANY of the other material to find the movies you love when you visit Domination Theater!  And that my friends is a personal guarantee!

Domination Theater

Miss Lana Bends Madison Martin And Kailee Robinson Over To SMACK Their Bottoms at My Spanking Room Mate!

Another great domestic spanking update from My Spanking Room Mate in which Lana enters the site as the strict bitchy sugar mama who decides to put naughty Kailee Robinson and Madison Martin across her knee!  And so I just could not resist but to put some pics up from that update since Clare Fonda kindly sent some on!  🙂  And here they are! :-)

I just LOVE those pics of naughty girls getting their bottoms smacked wearing tight jeans 🙂  My favourite 🙂

Yes two very sorry naughty girls gets her bottoms well and truly smacked and smacked HARD 🙂  Just as it should be!  And you can see more of these pics, not to mention the video for this and many other episodes from Clare Fonda’s spanking soap opera site exclusively at My Spanking Room Mate :-)



Disrespectful Attitude Leads To A Sore Bottom For Naughty Girl at Girls Boarding School!


Mr Sherwood, one of the teachers at Girls Boarding School, is reviewing Jodie’s progress – as English is not her first language she is struggling a bit. So he slowly starts dictation; he would repeat a short phrase twice and she would write it down.

All went well and she finished the exercise. Mr Sherwood started to check her work but he couldn’t concentrate as he was very hungry.

He wrote out a list and asked her to go to the shops and buy some food for him. She agrees to come back as soon as possible.

The sound of the front door opening and closing abruptly awakened him.

Coming into the room, he realises that she is not carrying anything and he asks for an explanation – where has she been for six hours?

She makes excuses about meeting an old friend and she forgot about the time.

With a rumbling tummy, he metes out an instant spanking. Pulling her over his knee he starts hand spanking her on top of her tight blue jeans – then he soon has them pulled down to her ankles – along with her knickers. Now she can feel the spanking.

She pleads with him to stop but he tells her not for a while yet – only when he believes she won’t be able to sit down for a week.

Then with a bright red bottom that definitely looks really sore, he has her kneel on the table.

He leaves her in that position – she is to stay like that until he returns, which will be after he has had a meal at the local filling station.

She does stay in place – only allowing herself the luxury of rubbing at her red hot bottom.

Nimue Allen Gets Her Bottom Bared And Spanked at Northern Spanking!

Another great update recently over at Northern Spanking, this time involving the naughty Nimue Allen dressed in a nurses outfit after she is caught napping!  Tut tut!  But she soon learns her lesson as you can imagine when she does that at Northern Spanking because you see, they have their own remedy for such laziness and that is a very well smacked red stinging bottom!  And that is just what she gets!  As Northern Spanking put it:

Naughty nurse Nimue is caught napping, again, when she should be on duty. Dr Black is not impressed and decides a good smacked bottom is the perfect prescription.

And I have some of the pictures 🙂

Anyway that’s all for now folks :-) Be sure to come back monday for our usual update to the Domestic Spanking Blog and in the meantime, be sure to visitNorthern Spanking who gave you the great spanking pics for today 🙂

Hot Springs And Red Hot Sore Bottoms at Hand Spanking!

Another really great domestic F/f spanking video released at Hand Spanking!  Forever the producers of some of the sexiest Ff domestic spanking pics out there, these guys have created yet another classic as two sexy mature dominant ladies bend one of the cutest Japanese girls ive seen over for a well deserved hand spanking on her naughty bare bottom!

And I have picked out a few of my favorite photos today from a video called ‘At Hot Springs Inn’ recently published at the Hand Spanking site starring Shinobu, Ruka and Chihiro 🙂  In this video, Chihiro had been caught playing Yakyuken with Ruka by her mother after they had been told not to!  Consequently they were both severely scolded and then soundly spanked. Memories of summer past!  And sore bottoms all round in this really hot sexy lezdom F/f spanking video!

Ive found some pics from the scenario i thought i would post :-)

You can see more pics AND THE VIDEO now exclusively at Hand Spanking!  Not to mention many more!  Go visit them soon!  Meanwhile I will see you in a few more days for another update to the Domestic Spanking Blog!


Jeri Patterson Learns Price of Honesty After Bare Ass Strapping at Firm Hand Spanking!

Just been over to Firm Hand Spanking and seen a really great update there with the gorgeous Jeri Patterson who is in a really nice double girl Domme spanking session 🙂  And Im honestly not sure who the hotter of the girls is, the naughty girl or the naughty girls who are spanking her!  🙂

But as Firm Hand Spanking put it!

Doe-eyed beauty Jeri Patterson is all innocence when she finds Alison and Abigail fighting over a TV remote. She promises not to tell anyone, but won’t sign a paper to guarantee her silence. Her choice is 30 licks with a leather strap, bottom bare, from the trustees, or sign a paper. Teeth-gritting Reaction Cam replays of her face show every moment.

God she really does need that paddling!  🙂  And her bottom gets it good and hard too when the two ladies put her bare bottom through its paces in this hot lezdom spanking movie!  🙂

And, I have a few pics :-)

Is that a grimace of a smile I detect on the naughty girls face though?  Clearly in need of yet more bare bottom discipline!  Go give it to her girls! :-)

Here is  video preview sample as well :-)

Anyway you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)


Naughty Girl Soundly Spanked at Girls Boarding School!

Abi’s Confession – The Wooden Paddle

Production Number: 0517

Running Time: 11.04 minutes

Abi’s punishments are ongoing and today she’s being spanked with the vicious wooden paddle – for stealing some jeans.

She is completely in the nude and struggling to stay in the lunge position – while Headmaster Tom is explaining to her how the session is going to progress.

As she has voluntarily asked for this severe treatment – she has no choice but to cooperate with him.

Discussion over, she is told to put her jeans and camisole back on.

Standing with her legs spread and bending forward with her hands on her knees, she is to say after each stroke of the wooden paddle, ‘not enough, can I have another one please,’ then when she is ready she is to ask, ‘please may I take down my jeans now?’

She very bravely follows his instructions without question.

He leaves her bending with her hands on her knees waiting for the wooden paddle to make contact with her jeans covered bottom. She admits that she is very uncomfortable and also tired – so he prolongs her discomfort by telling he’ll be back in an hour to continue with her punishment.

Red Badger Productions Release 5 New FemDom Fm Spanking Titles!

News has just come in of more new videos just released from by the lovely Miss Zoe and Miss Jade, Miss Carmen and Miss Shay all of Red Badger Productions onto DVD, digital downloadable files at the FemDom Spanking Store and of course streaming video at the best video theaters for Female Domination out there at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater!

The videos are below along with their links to view them :-) By the way I give the videos the same synopsis as the Domination Theater gives :-)

Miss Zoe & Miss Shay:  Cheaters Will Be Spanked!

Meet my new friend Miss Shay! Miss Shay and I first met when she came to my door to inform me that she had been having an affair with my naughty husband Dave! I am of course very shocked and insulted but I do not blame Miss Shay as she was also an innocent party! No! It was David that was to blame.

Miss Shay and I discuss what might be a suitable way to deal with my naughty boy and decide that perhaps the best way is for both of us to spank his bare bottom for him as well as to humiliate him in other ways! And boy is he shocked when he realizes he has been busted!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.
See Video at Fetish Video Theater.

Miss Jade:  Net Site Spanking

Miss Jade has told her husband to be home from the pub at 9, he didn’t come home till midnight, and she then caught him looking at femdom spanking sites on the internet.  She decided since he likes spanking so much, it seems only logical to proceed with it. Very sound spanking, paddling and great scolding.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.
See Video at Fetish Video Theater.

Miss Jade:  Spanking Her Rude Husband

Arriving home from the restaurant Miss Jade decides to take naughty husband Mike in hand for his rude behavior where he insults the waiter. Feeling hard done by as Miss Jade was, he felt, flirting with the waiter, she decides that the time has come for a sore bottom and begins to give him the discipline he so richly deserves for his behavior AND NEEDS!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.
See Video at Fetish Video Theater.

Miss Carmen:  Don’t Call Me Bitch!

Making a phone call to his friend and referring to his girlfriend as a bitch caused no end of trouble for Mike when he suddenly realized she was stood right behind him and listening to every word he was saying! And now referring to the lady who spanks him as a bitch when it is HE who is the little bitch boy to his Mistress earns him a very sound bare bottom spanking! One which is richly deserved!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.
See Video at Fetish Video Theater.

Miss Carmen:  Rawhide

Miss Carmen has decided she wants a horse, and jodhpurs and the works. And Dave is of course expected to pay for it. Miss Carmen gets whatever she wants.  Dave seems to be a bit reluctant about the actual horse part of it, and needs to be “persuaded”.  Luckily Miss Carmen is VERY good at persuasion.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.
See Video at Fetish Video Theater.

Anyway, more tomorrow from me but for now as its a day of rest Im going to take it easy!  Have a great weekend!  🙂

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater