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Nikki Flynn and Adele Haze Pay With Sore Bottoms For ‘Basic Instincts’ at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison

Every now and then with any soap opera I like to go back in time and watch some of the old episodes to pick up on some of the points that perhaps I missed first time around 🙂  And so I thought perhaps I would pay Bars and Stripes a little visit to watch a few of the older episodes and came across this really good one starring Niki Flynn and Adele Haze.  It has been some time since I wrote about Niki and this was such a neat update to the Bars and Stripes site that I could hardly let the opportunity to post about it go by 🙂

The two naughty girls, Nike and Adele have been caught kissing in this episode entitled ‘Basic Instinct’s and unfortunately for this disobedient pair of rebels, affection, between the girls is completely prohibited!  And whilst some of the guards turn a blind eye, Governor Lewis’s Jobsworth attitude and demeanor coupled with his sadistic love of making naughty girls pay for anything and everything that they do wrong (or don’t do wrong for that matter) mean that these two beauties are now bent over with their bare bottoms on display waiting for the dreaded leather paddle to descend and flatten their quivering flesh waiting below 🙂

And I have some of the pics 🙂

A really great photo this 🙂  The look of fear, anguish and yet at the same time real empathy in the eyes of one naughty girl as she mentally prepares for what she knows is going to be the same stinging smack coming next to HER bare bottom and wishing despite her sympathy for her naughty friend that it would be her friend getting smacked again rather than her!  But she knows of course that all disobedience in the Bars and Stripes spanking prison is dealt with by the use of corporal punishment and there is no escape as that paddle rises up and she is commanded to stick her bottom out further for it so that it can sting the stretched skin even more!

And you can see more of these pics and indeed the video that accompany them together with TONNES more great spanking video now exclusively at Bars and Stripes!  So dont delay everybody, get over and see the spankings as they happen!  🙂  So many more naughty girls have already been spanked since these two and your membership will ensure that more will face the music of the paddle and cane in the future 🙂