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Deadly Dommes Open Brand New Female Domination & FemDom Spanking Theater at!

Well there is REALLY great news from this morning!  None other than arguably one of the best FemDom film producers of New York,Deadly Dommes have just signed up to the site and opened a female domination theater at Domination Theater!  And better yet, there are several really excellent FemDom Fm Spanking videos available to watch there!

Not only that but another really top class Female Domination video producer from Austria is currently in talks to open a theater there also which they hope to have opened real soon now!  So keep your eyes peeled both on this blog AND on Domination Theater itself for news of that when it comes along!

Back to Deadly Dommes though…  I was recently given a pass to the site (perk of the job ;-) ) to do a review of their site over on FemDom Utopia which is a femdom website directory that I created some years ago :) And I was really blown away mostly by the imagination, planning and quality behind all of the video there.  I got myself in a little trouble with Dietrich Dane, the big Boss Lady at Deadly Dommes for likening it almost to art it was so imprressive.  One of the movies which actually won an award struck me as so imaginitive that it could have been displayed at Cannes in fact!  But of course words are everything, particularly in a worded review (!!!) and though Female Domination when done well IS an art, it is also really quite hardcore FemDom ‘porn’ and that was a word that Mistress Dietrich as I recall used rather than me but She was of course correct in her assertion :) And anyway, those of us into FemDom Spanking kind of LIKE getting into trouble with beautiful women anyhow dont we? :-)

By the way, this is Domina Dietrich the lady in charge below :-)

At the theater there are currently 5 of Deadly Domme’s Mistress’s occupying their theater and each have between 2 and 6 videos on the site!  One of the best theme’s is FemDom Spanking with a very sexy theme around being spanked by your step mother which would add humiliation to any punishment as you will appreciate!  But you can also expect to see them also in movies dealing with themes where they take control of your orgasam and either give you their permission to let go or deny you their permission!  Humiliation also plays a very large theme in Deadly Dommes theater and there is for example a very good movie entitled Dance Monkey Dance in which Mistress Dietrich mocks her slave as he is forced to dress as a royal court jester and dance around the room!

I should also, given this is the FemDom Spanking Blog point you to Mistress Erin St Marks who has two really great FemDom Fm spanking videos on the theater!  And I will give you a little taste of those and what they are about :-)

Mistress Erin St Marks:  Stepmother Spanks Her Naughty Boys

A stepmother married to a rich husband has heard the rumors that her stepsons have been spreading about her while away at college. She decides to confront them and put them over her knee, giving them a red-raw spanking!

Click Here To View at Domination Theater

Mistress Erin St Marks:  Another Day At The Office

Mistress Marks is the boss of this slovenly corporate slave who thinks that he can bend the rules as to what “casual day” means!  Being a create boss though, she finds a way to make sure that this pathetic excuse for an employee can keep his job by SUBMITTING to her in the office!  She has him drop his pants and spanks him shamefully, leaving marks for his wife to find – laughing at him the whole time!  She then demands that he worship her feet and legs…preparing him to be smothered for her pleasure before she kicks him out of the office!  Just another day at work for Mistress Erin St. Marks!

Click Here To View at Domination Theater

Anyway, be sure to visit Deadly Dommes brand new theater real soon!  And be sure also to check out their website at and to keep your eyes open for more news on this great house of Domination here at the Domestic Spanking Blog!

Domination  Theater