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Bryanna Beauty Learns A Lesson In Manners Over The Knee at Bun Beatin Fun!

There has been another really nice update over on Bun Beating Fun everybody!  This one featuring the very beautiful 20 year old model Briana Beauty.  Not the same Bryanna of Spanking Bare Butts by the way, but equally as lovely and equally in need of a smacked bottom apparently!

As they put it over at Bun Beating Fun:

And a real beauty she be! But sometimes it’s the beautiful ones whose behavior can be the least so.
And so it was with this uppity young tart. In no time at all, Brianna’s tiresome impertinence brought
our man to his feet whereupon he proceeded to get to the bottom of the problem…with a vengeance!

And I have gotten my paws on a few photos :-)

Ouch!  But a naughty girl deserves nothing if she does not deserve and need a well smacked sore bottom!  🙂

Here is a short preview clip from this update :-)

To see more be sure to take a look over the great site over at Bun Beating Funeverybody :-) I just know you wont be sorry :-)