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Spanking Cheerleaders Get The Bare Bottom Over The Knee Spanking Treatment at Girl Spanks Girl!

As you all know, every now and then I get an email through from Clare Fonda with a bunch of galleries to give out to you all :-) And it would be rude not to right?  Especially when the girls are this cute!  Lily and Alicia in this latest update are getting a good hard bare bottom spanking from Clare Fonda and you just cant help but love these pics :-) Ive picked out a few of my favorite ones here…well its just so rare that I get the chance to feature cheerleaders spanking each other here?  Cheerleaders are afterall typically an American thing and so it is mostly left to American sites to feature but its always great to post them here when I get the chance and I just could not miss this one! 🙂

And finally topped off with a pic of the naughty girls bottom being spanked over the knee once more only this time with her Mistress topless…couldnt really miss that out could I?  LOL:-)

The full picture set by the way can be seen at Girls Spank Girls along with the video but for a closer look at some more free pics the free gallery can be found here ;-) For the video and the rest of these incredibly sexy pics and far more, visit Girl Spanks Girl:-)


Clare Fonda Administers Bare Bottom OTK Spanking To Ariel X and Amber Pixie Wells at My Spanking Roommate

Another great domestic spanking update from Clare Fonda as the strict lady spanker together with Ariel X and Amber Pixie Wells who both get a good dose of sound bare bottom discipline in one of the more recent episodes at My Spanking Room Mate!

Clare Fonda has kindly sent me a gallery from this update to let you see and so Ive taken a few of the pics from my favorites there to post here now :-) And here they are! :-)

Yes two very sorry naughty young ladies rubbing their chastised red stinging bottoms!  Just as it was meant to be :-) And a really nice picture set from some great spanking action from two really hot ladies at My Spanking Room Mate :-) You can see the two galleries from which these pics came below :-)

My Spanking Room Mate Domestic Spanking Gallery 1
My Spanking Room Mate Domestic Spanking Gallery 2

For the video however you must go to the site  itself! :-) So don’t delay boys & girls!  Go see some really hot girl spanks girl action now exclusive to My Spanking Room Mate :-)



Newsflash!!! Bryanna Cox Faces Bare Bottom Hairbrush Spanking After Domestic Spanking Blog Interview! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

A little while ago you might recall I did an interview here with the lovely Bryanna Cox of Spanking Bare Butts!  Well in that interview she confessed to me that she had not been keeping her blog as up to date as she should be!  Not on at all is it really?  All you guys go over to her blog to hear what she has to say and what happens?  She does not talk to you!  That in and of itself deserves a good spanking really doesn’t it?

So well…I couldn’t in the interests of natural justice let it pass without pointing out this misdemeanour to Lance now could I?  But what does she do?  She moans about how I ran off to Lance getting her into trouble?  Its almost like she doesn’t agree she needed that spanking?

Anyway to cut a long story short, whether she AGREED she deserved it or not, she sure as hell got it!  Good and hard with a wooden hairbrush!  And her poor smacked bottom actually brought tears to her pretty face!  And the whole thing was captured in one of the best spankings online that I have seen!  And published now for you all to see over at Spanking Bare Butts!

Now look guys, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!  Lance has already told me that Im lucky there is some distance between the two of us because she is looking for payback!  I mentioned to Lance that she is only a girlie, what possible pain can she inflict on me (?) and there were several emails bouncing back and forth last night where she warned me about her wooden paddle that she loves to use on guys like me!  And heres the thing, though she is in the USA and I am in the UK, this lady DOES go on holiday to foreign lands!  So I need your help!  Back me up everybody!  Do you think she deserved her spanking?  Go and tell her at her blog post complaining about me!!!

Oh and I think a new campaign might be in order here!!!  Those of you who are members, I think a nice polite email to Lance about how he should probably punish Bryanna for her pouting about her spanking on her blog!  Those who are not members, you need to join in any event to see this video!  And its worth its fee just to see this video believe me!  Go join up and THEN write your nicely worded email over to Lance to discipline her for her pouting and complaining!  Otherwise I could be in more trouble than I would like to admit to!  Bryanna KNOWS so many of the girls that shoot for Strict Women and she KNOWS I am always at those shoots and getting spanked!  GIRLS TALK!!!  And all these spanking models out there know each other!  Even if she can’t get immediate payback herself she is more than capable of getting one of her friends to give it!  And both Amy Hunter AND Miss Zoe are scheduled to shoot in the next 10 weeks!  Both of which have appeared in the Spanking Bare Butts website!

Here is the campaign slogan!  Hell Yo, She Will Glow!  Unless anybody else can think of something better???

Help me out please guys!  You get to see one of the best spankings online that you will see anywhere so a bit of comradely support here would really help!  Especially if you want to see a sequel!!!   🙂

Here is the link for Spanking Bare Butts!!!   And you can join HERE!!!

Meanwhile join us in this campaign by also voting on this vote!

Should Bryanna Cox Be Spanked For Complaining About Her Punishment? free polls


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Northern Spanking Profile Week Day 5: Leia Ann Woods Goes Over The Knee!

Day 5 of the Northern Spanking Site Profile Week  today and yet another great treat for you all!  Today with another of my favorite spanking models, none other than the lovely Leia Ann Woods!  And today Leia is being punished for acting up at a garden party!  In the words of Northern Spanking:

Leias understanding of the term garden party is some way short of the mark!

And I have some of the pics 🙂

Anyway that’s all for now folks 🙂  Be sure to come back monday for our usual update to the Domestic Spanking Blog and in the meantime, be sure to visit Northern Spanking the subject of our latest Spanking Profile Week!  🙂

Northern Spanking Profile Week Day 4: Sam Johnson Spanked For Stealing!

Day 4 of the Northern Spanking Site Profile Week  today and yet another great treat for you all!  Today with another of my favorite spanking models, none other than the Sam Johnson who is being punished for stealing!  As Northern Spanking put it:

Sam is caught red-handed stealing iced cup-cakes that are meant for her mothers church fayre! She has been told before about stealing treats, and this time she may well learn the lesson once and for all.

And I have some of the pics 🙂

Awesome 🙂  And one of the most spankable bottoms ANYWHERE 🙂

Anyway that’s all for now folks 🙂  Be sure to come back tomorrow though for the final day to this Northern Spanking Profile Week!  🙂  But don’t worry, there will be another profile week next month!  Im actually planning one for Bun Beating Fun so keep your eyes on this blog for that when it comes! 🙂

Northern Spanking Profile Week Day 3: Amelia Rutherford Was A Very Naughty Girl!!

Day 3 of the Northern Spanking Site Profile Week  today and yet another great treat for you all!  Today with another of my favorite spanking models, none other than the lovely Amelia Jane Rutherford!  And today Amelia is being punished by both Paul and Stephen!  And why you may ask is this?  Well I will let Northern Spanking’s own explanation stand 🙂

Amelia Jane is having an affair with her tennis coach. After a particularly long and steamy session, the coach drops her back at home and Amelia heads straight for her bedroom, to recreate the lust for her own private enjoyment. However, hubby comes home a little earlier than expected and catches Amelia Jane in a rather compromising position with her tennis racket. Of course, masturbating isn’t actually a bad thing, but he suspects there is something more going on and he intends to beat it out of his over-sexed wife!

And I have some of the pics 🙂

Anyway that’s all for now folks 🙂  Be sure to come back tomorrow though for day 4 to this Northern Spanking Profile Week!  🙂

Northern Spanking Profile Week Day 2: The Day That Money Went Missing At Work!

Day 2 of the Northern Spanking Site Profile Week  today and boy do i have a treat for you all!  This update features a really nice video and picture set starring Irelynn Logeen and Lottie Kinsade being spanked by none other than the sadistic Stephen Lewis who is clearly enjoying every second!  And who can blame him? 🙂  Certainly not Irelynn and Lottie who know full well that if they were not so naughty they would not be getting this spanking right now!  Or maybe they would given who it is that is spanking them?  Who knows? LOL 🙂

Anyway this video and picture set will sure make your mouths water (and froth!) trust me 🙂  And what’s it about I hear you say?  Well in the words of Northern Spanking themselves…

Some money has gone missing and the prime suspects are housekeepers Irelynn and Lottie. Both will suffer the consequences upon their bottoms until the culprit owns up.

You will have to join the site to find out who the culprit was by the way 🙂  But that is not something you will regret believe me 🙂

Anyway that’s all for now folks 🙂  Be sure to come back tomorrow though for another great update to this the Northern Spanking Profile Week!  🙂

Northern Spanking Profile Week Begins: Amy Hunter Raises The Paddle!

Hello again and welcome to the 3rd Spanking Site Profile Week!  This week our profile will be on one of my favorite spanking sites on the net, none other than Northern Spanking where Paul and the guys (and girls) spank so many naughty girls bottoms its unreal!  A huge archive that has been filling for years on end!  Just the images below indicate that there has been around 1100 full length videos shot at Northern Spanking for you to see!  Awesome!  🙂

As always, the site profiles last for 5 days and I will show you a different few pics from a certain scenario from days gone by on each day of the profile week.  Given as I say above there are around 1100 of them in Northern Spanking, 5 days is not really enough but given that it would take about 4 years with updates every single day to get up to date, even a spanking profile month would be a little difficult!  🙂  But I will do my best for you to pick out some of the newer videos and ones which I personally like 🙂

The first is called ‘There’s A Nurse In My Bathroom’ and it stars one of my favorite spanking models, Amy Hunter along with her friend Nimue Allen :-)The scenario as put by Northern Spanking is:

Nursing assistant Nimue feels the full force of the nursing home manager’s wrath on a spot-check of her work looking after the old folks. Lack of a toilet roll is just one of many failings giving Miss Hunter full and just cause to punish her young charge most severely indeed!

And I have some of the pics 🙂

Ahhhh great another smacked bottom and another lesson learned in the house of punishment 🙂  See you all tomorrow for another update in the Northern Spanking Site Profile Week 🙂

Two Mature Ladies Relieve Their Life Tensions By Spanking Cute Delivery Girl at Hand!

Another really great domestic F/f spanking video released at Hand Spanking!  Forever the producers of some of the sexiest Ff domestic spanking pics out there, these guys have created yet another classic as two sexy mature dominant ladies bend one of the cutest Japanese girls ive seen over for a well deserved hand spanking on her naughty bare bottom!

And I have picked out a few of my favorite photos today from a video called ‘Just Deserts’ recently published at the Hand Spanking site starring Nobuko, Tamao and Kurumi 🙂  In this video, the two mature ladies decide that they need to spank young girls to get rid of their frustrations. When pretter delivery girl Kurumi arrives they selfishly take the chance to give her an undeserved thrashing on the bottom.

Ive found some pics from the scenario i thought i would post 🙂

You can see more pics AND THE VIDEO now exclusively at Hand Spanking!  Not to mention many more!  Go visit them soon!  Meanwhile I will see you in a few more days for another update to the Domestic Spanking Blog!


French Porn Star Caprice Gets Her Cute Bottom Spanked at Bun Beatin Fun!

I found a really nice bottom being spanked over at  Bun Beating Fun everybody!  This one featuring the very sexy porn star Caprice!  🙂  And she is FRENCH!  🙂  And just for that along with having one of the cutest most spankable bottoms around she ends up across the knee!  Well…it would be rude not to really wouldn’t it? 🙂

As they put it over at Bun Beating Fun:

This one’s a drop dead gorgeous French pornstar.   She can barely speak any English but who cares?

Her name’s Caprice and the way she says it, the name simply drips with sexuality as indeed do all the other exotic sounds that lilt off of her (ahem) talented tongue.

But exotic and beautiful though she may be, Caprice has been very, verrry naughty.
And so, it’s spanking galore for this French girl!

And I have some free pics!  🙂

A naughty girl rubbing her sore bottom!  Just the way that God intended!  🙂

Here is a short preview clip from this update :-)

To see more be sure to take a look over the great site over at Bun Beating Funeverybody :-) I just know you wont be sorry :-)