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Naughty Aileen Soundly Spanked With Hairbrush When She Puts Raw Eggs In Alex’s Shoes!

You have to give it to Aileen over at Spanked at Home, her sense of humour is as cute as her face!  After having her bare bottom spanked, the naughty girl decided to find some raw eggs and hide them and to then put them into her boyfriends shoes one day when they had gone bad!  Well, it doesn’t take an expert to figure out what happens!  The smell like a stink bomb had gone off!  He is certainly NOT amused!  And neither is naughty Aileen when she is summoned to his side and see’s he has that good old fashioned wooden hairbrush in his hand!

So soon the naughty girl finds herself over his knee and getting her bare bottom spanked!  And that pretty face is soon filled with tears of pain rather than laughter!

And i have some pics! 🙂




You can see more of these pics in a MUCH larger size plus the video and much more now over at their home at Spanked At Home! 🙂

Miss Candice Spanks Christine’s Bare Bottom at Spanking Bare Butts!

Just been over to Spanking Bare Butts and they have a great update with Candice spanking naughty Christine’s bare butt for her!

Most of you will recognize Candice from a videos that she did for Spanking Bare Butts a few months ago. Well lucky for us Candice has a sexy real life roommate named Christie and she agreed to let them film Candice spanking her like they do sometimes in the privacy of their own home. This spanking is not the punishment type spankings like they normally shoot but instead more of a sensual type spanking which is what both of these girls admitted really turns them on. After taking one look at Christie with her skirt pulled up and her bare cheeks on display you will no doubt be in spanking heaven!

Here is a preview image from today’s update!


Please note that images are FAR larger in members area!

See the ultra HOT video and gallery now at Spanking Bare Butts! 🙂  And dont forget that Spanking Bare Butts also have a streaming video theater at both Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater! :-)


Domination Theater

Naughty Japanese Girl Gets Her Bare Bottie Spanked By Strict Cute Teacher at Cutie Spankee

You can always trust the guys in Japan to come up with some of the sexiest girls to bend over and spank!  Those of you who love Asian girls anyway will know why no doubt!  But I have just been over and taken a look at the Cutie Spankee site and they have a great little update there featuring a strict teacher that spanks a naughty student soundly with her hand and a cane!

Here are some pics! 🙂  I really love these shots!  There are some great camera angles here 🙂




Actually I’m not sure who there has the cutest bottom!  But I think, simply because it is bare and you get to see it that bit better I would have to go with the spankee but its a close run thing! 🙂

Anyway you can see more from this picture set and its video now exclusively at Cutie Spankee!  And don’t forget to take your paddle with you!  You never know when you will need it over there with these girls! 🙂

Spanking Bare Butts Updates With 3 Hot New Spanking Movies at!

News just in hot off the press that Spanking Bare Butts have just updated their theater at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater with 4 hot new movies!  Well, actually its 3 hot new movies but one of them is in two parts! 🙂  But trust me, with Miss Zoe, she will fill the room AND ANY movie in seconds so both parts of her movies are every bit as good as each other!  Not to mention that Shay, her naughty girl on this occasion was probably one of the most awesome submissive models Ive seen anywhere! 🙂  Expect to see real tears and hot (and I mean HOT) dominant action in that one!  But also the other movies as well because although I have had to mention the 2 parts into one movie which took a little explaining, please do NOT let that detract ANY from the other movies which were equally as outstanding in my view!

Anyway, enough of all that and on to the info on the movies which will be of particular interest to those of you who prefer to stream videos on a pay per view basis rather than on a membership basis 🙂

The descriptions below are from Spanking Bare Butts themselves by the way 🙂

Wooden Hairbrush Starring Bryanna & Lance


If you want to see a hard ass blistering then you do not want to miss this video! Watch as Bryanna gets her sexy tight cheeks spanked by hand and with a wooden hairbrush until her ass is glowing bright red and burning.

Click Here To View at Domination Theater
Click Here To View at Fetish Video Theater

Do As I Say Part 1 Starring Miss Zoe & Shay


This week we are very happy to have the strictest female on the planet appearing in her first video spanking a female. Now everyone I am sure knows Zoe from her massive collection of videos where she spanks the daylights out of men but up until now she has spared females from her wrath! Well lucky for all of us you will be treated over the next four weeks to installments of Zoe spanking the very sexy and submissive Shay until her butt is bright cherry red!

Click Here To View at Domination Theater
Click Here To View at Fetish Video Theater

Do As I Say Part 2 Starring Miss Zoe & Shay


This week we continue on with the torment that Zoe hands out to Shay in part two of Do As I Say! In the first installment we saw shay get spanked senseless as well as have her face slapped by the dominant Zoe. In part 2 the punishment gets even worse which almost makes you feel sorry for the very sexy schoolgirl Shay! Do not miss one of the most intense female/female spanking videos on the Internet anywhere.

Click Here To View at Domination Theater
Click Here To View at Fetish Video Theater

Flirting With The Waiter Part 1 Starring Amy Hunter and Dave


This week we continue on with the torment that Zoe hands out to Shay in part two of Do As I Say! In the first installment we saw shay get spanked senseless as well as have her face slapped by the dominant Zoe. In part 2 the punishment gets even worse which almost makes you feel sorry for the very sexy schoolgirl Shay! Do not miss one of the most intense female/female spanking videos on the Internet anywhere.

Click Here To View at Domination Theater
Click Here To View at Fetish Video Theater

By the way with the last movie there, Flirting with the waiter, you may recognise that location from a number of movies at Strict Women and Strict Mistress Zoe!  Not to mention that Amy Hunter is one of the most treasured Mistress’s at Strict Women!  So you can imagine I guess that young Amy, when she became Miss Amy made Dave suffer big time for this movie and indeed the other one that she did for spanking Bare Butts on the day! And not only that, when Miss Zoe found out, SHE made him pay for it too!  And yet he just cant help himself when it comes to spanking young ladies bottoms!  Bryanna at Spanking Bare Butts commented to him after this movie that he seemed to be enjoying himself far more than it was decent for any guy to enjoy themselves doing this!  And he sure was!  Poor Amy was even spanked for each and every course at the dinner table with that waiter she was flirting with which you might think was only justice but I think Amy had some justifiable grievance to be honest if she had chosen to get her revenge given that Dave was even counting each pea and each bread stick as a course and then giving poor Amy a spanking for each!  LOL 🙂

Anyway, you can see all of these movies now over on Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater as well as at Spanking Bare Butts itself of course so now you have NO excuse for missing any of them! 🙂

Domination Theater


Naughty Natasha Finds Herself Over Daves Knee at

It seems that Spanking Bare Butts members just cant get enough of Natasha! So they we have brought on her second video that she has made called The Gaffer!

In this video, Natasha is back once more and she does not disappoint. Watch her get herself into another situation by asking her boss to spank her for not living up to her responsibilities at work. Her boss takes her up on her offer and soon Natasha is over his lap getting a hard hand spanking that would teach most girls a good lesson. With Natasha however we are not sure if she did learn a lesson or if it just satisfied her desire to be spanked. Don’t miss this video or the other video featuring Natasha because she loves to be spanked more than any female that has been featured on Spanking Bare Butts.

Here is a preview image from today’s update!


Please note that images are FAR larger in members area!

You are going to love the way that this naughty girl LOVES to be spanked!  You can see it on her face and she also makes sure that she gets into yet more trouble as she reads a magazine whilst over Dave’s knee!

Part 2 of this movie has just been released and it is every bit as good as part 1 by the way!  Be sure not to miss it!  Get yourself over to Spanking Bare Butts now! 🙂

Also, why not visit Spanking Bare Butt’s own streaming video theater now at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater?


Domination Theater

Nikita Summoned To Governors Office And Spanked Hard Over His Knee At Bars and Stripes!

Just been over to Bars and Stripes to take a look over what they have to offer there in their updates this week and I just had to show you naughty Nikita!  Not just cos I love the pics (AND the video as it happens) but also because I was quite shocked to notice that she is one of the few girls in the spanking scene and at Bars And Stripes spanking prison that I have not yet spoken about on this blog?  No, really…quite a surprise!  Or is it shock?  But anyway, there is a saying that equity never allows a wrong without a remedy, and today boys and girls, that remedy will prevail because I have some pics of none other than that naughty girl herself over the governors knee! 🙂




No use rubbing your naughty bottom young lady, if you had not been fighting you would not have been spanked!

By the way, the rest of you can see the video now online at Bars And Stripes! 🙂 Meanwhile I hope to talk to you all more about Nikita again real soon 🙂

Naughty Girl In Blue Jeans Gets Her Bottom Soundly Spanked Over The Knee!

Forever the sucker for naughty girls over the knee in tight blue jeans I had to post a few of these pics for you all from Spanking And Shame!  Well, a few weeks ago Tom gave me a pass to this and 2 or 3 of his other sites and I couldn’t really pass up the opportunity of picking out some of favorite pics from this site to post up here!  And I will keep you up to date with whats going on there like I do with the other sites I cos they are one of the very few larger spanking content producers that actually understand the mindset of all us spanko’s out there!  Perhaps because that is what they are too?  And it is different I think from most 🙂

Spanking and Shame, as the name suggests is based around humiliation and of course spanking.  That is why you see frontal shots where the girls have been stripped naked so as the naughty girl looks embarrassed and humiliated!  So these particular pics are not really in character, or at least not till later into the video but you know me?  Girls in blue jeans right? 🙂 Especially if they have cute bottoms and the jeans are tightly hugging! 🙂

So here are some of my fave pics 🙂





Lovely 🙂

You can see much more from these pics and also the movie which they came from now at Spanking And Shame so why not take a look! 🙂


New Girl Nimue Allen Gets Bare Bottom Spanked at Northern Spanking!

Wow there is yet another new girl at Northern Spanking!  And I just wanted to welcome her into the spanking world and of course into this my domestic spanking blog! 🙂 I hope to feature here a lot more in the future 🙂

This is her by the way and her name is Nimue Allen 🙂


In this video, the lady of the house, Nimue Allen is in trouble. When the Master returns he takes great delight in soundly smacking Nimues sexy bottom. For her part Nimue is not necessarily averse to such treatment, providing she gets to continue spending his inheritance!

Naughty girl!  Now of course she is going to pay for her behaviour and I have the pics to prove it!




You can see more from this girl and her movie now exclusively at Northern Spanking!  And many others besides! 🙂

Summer Homework Failure Leads To Two Bare Bottom Spankings at Hand!


Just been over to Hand Spanking, the nets premiere genuine Japanese spanking site and they have a really great new video there called Homework Failure!  In this one, the students mother has learnt the truth about her naughty daughter not doing her homework and so gives her a good sound bare bottom hand spanking in front of the teacher!  But after she finishes there is a nice little twist where the teacher orders the mother to stay behind, bend over the desk, lift her skirt and take down her panties for a good spanking from teacher!

And I have some pics! 🙂




You can see more from the teacher spanking the mother and the mother spanking the daughter now exclusively at Hand!  Along of course with many other videos that are all just as good 🙂


Naughty Girls Report To Headmaster of Girls Boarding School For Discipline!

Its been some time (some years actually) since I have been inside and had a look at the Girls Boarding School site but I managed to do so today!  I feel kind of guilty about this but Tom who owns the site gave me a preview pass along with a few others whilst I was working on another site and its only today that I have managed to get the time to take a look to be honest but wow, they have REALLY come on in those few years!  I don’t just mean the fact that they update 5 days a week and that this necessarily means their archive of spanking pics and video that I haven’t seen is going to be huge but the way in which it has been separated out and how you can now give preferences for the types of spanking you like, the girls and even the clothes they are wearing when they get spanked is a huge advantage for those of you who, like me, love to see girls in tight jeans getting their bare bottoms spanked!  Like this one of Keagen 🙂


Ouch! 🙂  Sorry but I just HAD to show you all that one! 🙂  It was too good to leave out!

Anyway, I thought I would let you take a sneek peek at one of the updates there this week! This one features Carol and Simone getting their bare bottoms spanked and caned!  I havent seen the video yet so not sure what it is all about but apparently, it is funny.  Possibly not funny for the two naughty girls but then they should know that if they did as they were told it wouldnt be happening shouldnt they really? 🙂  Anyway here are a few pics!




You can see more from this picture set with pics about 5 times the size exclusively now at Girls Boarding School!  Plus I suspect the video will be online soon!  Or if you want to save yourself some money and get a load of spanking sites all at once, why not buy their multi site pass? 🙂