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Miss Bryanna Spanks Naughty Candice’s Bottom Red In Spanking Bare Butts!

Just been over to Spanking Bare Butts to take a look at their latest update and I’m really happy to see that Bryanna is back!  The star of the site for good reason, she was tired of her roommate Candice, one of the cutest girls you will see anywhere as she has not been cleaning the house properly to the schedule that Bryanna has set for her!

Tired of this attitude Bryanna has decided to discipline naughty Candice and teach her a lesson with a pink flogger that both are very familiar with!  Bryanna commands Candice to fetch that flogger and humiliatingly presenting it to her so that Bryanna can soundly spank her bare bottom!  And the spanking is not over until Bryanna has finished administering a sound hand spanking which will teach Candice good and proper what her place is in this life!

Meanwhile, there are a few new faces to come to Spanking Bare Butts from the UK also!  Miss Rebekah, Miss Koko and Amy Hunter will all be making an appearance very soon as well as a lady you may not have seen very much of but Im sure will be a big star in the spanking world real soon called Dolly!  Also known in some circles as Willow!  But you will hear more about that as the time moves closer 🙂

Anyway, Ive got some photo’s to show you from the update Im speaking of which is the stunning Miss Bryanna spanking naughty Candice!


Naughty girl hands flogger to her disciplinarian.


Stick your bottom out further young lady!  You are getting a good old fashioned domestic spanking!


Bryanna spanks her friends bottom hard!

You can see more from this awesome video together with more pics exclusively at Spanking  Bare Butts!


Sarah Gregory Given Sound Birthday Spanking Over Clare Fonda’s Knee!

Sarah clearly didn’t realise when she told Clare Fonda that it was her birthday in their latest shoot that Clare has a rather non traditional method of celebrating a naughty girls birthday to most folk!  And that is to take her panties down, put her across her knee and give her a good old fashioned domestic over the knee spanking!

And we have some of the pics 🙂




Anyway these pics come from a recent gallery given out by Clare for webmasters to share with you all and you can see the rest of this gallery here.  For the video you need to visit Clare’s site at Spanked Sweeties:-)

So don’t delay boys & girls!  Go see some really hot girl spanks girl action now exclusive to Spanked Sweeties :-)



Dormitory Discipline And Spanking For Niki Flynn And Pandora Blake

Imagine the scene.  Two naughty girls, Niki and Pandora are waiting nervously and anxiously in the dormitory for the arrival of the Night Master and his wicked leather paddle for they have both been ordered to bed for arguing in the corridors! Sleep may be difficult with the very sore bottoms they both shortly will have and though both of them want the spanking to  be over as soon as possible, neither wants it to actually start! If only we could look inside their heads but for now their anxious wait has just ended because look who has just entered the room!


Yes Niki is first up for her spanking and must now pull those pillows down half way through the bed to hold her naughty bottom up on display for that strap!


Here it comes Niki!  No Flinching!  And anxiously Pandora looks on knowing full well that it will soon be her that is getting that strap spanking HER bottom!


Almost imediately the inevitable strike and yelp of pain from Niki as the paddle comes stingingly down to spank her on her bottom!  Next the knickers will be coming down!

You can see more from this movie’s galleries and the movie itself now at Northern Spanking along with so many more 🙂  You can never miss out at Northern Spanking!

Amelia Rutherford Stars in A Cell Too Many at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison

When it comes to wanting to see a naughty girls spanking one just cant lose with Amelia Rutherford!  She has everything and then some!  So its always nice to update this my domestic spanking blog with some pics from one of my favorite girls at Bars and Stripes who in this update is starring in a movie called A Cell Too Many!  Or rather an episode entitled A Cell Too Many because in actual fact, Bars and Stripes is a spanking soap opera site in which each episode builds upon another! 🙂

Anyway i have a few great over the knee domestic spanking pics from this update so thought i would share them all with you here 🙂




Just cant beat one of those looks of pain can you on the naughty girls face 🙂  Well…unless you are looking at the reddening up of her naughty bottom that is! 🙂

See you all in a few days!  As you read this I’m actually shooting with Amy Hunter at the moment for Strict Women! 🙂  More about that on my blog at FemDom Spanking Blog but for now, make sure you go see this naughty girl Amelia at Bars and Stripes! 🙂

Student Spanks Her Naughty Teacher at Hand!

I just love those table turning scenarios where the power relationship is turned on its head by a dominant gal!  And so i was really happy when I saw this latest scenario from where the lowly student dressed in school girls outfit gets to turn the tables on her tutor and blackmail her into bending over her knee for a sound domestic bare bottom spanking!

The video and picture set are based around this student named Mizuki who we have featured here before as she regularly gets her own bare bottom spanked at the Hand Spanking site who witnesses her class teacher making out with the mother of another student!  Unknown to the teacher (Lemon) Mizuki takes photographs to confront her teacher with and faced with the humiliation of suspension from her employment and possible dismissal she agrees to submit to submit to her new younger Mistress and of course disciplinarian, the sexy and now strict Mizuki who in return promises that the pictures will never get out!  But of course this will be a permanent relationship so Lemon had best remember her place when she speaks out of tone to Mizuki in future!

And I have some pics 🙂


Yes a very knowing smile on the face of Mizuki here as she explains the new ground rules to her own previous disciplinarian!  When you have them by the balls their hearts and minds follow as the saying goes!  Just imagine the horror in the heart of Lemon here as she hears that she must in future report to Mizuki to have HER OWN bare bottom spanked whenever MIZUKI feels it is appropriate!


Now fully understanding her new submissive role in this world, naughty Lemon bends over Mizuki’s desk to take a hard hand spanking from her new Mistress!  And you can bet Miss Mizuki as Lemon must now address her as will make every single spank count on her naughty bottom!

But any domestic spanking will never be complete without the full humiliation of putting the naughty girl over your knees will it?


And a very satisfied Miss Mizuki smiles on as a humiliated teacher resigned to her new place in life submits to the stinging spanks from her new Mistress!

And just wait till you see the video!  Both girls are AWESOME in this movie!  To view it, you need to visit and join Hand!  This will get you access to ALL their videos!  So dont delay, go report to the girls now!  This video alone justifies it in my view 🙂


Naughty Alison’s Drinking Leads To Sound Bare Bottom Paddling By College Principle at Firm Hand Spanking!

Naughty high school senior Alison Miller, the talented dancer is in trouble again at Firm Hand Spanking!  She is being tested on her skills in a club but the naughty lady has just been caught drinking alcohol without permission so she has earned herself a sound paddling from the college principle!  And this paddling will be delivered to her bare bottom!

Hands on the wall with her naughty bare bottom pushed out for her punishment, those pert bottom cheeks must take 10 stinging swats from the paddle and the shock is evident on naughty Alison’s face!

Here are some pics 🙂




But that’s not all, i have a little preview video clip for you all too 😉


You can see the full spanking from which this video and pics were taken now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking where you can see loads of really sexy domestic spankings where the naughty girls get their bottoms soundly spanked by both the guys and the girls! 🙂


Naughty Julian Gets Soundly Hand Spanked Nude At Bun Beating Fun!

Just had an email from Bun Beating Fun with a really nice gallery featuring a real hot naughty girl who now has a really hot naughty bottom after her master has put her across his knee and robustly spanked her naughty bare bottom cheeks with the palm of his hand!

Of course this naughty girl didn’t actually do anything wrong to get this spanking but who cares?  When she has a bottom as cute as hers why should a guy turn down the opportunity to put her naughty bottom over his knee right?  And so that is what happens!  And lets face it, she has probably done something bad at some point that she has not been spanked for yet anyway right?  So here she is, this stunning beauty getting her bottom soundly spanked!  I have some pics and I even have a video preview for you below 🙂




Clearly she is feeling this bare bottom spanking!  As she should too!  Naughty girl! Here is a video preview 🙂


You can see more from this spanking now with so many others now only at Bun Beating Fun!  I hope to bring more posts from this great domestic spanking site real soon 🙂


Cries of Sorry Are Not Good Enough For Miss Zoe at!

Now anyone who has watched Miss Zoe before knows that when you piss her off saying sorry will not do anything to help so you would probably be better off not saying anything at all. Well apparently naughty Shay has not learned that lesson and so she pays the price by getting her face slapped several times by Zoe for speaking when she should not be…that is when Miss Zoe is speaking!  Nothing annoys Miss Zoe more than people talking over her as the guys have found to their cost at Miss Zoe’s own site!   But in addition to the humiliating face slapping Shay gets her ass spanked until it is glowing red. You do not want to miss this opportunity to see Shay bent over with her ass in the air crying and begging Zoe to stop punishing her!

And we have some pics from this video to show you all 🙂




Miss Zoe is already probably one of the most premiere spanking ladies on the net today and if you have not seen her spanking the girls in this femdom action you really SHOULD make haste and get to Spanking Bare Butts to see what she is like!  This Mistress really DOES kick ass!


Strict Mistress Zoe