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Naughty Lottie Spanked In Lingerie at Northern Spanking

Yes I know it hasn’t been very long since I told you all about how great the Northern Spanking site is and I know too that the last time I did so, I was telling you all about probably one of the cutest new spanking models on the scene, Lottie Kinsade but having visited the site again, I just cant help but shout from the rooftops about how brilliant this shoot, introducing Lottie is once more!  Now this is not because Lottie is the only girl in the site, you know that is not the case because Ive talked about so many others here in the past?  And it is not because she is the only cute one or the cutest one, but this particular photo set in part 3 of this movie was featuring this lady in lingerie and what can I say?  I am just a sucker for a pretty girl in stockings, suspenders and high heeled shoes! 🙂  So I simply couldn’t resist posting some of this here 🙂  And boy…you should see the video!!!

Here are a few preview pics 🙂




Naughty girl rubs her sore bottom 🙂  And from that bare sore bottoms colour you can see quite clearly that she has had a good spanking!  Some of the sites out there seem to leave this out in their pictures which is a real pity but that is one of the things that I love about Northern Spanking because coming from genuine spanking enthusiasts rather than the big porn mass producers of spanking and other images that I could mention but wont, you always know the spankings are for real in the sort of domestic spanking style that you have always loved 🙂

Anyway you can see more from Lottie including the video and many others now exclusively on Northern Spanking 🙂  Don’t miss out, this is probably the best domestic spanking site on the net today in my view 🙂

Chloe Elise Gets Bottom Soundly Spanked By Clare Fonda In Spanking Exclusive!

A sound spanking is the order of the day at one of the latest updates to Clare Fonda’s Spanked Call Girls site as Chloe Elise ends up across Clare’s knee!

Yes I have just been taking a look at some of the girl spanks girl action at Spanked Call Girls and this site just keeps on getting better and better 🙂  In this update I show you here, Clare Fonda gives naughty Chloe Elise a very sound over the knee domestic style spanking that has her whooping and holloring in no time at all!  And from the look on her face she is clearly feeling every single stinging spank that is landing on that naughty bottom of hers!  As well she should!  Because if she had done as she was told by her strict new Mistress then she wouldn’t be over her knee right now getting her bottom spanked!

I just love these pics 🙂  They say a picture paints a thousand words and that is certainly the case with these 🙂


First naughty Chloe Elise is spanked by her strict new Mistress over her skirt but that skirt will soon be pulled up as it ruffles around her cutest of bottoms!


One of the cutest bottoms you could want to see but just imagine how much it will bounce as Miss Clare’s hand comes stingingly down to impact on her naughty bottom!  And the look on Chloe’s face is a picture because she knows that as much as this domestic spanking over Clare’s knee hurts, it is going to hurt a good deal more when her panties are pulled down to reveal her well smacked bare bottom!


And lets face it, no spanking would ever be complete without the naughty bottom being bared for the hard hand spanking treatment and this spanking is no exception!

You can see more of this discipline video and many more of its pics exclusively at Spanked Call Girls!  Or alernatively why not sign up for the full Clare Fonda pass and get access to all 5 of her sites in one discounted price? 🙂



Temper Tantrum Leads To Well Spanked Bottom For Naughty Karen at Bars And Stripes Spanking Prison

Another great update over on Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison, this time featuring a naughty young lady that I haven’t featured here before, none other than Karen who is serving 3 years as an affluent American native for theft in one of the UK’s roughest and toughest prisons!  Must have been quite a shock for her to become the latest resident at one of the Victorian prisons built well over a hundred years ago and then not only to have to put up with the damp in such a building but also to be subject to humiliating and very painful smacked bottoms when ever she disobeys the rules!

And that is in fact what naughty Karen is in trouble for today!  because when she was confronted in this soap opera type spanking site and found that she was not getting her way, something that she had been used to all her spoilt years, she decides to remedy this by having a tantrum!  Well…it always worked in the past right?  WRONG!!!  Naughty Karen learns very quickly in her very first lesson that this type of behaviour will only get her into yet more trouble and so she soon finds herself bent over for a good sound spanking with the strap!

And I have some of the pics 🙂


Do you think she is getting the message? 🙂



Naughty girl comforts herself by rubbing her sore bottom! 🙂  But is there any sympathy out there?  Well why not go visit Bars And Stripes spanking prison, download the movie and find out? 🙂 But she sure doesn’t get any sympathy from me 🙂

A Firm Female Hand And A Sore Female Bottom Is The Order Of The Day!

Ive just been over to take a look at the Firm Hand domestic spanking site as its been some time since i last looked at it and boy do  they have some really great spanking pics and video there 🙂  This one features Kailee Robinson as the Domme who you may have seen once or twice over on Clare Fonda’s sites!  She did a really good video in fact on Clare Spanks Men!  But anyway, most of you probably dont want to hear about that right?  Because most of you here are here to see the girls get spanked whether its by a female hand or a male hand right?  But if you do want to read more about the Fm femdom side go see my blog at

But anyway, back to what i was saying!  LOL.  This one set of pics I wanted to show you features Kailee Robinson who is probably one of the cutest Mistress’s in the US! 🙂 But it also features a naughty girl called Abi or Abigailin this movie called ‘Giving It Up’ which is based arounda punishment program come escort service or perhaps something darker.  Naughty Abi is scared of attending for her appointment with her clients and so for her transgression she must see her strict new Mistress Miss Kailee for 90 hard spanks with a leather paddle!  And boy does it turn her naughty bottom into a glowing crimson in no time at all!

Here are a few preview pics 🙂



Nah thats no good Kailee!  A naughty girl should ALWAYS have her panties pulled down to receive her smacked bottom!


Thats better and by the look of naughty Abi’s face, she is feeling that spanking a lot more too 🙂  You can see the video and the rest of the HQ images now exclusively with many others over at Firm Hand Spanking 🙂


Maggy Gets A Smacked Bottom at Spanked At Home

Well Ive just been over to take a look at the Spanked At Home site and I notice a pretty good video has been published there called Cack Handed 🙂

This is a movie in which Alex (the spanker) is sitting at the table and concentrating on a piece of paper, when Maggy (the naughty girl and spankee) enters the room. Excited about a friend’s birthday surprise party she starts talking to Alex. Being so excited while speaking with hands and feet, she upsets a glass of water standing on the table.  The whole floor turns into a wet mess and Maggy gets the mop right away to clean the mess. Just to show her, what he thinks about such an awkwardness, Alex takes the naughty girl directly over his knee and the spanking guarantees tears from such a naughty girl!

I have some pics from the movie.  The images in the HQ gallery are not that great Im afraid action wise so I thought I would publish a few of the frame shots from the video itself just for the heck of it 🙂  Only thing is, dont take it for granted that this is the overall quality of pictures on the site because trust me, it is not! 🙂  The HQ really are HQ! 🙂




You can see more from this great naughty girls spanking and many more now exclusively at Spanked at Home 🙂

Naughty Lottie Makes Spanking Debut at Northern Spanking!

Wow…that’s all i can say 🙂  Well, perhaps not ALL that i can say but I’m going to say it in any event!  There is a new lady that has just come into the Northern Spanking site and she is as hot as her pants!  And so proudly I want to introduce you all to Lottie Kinsade who I have little doubt will soon be a huge star in the spanking world!

She is in a photoset just published at the Northern Spanking site and should be in video real soon.  In fact it may even be published by the time that this post goes live! In this scenario Lottie plays a nurse and who comes home after a long night shift spent torturing patients with her suspenders. Stephen, her boyfriend is not a “morning person” and doesn’t take kindly to Lottie’s demand for tea. His reaction however, giving Lottie a thorough spanking, Northern Spanking asserts seems a little OTT though I’m not sure they are right!  Naughty girls are ALWAYS in need of spanking as we all know 🙂  Anyway, she gets that spanking regardless and there is far more to come when an “accidental” check of her mobile call history will see Lottie getting a visit in the bathroom, and more painful punishment upon her posterior!

Here are some pics 🙂


Nothing quite like a nurse in suspenders huh? 🙂



Naughty girls botom soundly spanked and then panties down for some more!  Just the way it should be!  And you can see more from this picture set and soon the video now exclusively at Northern Spanking :-)

Naughty Judith Returns To Spanking Experience In ‘The Best Spanking Girl (Part 2 – Backstage)’

Its been a little while since I have been over to Spanking Experience which was a really great little site when I first visited but it has gotten better and better as I take another peek! 🙂  Quite a few new videos have been added and the spanking is really good quality 🙂  And the bottoms on their own that take the spanking are well worth drooling over 🙂

This video featuring Judith is no exception either!  She is cute as can be and has one of the most spankable bottoms you will find 🙂  Ive pulled out a few pics from the video and post them below for y’all 🙂


Nothing quite like a good sound over the knee bare bottom spanking for a naughty girl 🙂  And already her bottom cheeks are turning rosy red!  But it doesn’t stop there because next comes the cane!  And as you can see as naughty Judith pushes her bottom out as if inviting harder smacks, that cane is one of the whippiest you will see anywhere!



And just to finish off, how can one possibly beat seeing a nice close up of a naughty girl having a good panties down hand spanking over his knee? 🙂  Just a pity really that we can not all take turns smacking that bottom of hers!  But what we CAN all do is go to the Spanking Experience site and share in the witnessing of this spanking!  So why not do that? 🙂  Don’t forget to take your paddles with you! 🙂

You can see more from this and many other videos now exclusively at Spanking Experience!

Miss Zoe Spanks The Girls at Spanking Bare!

About a month ago I was at a shoot for Miss Zoe’s site at where they also did a couple of videos for a site ive spoken about on this blog on several occassions, Spanking Bare!  So far Miss Zoe had spared the naughty girls from her attentions but Shay pushed her luck a little too far this time and the strictest woman on the planet as Spanking Bare Butts refer to her as didnt hesitate for a moment in putting her across her knees!

Miss Zoe took to spanking girls like a duck to water!  Perhaps not quite as hard as she spanks the guys but way harder than you would see on many if any of the spanking sites out there!  Make no mistake about it this video is HOT with a capitol H O AND T! And it is hot not just because Miss Zoe spanks a girl with one of the cutest and most spankable bottoms around but because both Zoe AND Shay were absoultely AWESOME in their respective roles!  Miss Zoe as the Domme was the essence of pure domination as she always is!  Joining Spanking Bare Butts will get you to see Miss Zoe come out with gems like how she does not like the fact that Shay is taller than her and so to get down on her knees!  And after Miss Zoe style face slaps AND spanking not just with a paddle and her hand but also a slipper, you will see Shay commanded to kiss Miss Zoe’s hand better as it is now uncomfortable!  No concern of course about Shays sore bottom!

And for Shay’s part, she too was awesome!  Showing fear and tears!

Here are a few pics 🙂


A slap across the face and naughty Shay is instantly reduced back to her place and will not give Miss Zoe lip again!


Naughty girl spanked!  But just who is the cutest and with the cutest bottom there?  Just for once its actually quite hard to tell 🙂


And after her smacked bottom naughty Shay must submit to the head girl Miss Zoe by kissing her boots to remind her that she is beneath the strict girl in charge!

As I say, this is some of the hottest woman spanks woman video Ive seen ANYWHERE!  And you will not find Miss Zoe spanking naughty girls anywhere else!  But beware!  As “mere male’s” we rank lower still in Miss Zoe’s eyes and Shays too!  Because later that day, the two ladies teamed up together to spank one of Miss Zoe’s servants for her own site at Strict Mistress Zoe!  And for the Fm spanking fans that really is going to be something to see!

You can see some of Miss Zoe’s style of course over on my blog at FemDom Spanking Blog but dont forget to make sure you visit Miss Zoe at Spanking Bare Butts because this is truly video you will NOT want to miss!  And by the way, in case you did not know, Spanking Bare Butts also have a really great streaming video theater up at Fetish Video Theater!  So those of you who prefer not to keep video on your pc’s can also see much of thier video there also 🙂


Naughty Japanese Gal In Tight Denim Jeans Spanked at Hand!

Its been a little while since Ive been over to the Hand site and talked about them here so i thought maybe I would take a quick peep! 🙂  And I’m really glad that i did because there is a really nice domestic hand spanking video and pics there in a scenario they are calling ‘Three Sisters’ 🙂  And to my delight they feature one of the naughty girls wearing very tight jeans to have her bottom spanked in!  And you know there is nothing quite like a girl in tight jeans bent over for a smacked bottom!  Well…except perhaps with a bare bottom! 🙂  But the way in which the denim clings to the ladies figure as she bends for a spanking is probably one of the most erotic sights you can see 🙂

Ive pulled out a few of the images to show you all here 😉  Something to take you through some of the chill that we are all expecting here in the UK when it starts snowing again this week! 🙂



Ahhh a nice tight bottom being spanked 🙂  Nothing beats it…well except perhaps your hand, paddle, whip or cane? 🙂


And now the girl in tight jeans spanks the other sister!  Lovely 🙂

By the way, you can see more from this great update plus its sequel now exclusively at Hand :-) Be sure to come back here to the Domestic Spanking Blog later this week when we will have another update here 🙂  Or perhaps subscribe to our RSS feed 🙂