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Naughty Japanese Lady Given Christmas Beating at Cutie Spankee


OK so its more new year than Christmas but lets not split hairs! 😉  Anyway, with a spanking as sexy as this one and a spankee’s naughty bottom as cute as this one im sure you can forgive me the title of this blog post right? 🙂  Afterall, it WAS a Christmas post over on Cutie Spankee in any event! 🙂

It seems to be based around a naughty girl that breaks into a room whilst two lezdoms are about to enjoy their Christmas day.  The naughty girl is dressed as a reindeer of all things but when they remove the bottom half of the costume it shows the cute and very spankable bottom you see above and yes below also 🙂  So the two girls decide to roast the naughty girls bottom like the Christmas turkey in their own special way with hand, paddles, canes and more 🙂  And i have a few preview pics to show you!  🙂  The rest plus the video of course you will need to go to Cutie spankee for 🙂




See more from this great domestic 2 spank 1 lezdom / femdom spanking video now exclusively at Cutie Spankee 🙂

Christmas Day Belt Spanking For Naughty Ember at Spanking Bare Butts

Well from all of me/us/me here at the Domestic Spanking Blog i wanted to wish you all a VERY merry Christmas and a very peaceful, prosperous and fun new year with all the spankings that you ever dreamed of 🙂  And to help you along the way, courtesy of my friends at Spanking Bare Butts I am bringing you a few frame grabs from one of their latest and most popular spanking videos entitled Ember Belt Spanked 🙂

Now I know what you are thinking!  What is this blog owner doing talking about spanking on his blog for on Christmas day right?  Well actually I’m not!  I wrote this back on 16th December when i was on my annual holidays from work!  Surprise! 🙂  But of course its been held in a top secret bunker away from prying eyes until this moment which is 6am on Thursday 25th December 2008! 🙂   What time zone that will be of course I have no idea but I doubt it matters that much anyway cos what all of you are more interested in is naughty Embers bared and spanked bottom right?  So here it is 🙂

These frame grabs from the video as I say are from a movie called Ember Belt Spanked and in this one, contrary to the name, Ember is first spanked by hand and then spanked with a belt on her very sexy bottom and if you like the playful amateur type video you will definitely want to see this. it was a fairly soft spanking but she has one of the cutest bottoms anywhere so i just couldn’t resist posting it here for you all as your Christmas treat 🙂  And as they say over in Spanking Bare Butts, there may be an opportunity for Ember to come to the site again and let Lance have a run at spanking her and see how good she is at taking a real spanking!  So that is the new years resolution over there!  Whenever that happens we will be sure to feature it here for you all! 🙂




See more from sexy Ember exclusively at Spanking Bare Butts!  And keep your eyes open for Miss Zoe to feature at the site next year also!  I happen to know a shoot has already been arranged with her!  Of course she will only be doing the spanking (Miss Zoe NEVER submits to ANYBODY) but it should be interesting to see her spanking the girls!

Sascha And Leia Given ‘Warm Reception’ And Warmed Bottoms at Bars & Stripes Spanking Prison

Well as we move ever closer to Christmas I thought I would give you this special little treat where two of the cutest naughty girls on the net get their bottoms smacked 🙂  Well…just the one actually but watched by the other! 🙂  In this case it is Leia Ann Woods and Sascha Harvey who are in trouble at the nets very best domestic spanking prison Bars and Stripes 🙂  And i have a few pics for you from the set 🙂




For more from this and many other sets you might want to go visit Bars and Stripes itself 🙂  They are great people and this is probably one of the few original themes to the spanking fetish out there anywhere and that really does bode well for the members area 🙂  Why not give yourself a treat for Christmas? 🙂

Naughty Zena Spanked In Her Pyjama’s

This post is in response to an email from one of my blogs avid readers, Soheil 🙂  He wrote some months ago asking if I could publish some pics from an oldie but goldie scenario  from Northern Spanking in which the very beautiful spanking model, Zena Stones was spanked in her pyjama’s 🙂

Well this has taken a little time I’m afraid and some effort because Ive had to speak to the owner of Northern Spanking where the pics originated from and find out where, on his huge (and i mean huge) site these pics actually were?  Course…i could have just searched them all but I would have been here till next Christmas doing that and sometimes its just better to ask?  But my little bit of research has paid off quite well because it seems that this was from a 4 part series with naughty Zena from the scenario ‘Glamour Model’ and you can sure see why it was named such!

Paul’s write up at the time was:

“Pretty student Zena has taken on a part time job to help her finance her studies – she’s decided to become a glamour model! She makes an appointment with local seedy photographer and meets him at his studio for a test shoot. Forgetting of course that her father is picking her up from college that day. Worried out of his mind, he finds out where she is from one of her friends and matches straight round to the studio to rescue his daughter – and then thrash her for being so wild whilst Mr McGonagall might get his pervy piccies after all…

Zena’s father pulls down her panties for an embarrassing bare bottom spanking in Mr McGonagalls studio as she squirms and squeals her protests. How can he do this to her! In fact, so outraged is he that he marches her right out that studio and straight home so he might deal with her more effectively! (and it looks to us like Mr McGonagall got better photos than he would have done anyway!)

Marched home and it’s straight to her room for Zena and into her pyjamas! No daughter of mine is going to get her kit off in front of pervy photographers! Still utterly furious and shaking with anger, Mr Stamp comes back to confront her, and her bottom with his cane. Poor Zena. She only wanted to be a model…

The pyjama bottoms are peeled down to reveal Zena’s already sore and stripey bottom. If that was the effect being caned with her pyjamas on, how on earth is she going to cope with it on the bare? Not satisfied with her position, Mr Stamp wants to ensure his daughter really feels it, and makes her get off the bed and touch her toes. Ignoring her pleas, and sending her straight to bed. We don’t think Zena will be trying modelling again anytime soon – do you?”

Clearly he enjoyed going into detail there! 🙂  But Ive got some pics from the scenario as per Soheil’s request so here they are 🙂




Yes a very contrite looking face on naughty Zena there 🙂  And you can see it and much more from this and other girls now exclusively at Northern Spanking 🙂

Amy Hunter Spanked at Home Whilst Miss Zoe ‘Deals With’ Santa At HER Home!

As we run up ever close to Christmas I thought it might be fun to run through some of what is going on at the moment!  The owner of the new(ish) spanking site at Spanked at Home has been in touch and it seems that he has done a brand new shoot with the top spanking star Amy Hunter!  So i couldn’t really let that pass without comment could I!  One of the two video scenarios that they did they have already published 🙂  Its this one 🙂


In daily Discipline a new exchange student…er…lets call her Amy  was going to live with Alex and Maggy for the next 6 months and right from the beginning of her new life, she begins lying.  Of course this is something which Alex is not too keen on tolerating!  And why should he you might think?  Well…many might put up with it but they would not be featured here if they did so with that we move on to simply say that naughty Amy soon finds herself bent over his knee getting the sort of spanking that brings tears to the eyes of so many naughty girls out there!  And as if this was not enough for her, a thick wooden paddle is soon brought out which leaves Amy’s bottom VERY red and sore!

So what could be better than that?  Well…perhaps something where one of Santa’s helpers gets her bottom spanked?


And now of course you see part of the reason why Alex wanted to deal with Amy in the story above in his own little way? 🙂

Anyway, if that is not your thing then it seems that Miss Zoe at Strict Mistress Zoe is having a week long spanking promotion at Her site where she plays the spoilt girl who spanks Santa!  So the whole thing is in reverse over in the FemDom World!  And at her site, there will be daily updates all of Christmas week! Here is the beautiful Miss Zoe below by the way 🙂


You can read more about that at the FemDom Spanking Blog.  But for now, why not go visit Spanked at Home and Strict Mistress Zoe 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

Aunt Tsubaki Spanks And Canes Her Step Daughter At Cutie Spankee

Another great update this week at Cutie Spankee where Aunt Tsubaki who carried out her step daughters training has decided to spank and cane her naughty step daughter. This was to be the most humbling experience of the long spoiled naughty girls life but it was only the begining of the humiliation and her days of painful reformation.

Aunt Tsubaki had firstly trained her to be amenable to discipline any time that she so decided it was going to happen but it was oh so humiliating for this naughty girl to expose her naked bottom and get spanked!  But what choice did she have?  None!  Her disobedience was always rewarded by a severe additional caning after all!

And to that end I’ve gotten hold of some of the pics!  For the video you will need to visit Cutie Spankee 🙂

You can see more from this video and picture set now at Cutie Spankee!  Exclusive! 🙂

Strict Miss Narumi Spanks Naughty Photographer Lemons Bare Bottom at Hand

Imagine the scene!  A naughty girl who is doing a photo shoot with one of Japans sexiest models tries to ask for favours and not pay for the shoot and so enraged is Miss Narumi she decides that a sound spell across her lovely knees would suit the case for naughty Lemon!  And so it happens!  And we have some of the pics to prove it right here! 🙂

You can see the video now at Hand Spanking!  But also see the lovely Narumi get her cute bottom warmed up with a good hand spanking from Lemon!  All exclusively on 🙂  This is one of the best scenarios Ive seen from this site in some time so you would be foolish to miss it 🙂


New Website – Spanking Bare Butts – BIG CUT PRICE (50% +) PROMOTION This Weekend!

I recently added Spanking Bare Butts to my list of quality spanking sites that like to talk to you all about because they are really great people who are true spanking enthusiasts which is just what I look for here on this blog rather than going for all the mass production houses who churn sites out on a conveyerbelt.

I was intending to post my first post about this site next week BUT Ive recently been made aware of a special offer on right at the moment which ends on Saturday so you would do really well to get your membership in now!!!  They have cut their price by more than 50% from an amazingly good value USD$19.95 to just $9.95!

Ive been inside and there are tonnes of really great videos in there both for Ff and Mf spanking so fans of both maledom AND Femdom will love it!  The girls are way cute and the video is excellent quality!

Just as an aside, i thought i would post a few images from a few different scenarios in there so you can get a feel for them.  Obviously the pics are reduced in side somewhat.  Ive also quoted the sites description for each video 🙂

Naughty Schoolgirl Gets Spanked

At a strict all girls school it is required by school rules that each girl wear the proper uniform and when those rules are broken a severe punishment must be dealt out! Watch as Bryanna with the permission of an elder punishes her classmate Erin very severely on her naked bottom for disobeying the dress code. Erin is given a very thorough spanking by hand and with a stingy ruler right on her naked upturned booty!

The Brush From Miss Bliss

After giving Bryanna a hand spanking Miss Bliss decided that she wanted a little more so she gave Bryanna another visit. This time her hand was only used as a warm up and she quickly moved on to a dreaded wooden hairbrush. It still amazes us at how much Miss Bliss loves playing this role.

Where Is My Car

Simone offers Bryanna the chance in this video to play with her sexy ass and spank her just for a little fun. Of course Bryanna was more than happy to do it so she took off Simone’s panties and started playfully spanking her dark and beautiful booty! To make the spanking more fun Bryanna added lotion to Simone’s cheeks and rubbed it in while she spanked her with her bare hands. This video is a more sensual than what we normally offer and while you are watching this spanking you will want to just reach out and grab those perfect globes of Simone’s!

Membership to Spanked Bare Butts gets you ALL of these full videos and many many more as well as great high res images that you can easily convert into really nice desktop wallpaper for your pc or phone if you wish 🙂  And at this special one time rate you simply cant lose!  So get your butt over to Spanked Bare Butts now cos you will be sorry if you miss this offer! 🙂

Spanked At Home – Home Spanking of Naughty Girls

Well Ive been given a pass to take a look at a new site to talk to you all about called Spanked At Home 🙂  So here goes my first review of one of their spanking movies but first of all I need to just give an overall description of what you will see there 🙂

Spanked at Home is a super little site 🙂  They currently have 48 movies there as I write this and they are updated every week with a full movie so there is plenty there for you to keep you busy over the weekend 🙂

The video Im going to talk to you about today is called Kathrin Caught Stealing and it begins with Alex looking satisfied at Kathrin doing her homework.  At least the latest spankings have done something!  But whilst applauding her, he realizes that she is in possession of a new video camera which she has never had before.  Alex questions her about this and she tries to assure him that a friendly store owner has agreed to lend her the camera to test as long as she returns it the next day.  But Alex smells a rat!  He does not believe her and so decides to call the store owner!  And lo and behold, guess what?  It turns out that her story is a lie and she has in fact stolen the camera!  Naughty girls get spanked and this is going to be no exception.  Theft AND lying.  She is now in for a very painful caning!  And i have some pics to prove it! 🙂

Certainly a very sore bottom there 🙂  Maybe she should be spanked for not bothering to clean the room up a little as well!  Not as if it would have taken that long 😉

Anyway you can see more from naughty Kathrin now in this movie exclusively at Spanked at Home 🙂