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Amelia Rutherford Takes Painful Steps to Discipline at Bars And Stripes Domestic Spanking Prison!

Well it looks as though Bars and Stripes Domestic Spanking Prison and once again Amelia Rutherford is in trouble!  Yes I know we featured her last time but she is one of my personal favorites so I couldnt resist showing her once more 🙂  This is a high quality image set though there are lots of videos there too and its called Painful Steps!  Here are a few pics from the main set 🙂  Obviously though they are reduced in size quite significantly so they will fit on the page! 🙂

So another sore bottom is delivered!  The world is back in equilibrium!  The girls with sore bottoms and the guys sat in the smoke room of the bar drinking a well deserved pint which is what I  will be doing shortly!!! 🙂  Lager frenzy beckons!  🙂  But in the meantime im going to take another good look over the Bars and stripes site.  See you all there!

Two Naughty Girls Hand Spanked At Spanking Experience

ive just been over to Spanking Experience to take a look at their latest updates and there is a really neat video there featuring Livia and Vicky in a movie called Facecam.  It starts with the two girls talking to eachother about whether the other would like to feel her body and perhaps predictably given the preceeding conversation they begin somewhat nervously to do so 🙂  Then bang…the door slams shut and in walks the disciplinarian who is some guy whose hands seem to be as big as the first girls back!  And when neither Vicky or Livia can explain themselves they are ordered to kneel on the bed on their hands and knees and both given twenty hard domestic hand spanks on their bared bottoms.  Bet they wish they hadnt stripped now!

I have some pics from the movie which is available to download in Div X format on the site so if you have media centres at home you should be able to play this sites videos on your tv! Here are the pics i downloaded 🙂  These seems to be just frame captures rather than high quality images but they do at least show what the video action is like 🙂

You can see more from this and many other videos now exclusively at Spanking Experience!

Amy Hunter Spanks Kami & Anna On The Treadmill At Northern Spanking

A really nice update over on Northern Spanking this week 🙂  For those that don’t know, this is only one of many by the way but I pick the one I like the most and in this case the award goes to Miss Amy who has introduced a new exercise regime for Anna Anna Gordon and Kami Robertson and one which has very painful consequences for both of their bottoms if they fail to live up to the regime!

And as usual ive got my paws on some of the domestic spanking pics that have come from the picture set 🙂  The movie you will have to join Northern Spanking to see I’m afraid 🙂

Ahhhh a spanking wouldn’t be complete without the naughty girls panties coming down would it 🙂  And just look at the look of nervous apprehension on the face of the naughty girl in the corner 🙂  Real tension building there 🙂

And spanked on the bare on a really cute bare bottom 🙂  Nice 🙂  You can see the video now over on Northern Spanking with so many others.  Meanwhile Miss Amy has been causing a pretty big splash in the Fm spanking theme also you know!  You can see more of her in that ilk over on my blog at along with so many others 🙂

Naughty Teacher Spanked By Older Teacher at

Another really nice school scene comes out of Japan, this time from and I thought i would show you some of it!  The video is truly excellent but you will get the feeling simply from the pics I think 🙂  In this one, Miss Reina the strict teacher warns a new teacher to be more moderate and understanding with one of her students but the teacher simply rebuffs the warning thinking that she is joking or that she has no authority over her!  BIG MISTAKE on both counts!  For now naughty Ayaka will pay with a sore and bruised bottom!  Here are some pics from the update 🙂

Ouch!  Bent over the desk naughty Ayaka must count every one of the 50 hard hand spanks across her skirted bottom before that skirt is lifted and her panties are pulled down for more severe treatment!

And now it is time to be put across Miss Reina’s knee for some more sound hand spanking treatment!

Ouch!  Soon the panties will be down!  And you can see more of that plus the video now if you wish along with many other pics and video clips over at!


Tutor Is Punished At Cutie Spankee For Daughters Poor Performance

Imagine the scene!  It is parents day at the school and a cute lady comes in to find out how her daughter has been doing and thus visits her even cuter young teacher!  But the pupil has been falling behind in her grades so the parent tells the teacher to bend over in a very assertive voice!  To pay for poor performance the naughty teacher must lift her up her skirt to receive a sound bare bottom spanking and strapping!  The naughty bottom was exposed to the cold wind from the window and now must feel the contrast between that and the hot impact of her leather strap!

That is the storyline to this recent update over on Cutie spankee and there is little I love more than to see a naughty girls bottom bent over still covered with her skirt hugging to each contour of her body and thats partly why im posting this!  These types of updates say as much about the spanking as those with the bare bottom!  Sometimes less is more!

Anyway ive got some pics from the very excellent movie so I thought i would publish them here for you 🙂

You have to admit it!  That naughty girls bottom is one of the cutest you will see anywhere! 🙂

But if the skirt covered bottom doesn’t do it for you lets see her bare bottom encased in stockings and suspenders spanked! 😉

And you can see the video right now along with countless more from various naughty girls and dominant ladies over at the top premiere Japanese lezdom spanking site, Cutie Spankee!

Painful Steps For Naughty Amelia at Bars & Stripes Spanking Prison

There has been a really great update over at the Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison, this one featuring the very beautiful Amelia Rutherford who has gotten in trouble at the spanking prison with one of the guards.  Seems she has been lazing away in her bunk whilst she should be working!  And that is certainly NOT allowed when you have been sentenced to 5 years hard labour and spankings for corruption!

I got my paws on some of the HQ spanking pics for you all so dont say i never give you anything! 😉

Ahhh panties down for a well deserved spanked bottom domestic style!  Now lets see if she continues to look so smug 🙂

🙂  I guess not! 🙂

SO….another naughty girl spanked!  And the world is now back in equilibrium 🙂  Be sure to pay a trip over to visit naughty Amelia’s sore bare bottom over at Bars and Strips spanking prison guys!  She is waiting for you there 🙂

Merc Embezzelment Earns Sound Wooden Spoon Spanking!

Wow, sorry this has been so long in coming guys, I’ve been SO busy with working on tgp scripts and getting things moved to a new server.  But I’m back now and i have a new site to talk to you all about.  Its called Spanking Experience, seems to come from the USA and so has some great video which is outside of the usual UK experience 🙂  You can see most of it even on your IPOD, it is high definition and excellent quality!  And not only that but the spankings are lively and the girls are cute as heck! Not only that, but at a membership price of only $12.95 (approx UKP£7) its one of the cheapest anywhere 😉

Here are a few preview pics i have taken from their movie entitled ‘Mercedes – The Embezzlement’, the plot for which is probably self explanatory 🙂

You can see more from this and many other videos now exclusively at Spanking Experience!