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Company Executive Spanks Naughty Business Consultant at Northern Spanking!

Another great update at Northern Spanking guys! A real cutie that I don’t think Ive ever actually featured here on the Domestic Spanking Blog….oh no I tell a lie, she has been featured here the once but hey, with a bottom like hers not to mention one of the prettiest faces I’ve seen in a long time I couldn’t really just let it go without comment! 🙂  Just couldn’t resist! 🙂  What is her name you ask?  Ahhh yes Sascha Harvey 🙂

In this update things have been looking dire at Stamp Inc.  A change in fortune is desperately needed and may have arrived, in the shape of business consultant Miss Harvey. Indeed after three visits, her executive re-motivation techniques have certainly revived Michael’s fortunes. Alas for the firm however, the distraction of spanking Miss Harvey’s naughty bottom might be more than it can take!  Maybe she should send him over to Strict Women to get him on track?  But for now I have a few pics from the fun at Northern Spanking… 🙂

I wonder what naughty Miss Harvey could possibly have in mind with that cane behind her back? 🙂  One thing is for sure, Michael’s luck has just changed for the better!

Naughty girl bends over the desk ready for a sound caning from the rod!

Ahhh at last… a smacked bottom to focus minds!  And you can see the video exclusively now at Northern Spanking!  Don’t miss out.  They have tonnes more there too for you when you join! 🙂

Taking Advantage Leads To Sound Bare Bottom Spanking At Hand Spanking!

Well hi everybody!  Sorry ive been away for a week or so.  There has been so much going on with server moves and no matter how much ive tried, it has been like everything has ganged up on me to stop me managing to achieve anything!  But im back now!  And this Domestic Spanking Blog is on the new host!  Hurrah! 🙂

And what better to make a splash onto the new server with than a few pics from a recent update on Hand Spanking! 🙂  This one is called Taking Advantage and it stars Kasumi and Fuka and both have a go at spanking the others bare bottom for her!

Kasumi had wanted to spank her naughty younger sister so when she asks her younger sister asked about her college work, she gets just that opportunity to put the cutie across her knees for a well deserved smacked bottom!  And wouldnt you just love to spank it yourself? 🙂  Here are a couple of great domestic spanking pics for you from this spanking update 🙂

First on the panties but then it is inevitable that those panties will come down for the well deserved spanking on her bare bottom!

And just look at that look of distress and pain on the naughty girls face as she feels those spanks come stingingly down on her bare bottom!

And what could be better than sweet revenge for naughty Fuka than to catch her older sister spanking herself!  And that is just what happens and enables Fuka to get her revenge for her own sore bottom!  Soon she has her older sister spread over her knee and gets to give that well deserved sound hand spanking back with interest!  Here is the domestic style spanking pic for you 🙂

Ahhh at last 🙂  And just look at that smile on Fuka’s cute face!

You can see the spanking video now over at Hand Spanking!  Dont miss out, its a great domestic spanking scene and there are tonnes more besides online for you to download if you have a membership 🙂


Strict Lady Mistress Spanks Her Naughty Girl With Baseball Bat At Cutie Spankee!

Well this has to be a first for me.  Ive seen spankings in many positions and using many implements but a spanking on the bare bottom with a baseball bat? 🙂  That’s a first! 🙂  I’m not sure it would sting like it ought to though…more a hard bruising thud perhaps?  And a naughty girl should always feel the sting of every spank that they get!

But its certainly a very interesting scenario here at Cutie Spankee that’s for sure! In this one, the naughty girls are in the clubhouse where one is commanded by the other to bend over with her legs opened to take a firm spanking from this new bat! Her navy skirt was tucked up to the back and her panties pulled down to the tops of her thighs 🙂 Is she ready for the stinging spanks? 🙂

Here are a few pics!

Ready for your hard bare bottom domestic spanking the strict young Mistress asks her new servant…

GOOD!  Because this is going to HURT!  And by the way, this is only a warm up spanking!  Wait till I use my cane!  And if you are REALLY NAUGHTY, I will use a bat on you!

And so the strict young Mistress raises the bat to spank the naughty girls bottom!  Hold on tight to those knees young lady!

You can see more of these pics AND the video now exclusively at Cutie Spankee!

Rachael and Leia Soundly Spanked In Waiting Room at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison

Ahhhha good ole fashioned over the knee domestic style hand spanking gets delivered once more at the Bars and Stripes spanking prison! 🙂  This one features Leia Ann Woods and Rachel as they are put across the knees of the governor and the nurse.  And once more Ive got the pics! 🙂  Well some of them anyway, and I’m publishing them here for you now 🙂

These are just frame captures but they do show some of the action that you can expect to see in the video itself! 🙂

And a great look of pain there on the face of the naughty girl as she gets her bare bottom hand spanked there! 🙂  And it does look as though the nurse is doing a pretty good job too!

You can see much more exclusively now at the nets only domestic spanking prison at Bars and Stripes!

Northern Spanking Welcomes Kali Redmond As Another New Naughty Girl Gets Her Bottom Spanked!

As the sun rises on the coasts of bonny Scotland, Northern Spanking releases the very first pictures of one of Scotlands most beautiful ladies, Kali Redmond who premiere’s in the site this week!  The video is yet to come but the pictures are real promising 🙂

These are pretty much all over the skirt but sometimes there is something about those over the skirt spankings, particularly when the skirt hugs to the ladies bottom like this one does!  Without actually showing much (though the stocking tops are always a great glimpse) it shows everything as it is left to your own imagination?  The question is, can her bottom live up to that impression when it finally IS shown!  And the answer to that by the way is a resounding YES!  Ive seen it 🙂

Anyway, the storyline for this one is that after a few too many glasses of wine, Paul has brought Kali home giggly and tipsy and quite unaware of how she managed to embarrass him in the restaurant. She’s in for a spanking before bed but he’ll have to work hard to make sure she feels it and it’s not just a sore head she has in the morning!

Here are a few sample pics 🙂  Of course the pics are about 4 times this size in the Northern Spanking site 🙂

Ahhhh the bare bottom! 🙂  And just as i say, it sure lives up to that impression in your mind doesnt it? 🙂

See more from this photo set and the video now exclusively at Northern Spanking :-)

Summers Day Spanking Part 2 At Hand Spanking!

Spanked On Bottom!

Spanked On Bottom In Her Bikini!

Just to set the scene, go back a couple of posts ago to Ayaka’s Summer Day Spanking at Hand Spanking and you will see that I promised you that I would soon update with the pics from the bikini! 🙂  Well here it is! 😉 I wont go into the storyline but the bikini is the present!  And though the naughty girl may not have liked it, I sure do and I think you will too so im going to publish it here regardless! 😉

Hand Rises To Administer A Sharp Spanking Rebuke!

Hand Rises To Administer A Sharp Spanking Rebuke!

Now the naughty girls panties are pulled down!  So let the domestic hand spanking begin! :-)

Now the naughty girls panties are pulled down! So let the domestic hand spanking begin! 🙂

Ouch!  The first spank makes contact with the naughty girls bare bottom!

Ouch! The first spank makes contact with the naughty girls bare bottom!

See the video now at Hand!


Strapped When She Forgot Her Homework At Cutie Spankee!

Waiting nervously outside the head teachers office two naughty ladies have been ordered to return to school to face discipline for homework they failed to hand in years ago when they were still at school.  But in todays society when you are found out to have comitted an offence years ago you face the same punishment you would have faced back then!  And that is serious for these ladies because that means the teacher gets to administer the strap to their naughty bottoms as well as a sound hand spanking!  And this must all be adminstered whilst dressed in their old school uniforms!

Its a truly great update over on Cutie Spankee and you really should take a look! 😉  Here are a few of the pics but the video is even better! 🙂

Spanked OTK

Spanked OTK

Now For The Strap!

Now For The Strap!

A very sad face which is unsurprising 🙂  That strap will soon be making her bottom sting! 🙂

Ouch!  The Strap Bites!

Naughty girl pushes her bottom out for the strap!

See more from this great picture set and the video too exclusively at Cutie Spankee 🙂