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Miki Soundly Spanks Mahiru’s Bottom For The Tattoo On Her Arm At Hand

Spanked For Her Tattoo

Spanked For Her Tattoo

The mother of one of my friends always used to comment how she could never understand why anybody would want to have something imprinted permanently on their body that they would never want to put on their wall!  Well today we have discovered that Mahiru at Hand has a tattoo and the reason we have discovered this is being Miki, who plays her mother in this scenario has put her across her knee to punish her for it!  Mahiru of course complains bitterly that she is old enough to make these decisions for herself but Miki is having none of it and delivers a scolding hot spanking on that naughty bottom of hers 🙂  A little late of course but but perhaps she will remember next time 🙂

Ahhh…a good old fashioned over the knee hand spanking 🙂  The way that spankings were always suposed to be delivered 🙂

Here are some preview pics 🙂

Smacked Over Her Skirt

Smacked Over Her Skirt

Spanked Over Her Knickers

Spanked Over Her Knickers

Sound Domestic Bare Bottom Spanking!

Sound Domestic Bare Bottom Spanking!

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Retro Spanking at Cutie Spankee

Over My Knee Now!

Over My Knee Now!

Another nice picture set and video movie update at Cutie Spankee 🙂  This one seeks to relive older days where retro styled ladies who are nostalgically longing for the good old spankings that they used to get sometimes meet up again to spank each other.  Approximately 12 years ago the naughty girls were placed with relatives where they had sadly lost their parents and were severely disciplined by their aunt with a sound spanking.  For every act of disobedience or mistake the aunt would give a severe spanking, often with a bamboo ruler or wooden paddle named ‘Discipline Board’ which rang deeply in their heart!  Today they relive their experience by spanking each other and here on the domestic spanking blog I have some of the pics for you! 🙂

Smack...smack...smack :-)

Smack...smack...smack 🙂

Please Miss, Not On My Bare Bottom!

Please Miss, Not On My Bare Bottom!

There is just something about that pic above.  A great angle!  The strict lady holds the naughty girl in place and brings her hand stingingly down on her bare bottom as the naughty girl clenches her fist and shuts her eyes tightly waiting for that next spank to impact 🙂  And the focus is entirely on the anxiety of the naughty girl!  There are so many that focus entirely on the punishment and the beating but that just misses the entire point of spanking in my view.  This is why I talk to you all about Cutie Spankee, it is a sign that they actually get it?  Anybody can make a movie where some person beats the heck out of their victim but to make it interesting and erotic you need, I think, to capture the tension.  Because if there is no tension then there is no domination and the spanking might as well not even take place then.  It is not the spanking that the submissive spankee likes 9 times out of ten anyway, it is the memory of the fact that they WERE spanked.

Out Comes The Paddle

Out Comes The Paddle

And now out comes the paddle 🙂  I dont think that cute bottom of the spankee is going to be lilly white like that for long do you? 🙂

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Niki Flynn In Trouble Again At Bars & Stripes

Probably one of the very best models at the Bars and Stripes Site, Niki Flynn, world renowned spanking model is the big star in this latest frame capture update over on Bars and Stripes 🙂  These pics are taken from a video called Basic Instinct where Niki is in trouble where she is caught having sexual relations with her cell mate in the nets only domestic spanking prison 🙂 But that basic instinct leads them both to a very sound spanking indeed 🙂

Here are a few pics 🙂

Caught Red Handed!

Caught Red Handed!

Bend Over For Your Spanking Young Lady!

Bend Over For Your Spanking Young Lady!

Spanked On Her Bottom!

Spanked On Her Bottom!

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The Nurse Practitioner Updated at Northern Spanking!

You wait an hour for a bus and then 3 turn up all at once!  What is that?  Well, those who like to see Amy Hunter will know more than most how much this is the case.  She has just made her video debut on Strict Women (read my blog entry over on FemDom Spanking Blog) and is also in a really hot woman spanks woman (or 2 women to be precise) on Northern Spanking 🙂

As some of you may know, the post of Nurse Practitioner was introduced to our Health Service a few years ago. Highly trained and specialists in their field, Nurse Practitioners exercise a great deal of authority and must take every opportunity to make full use of their skills.  A good idea you might think? Yes like all these good ideas, its simply a reinvention of the old fashioned ward matron but that’s another story and nobody here would ever accuse new labour of spinning stuff like that, good God no…not us!  😉

Anyway, I have some pictures of the strict new Northern Spanking Matron, Amy hunter spanking two naughty nurses, Kami and Anna 🙂

As one bottom twists with the pain the other naughty girl looks up at her strict Mistress’s face as both ponder on the caning still to come for her!  But first its another stroke of the cane for the other naughty girl.

A great scenario and just wait till you see the video!  Its awesome!  🙂  See it now exclusively on Northern Spanking!

New Employee Training Pt 2 at

Another great update has passed into the members area of Hand, this time featuring Reina who decides to administer a good hand spanking to Laura in New Employee Training Pt 2 🙂

In this scenario, the company president Reina subjects Laura, a new employee, to a difficult training in order to toughen her up for the business.  In the Japanese tatami room, Laura gets a sound over-the-knee spanking when she is unable to focus.  Of course this is a sound hand spanking as per the name of the site so those of us who love to see hand spanking which is probably one of the more maternal forms of spanking will be more than pleased with the content of this site which is afterall, entirely hand spanking! 🙂

Here are a few preview pics 🙂

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Mitsuki Administers Sound Domestic Spanking To Naughty Misono at Cutie Spankee

“Look! It’s still dusty!” Smack! “Remains are on the dishes!  Hurry up!”-Smack!

Yes there is a new waitress at Cutie Spankee, none other than the beautiful Misono who this week was under severe training from Mitsuki her senior worker and manageress!  And because Misono was still clumsy with her new job, she was in no need of any reason to administer a good old fashioned domestic spanking!  “Hey! Don’t leave the mop here!…it’s third time around, you know what to do!” Whack!  Mistuki enjoyed ordering Misono to bend over in a patronizing way!  And enjoyed also the look of fear on naughty Misonos face as she saw the hard wooden paddle and pleaded with her new strict Mistress not to use it on her!  But that paddle was soon brought cruelly down to her bottom cheeks just to drill her hard into her new job.

Here are some preview pics from this update.  There are of course many more and far bigger not to mention the video clips also over at Cutie Spankee where these came from!

Ahhhh a naughty girl rubs the sting from her bottom as her strict Mistress looks on with a smug satisfied grin on her face.  I made her pay by spanking her bottom for her she thinks!

You can see more from this video and photo set now exclusively at Cutie Spankee with hundreds more like it!

Jadie Sent To Solitary at Bars & Stripes Spanking Prison

Naughty Jadie has been sent to solitary this week in the Bars and Stripes Spanking prison for her naughty behavior! Quite right too! But at Bars and Stripes of course, solitary never comes alone and it is never EVER silent! Not when the straps and canes come out as they surely ALWAYS do!

We haven’t introduced you to Jadie here before at the Domestic Spanking Blog so here is her little bio:

Jadie grew up in South East London, where she had a pretty stable upbringing from her parents. Although she never came top of the class, Jadie knew what her skills were and became a streetwise teenager. At 18 she got a job in a high street clothing shop, and quickly moved up the ranks and by the time she got to prison she was running her own store. Her only weakness is laziness, and it was this that put the police on to her. She had been getting customer’s credit information for years and had never been caught – until one day when a police officer was served by her and saw the dodgy equipment behind the counter. She was arrested the next day, and before she could think her way out she was facing 5 years in prison.

In prison, Jadie makes a fast enemy of Woods, who sees through her innocent act straight away. The officers are convinced Jadie is a bit slow, but Jadie is actually quite manipulative and uses charm and “innocence” to get what she wants…

So there you have it!  Looks like she gets what she wants but also now what she deserves too! 🙂  And here are the pics to prove it!

Ouch!  I love shots like this one!  You can almost feel the sting of the strap there as it connects!  And you can be sure more to the point that naughty Jadie feels it!

And now for the REAL punishment!!!  Panties down and hard paddles out!  Now she will TRULY be sorry!

Anyway you can see more exclusively now at Bars and Stripes, so pop along now to the nets only domestic spanking prison :-)

Naughty Heidi Given Something To Yodel About at Northern Spanking!

A really great update over at Northern Spanking!  This one features the lovely Dublin Obrien as ‘Heidi’ who has been warned by Michael about her tendency to yodel in the garden!  He is on the night shift and its really ‘pissing’ him off! Even next doors dog makes less noise!  So after her third warning and her total inability to obey his simple instructions to the letter he decides to take some extreme measures to restore peace and quiet to the neighbourhood. A sore bottom courtesy of a spanking over those sexy knickers and a good thrashing with a cane will give her something to yodel about!

Nothing like a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking over the knee to sort a naughty girl out is there?

Yes and she clearly knows it too as the hand comes stingingly down on her bared bottom! 🙂  Just the way it should be.  A good old fashioned domestic style spanking over the knee!  But wait…there is something missing surely!  Yep thats it, the cane!  Ahhh but never fear that comes out too!

See?  We dont let you down here at the Domestic Spanking Blog! 😉  Enjoy!  And soon Michael can go back to his bed and try and get some sleep.  Lets see if it works for more than half an hour huh?  🙂  See more from this picture set plus the video now at Northern Spanking!

New Office Employee Laura Meets The Strict Company President!

Laura, the new office employee has just met her new companies president Reina. Laura’s boss has told her that if strict discipline ALWAYS follows if she breaks any of the companies rules in the form of a sound bare bottom spanking but does she listen?  Not a bit of it.  So now she must learn the hard way with a good solid domestic spanking on her bare bottom!  Its no joke when you come in late at the office!  And no joke when you must work the rest of the day with a sore bottom!  Here are a few of the pics from the update at Hand 🙂

Lovely 🙂  And as you can see from the look of pain on naughty Laura’s face, this is a sound smacked bottie indeed!  See more pics and of course the video now along with countless other good sound domestic hand spankings exclusively at Hand!


New Naughty Girl Misono Welcomed To Cutie Spankee With A Well Smacked Bottom!

New girl Misono has come in late for an interview at the Cutie Spankee restaurant and so she is in in more trouble than she knows!  The waitress standing by the table, already reflecting on how her naughty bottom is smarting, understands what happens when a girl is late but Misono has no idea!  But rest assured she is going to find out real soon as the manageress gains a gasp from Misono as she is shown the many red marks on the other waitress’s naked bottom!

Misono gasps further as she is told that this is what she can expect if she wants to work there and reflects on whether she can take this sort of punishment!  But before she knows it, the words are out of her mouth and she has agreed to begin working there on the trial basis that the strict manageress has mentioned!  Misono therefore now has no choice but to obey her new Mistress and bend over her kneee in this bizarre atmosphere!

And it is not just over the knee this naughty girl will be spanked but bent over the table also!

And you can be sure that though this may be her first spanking experience…now she is working at THIS resteraunt, it sure is NOT going to be her last!

Here are a few preview pics 🙂  You can see the video now along with many more pics like these exclusively at Cutie Spankee 🙂