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Naughty Sarah Spanked As She ‘Pulls A Sickie’ at Northern Spanking

Yes we have all done it.  After all, Sarah thinks, who doesn’t play truant from college these days?  Its part of student life isn’t it? And anyway, Sarah is sick of school and sick of her posh step-sister Leia Ann’s attitude.  So thinking she is going to be undisturbed all day long after phoning in sick, she settles down with ice cream in her jammies to a computer game but has reckoned without those “study periods” Leia Ann’s posh school give her.   After all she is sick right?  Quite!  Sick OF IT!

But when Leia Ann turns up the look of horror on naughty Sarah’s face is VERY pronounced.  She knows what is coming!  And pretty soon, Sarah’s PJ’s are round her knees and Leia Ann is paddling her bottom, in some most revealing and unladylike positions.  See the preview pics below exclusively at Northern Spanking!

And down come the PJ’s and she is ready for a sound domestic style spanking from the beautiful Leia Ann 🙂

You can see more from this update including the video now at Northern Spanking, all the way from Scotland, the home of the tawse! 🙂

Submissive Maid Turns The Tables On Her Strict Mistress And Spanks Her Bare Bottom!

This story marks one of those defining moments in a spanking relationship when the naughty girl realises her own authority and turns the tables on her dominant partner 🙂  Something as a femdom spanking fan i love to see but this is one that everybody will love because it features two of the sexiest spanking models on the net with the cutest bottoms around 🙂

In this scenario, the maid who usually submits to her strict young Mistress finds several spanking magazines under her bed and through gritted teeth, a feeling of resentment comes over her as she realises that (in her own words) “She has always spanked and caned me…its all for her own fun!”  Yes everything has just become very clear to the spankee at this time and she ponders on the thought and realisation that this is her chance to now turn the tables on the lady who has been spanking her bottom all this time and to instead spank her Mistress!

How loud will she cry?  How much will she shake her bottom with pain when I cane her she wonders?  Well…anyway, now i have her she realises and as expected the young rich girl shaken by the threat and with a flush of embarrassment as she is confronted finally realises that she is obliged to obey the maids order to bend over her new Mistress Maid’s knee, have her skirt pulled up and her panties pulled down and have her naughty bare bottom soundly thrashed!

And as the maid revels in her new found authority as her Mistress’s Mistress she spanks that bottom ever harder and boy does it bounce as she spanks!  But now its time for the cane!

Ouch!  But does the maid realise what is going to happen when her cute victim catches her doing something wrong and turns the tables back on her?  Sweet revenge?  Or will this be the turning of the tide completely with the domme taking the submissive role in future as the strict new Mistress maid takes the dominant role?  Only time will tell….watch this space 🙂  And see more here from our friends at Cutie Spankee real soon!

Naughty Mahiru Hand Spanked When She is Caught Stealing From Her Friend!

Back to Japan for todays update!  This time its from Hand and features one of my favorite spankee’s, Mahiru! 🙂

In this one, Mahiru has gone to visit her friend but finds that she has gone out.  But then the naughty girl notices a wallet on the dressing table so thinks…well…what would be the harm of my taking some money out of it?  Perfectly reasonable thought for a dysfunctional mind!  But the problem for her is that just as she is taking the money out of it her friends mother enters the room so she is busted!  And now she must face the indignity of a well earned hand spanking to boot!

Of course what i want to see is her friend come in later on and join in the fun!  LOL 🙂  But we will have to see if that happens wont we? 🙂  Anyway, here are a few pics from the scenario 🙂

Bent For Her Spanking!

I will soon show you what happens to naughty girls who steal their friends money young lady her friends mother categorically states as she pulls naughty Mahiru’s skirt up and panties down!  The humiliation of the moment lives with Mahiru as she lies waiting for the first smack and as she thinks to herself that if only her friend had been more careful with where she left that wallet she would not be in this predicament!  A typical sign that a naughty girl has not learned her lesson yet!  Blaming others for her own mistakes!  But as the first of many smacks rain down on her bare bottom that thought will soon disappear believe me! 🙂

A nicely reddened bottom and a look of discomfort on the face of the naughty girl being given this sound domestic spanking!  What more could she need? 🙂

See more from this site now at Hand!


Waitress Mitsuki Submits To Her Manageress’s Discipline at Cutie Spankee!

Ahhhh…that has to be one of those images that just about everybody has to love! Whether you like to see the submissive ladies or the dominant ladies this pic hits the spot for both! 🙂  By the way if you are here to see mostly the ladies as the dominant ones you might be interested in seeing my blog over at 🙂  But enough of that for now, I move on with my little review of the great new update over at Cutie Spankee 🙂

And a fine update indeed!  As the waitress, Mitsuki had been trained hard, often with the disciplinary guidance of a good spanking and paddling her strict new manageress has today been angered by her unfortunate dropping of a glass onto the floor on her very first day as a fully trained waitress which then broke into a thousand splinters!  The penalty of course is a sound spanking across the nearest table and poor Mitsuki has done this in the restaurant so it will be a public spanking! Can you imagine her embarrassment as the public look on at her having her panties lowered to reveal her naughty bare bottom and her manageress then proceed to spank her soundly with hand and paddle?  And what about the onlookers?  What would be going through their minds?  One can only posit a guess! But I have a few pics from the update so you can join them in voyeurism at this naughty girls sound domestic spanking at the hands of her strict new manageress 🙂

First the naughty girl must be put across her manageress’s knee, her skirt pulled up and then her panties pulled down to reveal her vulnerable bare bottom beneath!  And as the cool air breezes across that naughty bottom of hers as the silk panties brush down as they are pulled down she reflects on how hot that bottom will soon be and how glad of the breeze she will be!  But first it is the humiliation of knowing she will soon be publicly displayed across her strict new Mistress’s knee for a sound bare bottom spanking!

Splatt!!!  OWWWWW!!!! 🙂  Yes the hard wooden paddle connects to the naughty bottom and a cry of anguish and pain rings out across the restaurant not to mention of humiliation!  But now the strict manageress will have her eye (as well as her paddle) on the naughty waitress as she continues the day of work!  And it does not take much to arrange another such spanking if the manageress so desires!

See the rest of this picture set and the video now at Cutie Spankee along with so many others! 🙂

Naughty Rachael’s Intake to Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison

Welcome Rachael above!  This is the new face at the Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison and a very pretty one at that, not to mention one of the most spankable bottoms you are likely to see for a while! 🙂  It is none other than Rachel Lloyd and you should keep your eyes open for her because she is set to become a big name I think in the spanking world real soon!

The guards at the domestic spanking prison just could not help themselves in bending her over the table it seems on her intake though of course ALL naughty girls taken into this prison get the same treatment!  But the pic below shows nicely just how spankable this young ladies bottom is!

Starting with a hand spanking to warm the naughty girls bottom up Rachael thinks to herself that she will get through this punishment without much problem but she doesn’t realise yet that it is only a warm up to warm her bottom up!  THEN out comes the strap and the strap is clearly going to hurt as you see from her face at the top of this spanking post! 🙂

And as naughty Rachael awaits her next stinging spank on that bare bottom of hers I have to leave it there I’m afraid 🙂  But if you want to see more including the video of this newbies introduction to the world of having a sore bottom you can see it over at Bars and Stripes spanking prison! 🙂  Go visit them now!

Reading Diary Leads To Sound Domestic Spanking With Belt!

A good rule of thumb to live by is that you should never read other peoples diaries! Not only is it rude and disrespectful but as one guy found out this week at Northern Spanking, you may be utterly shocked by what you find! Not only that, you may be driven to extremes of behaviour including taking your daughter/niece/wife/girlfriend/significant other over your knee, (or shoulder) and giving her the spanking you’ve been promising her. And that would never do, would it?!  Or would it?  Well that is exactly what has happened in any event, good or bad, at Northern Spanking where naughty new girl Wynter Sky has just had her first sound spanking at the site!  But with a bottom like hers not to mention her behaviour, I somehow doubt it will be the last!  And that HAS TO BE great news for us right? 🙂

Here are a few pics for you 🙂

Great look of pain on the naughty girls face there! 🙂  Clearly she is learning her lesson as the spanks rain down on that naughty bottom of hers!

And finally the naughty girl clutches her sore bottom! Hope for her sake he doesn’t catch her!  Rubbing the pain away is not allowed you know! 🙂

See more including the video from this new beauty now exclusively at Northern Spanking!  More from them coming real soon! 🙂

Out of Curiosity Naughty Fuka Finds Herself Spanked Over Aiko’s Knee!

With her mom out of the house, and full of curiosity naughty Fuka surfs the net to find a spanking video to see what it is like.  Soon she finds herself turned on by the naughty girl in that movie having her bottom smacked firmly over another ladies knee!  As Fuka begins to get more excited she begins to spank herself when Mom comes home and catches her red handed and red bottomed so to speak!  Now it is over Moms knee for another spanking and a new and very excellent mom/daughter spanking video is born! 🙂  And you can see that spanking video along with many more pics exclusively on Hand where you will find many Japanese ladies being spanked with nothing but the hand!

A great look of anguish prior to what Fuka knows will be a very hard spanking on that naughty bottom of hers!  And here it comes…

Ouch!  You just know those smacks are hurting by the look on the naughty girls face!  Guess she will be more careful in future when she is downloading those spanking videos! 🙂

See more from this site now at Hand!


Naughty Japanese Spankee Must Kiss The Rod!

Skirt up, and panties down! The naughty girl obediently had put her hands down her skirt in trepidation.  The private teacher admired her home discipline and practiced her swing to check the swishiness of that long subtle cane!  The girl’s lily hands overlapped each other and her legs were tightly together when she was waiting for the first stroke and Miss did not keep her waiting long as she swung the cane down on the top of her buttocks to return her incorrupt intention to accept her punishment politely to the last.

This is what happens to naughty ladies in Japan and Japans top spanking site has just updated with this very scenario!  And the naughty spankee in this case has one of the cutest bottoms ive seen in a long time so i really couldnt let this opportunity go by without showing you a few pics of her having that bottom spanked!  So as usual here on the Domestic Spanking Blog I have obtained a few preview pics for you all 🙂  And here they are!

See more next week :-) But if you want to see more of this spanking and many others get over to Cutie Spankee now! :-)

Yasmine & Leia Soundly Spanked by Guard Dublin O’Brien At Bars & Stripes

Cell mates Leia and Yasmine have been naughty again in the nets only spanking prison, Bars & Stripes!  And they now face discipline from Governor Dublin O’Brien and well they might too!  This time the two of them face a sound domestic bare bottom spanking in their cell as they bent over by their bed!  And ive gotten my mitts on a few of the photos to show you 🙂

More coming soon from Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison :-)

Naughty Sascha Elopes From Boarding Skool So Faces A Stiff Paddle!

Another classic update over on Northern Spanking 🙂  This one features a naughty young lady that we haven’t spoken of or published here before but Im sure she will be getting pride of place in no time at all!  That is, none other than the very pretty Sascha Harvey 🙂

In this scenario, she has apparently escaped from her boarding school and returned home to a rather hot reception!  Hot on her bare bottom that is as the paddle rises and falls snapping at her bare skin! This is the third time this term that she has eloped and Paul is determined that it will be the last!  Here are some preview pics as usual 🙂

More coming soon from Northern Spanking so keep coming back Y’all! :-)