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Outdoor Spanking For Naughty Zoe at Northern Spanking

Possibly one of the more erotic spanking fantasies would be the outdoor spanking as a spanking in a public place. After all, how embarrassing and humiliating would it be to be caught with panties round your ankles over somebodies knee in a wood somewhere being spanked? Well that’s kind of the theme behind one of the updates this week at Northern Spanking as Zoe is spanked whilst tied to a tree!

The scenario is called Bird in a Bush which, in the words of Northern Spanking:

Having extracted the bird from the branches, Lance proceeds to give Zoe a very warm bottom indeed and, as she loves this tree so much, she might as well get up close and personal with it while she’s punished! Presently Zoe’s pretty knickers are dragged down and Lance puts his leather strap to good use.

Certainly seems like justice to me! 🙂 Here are a few pics 🙂

Naughty Girl Spanked

Waiting by the tree the naughty girl feels her skirt lifted ready for her panties to be pulled down! Can this be any more humiliating she thinks and just then it does as she feels a shallow breeze of wind as her panties are pulled down to her knees!

Naughty Girl Spanked

A few hand spanks are applied to her naughty bottom before Zoe pushes her butt out further as though to invite a harder spanking which in turn DOES come! But she soon regrets this as the spanker moves from spanking with his hand to a thick leather strap! Now she’s in for it!

Naughty Girl Spanked

See more plus the video now exclusively at Northern Spanking!

Northern Spanking

Domestic Sisterly Spanking Administered at Cutie Spankee!

Ahhh its that time of the week again when i get to show you some of the update from Cutie Spankee, the nets biggest, best and most sexy genuine Japanese domestic spanking site 🙂

For those seeking Ff spanking (often referred to these days as lezdom spanking) you really can not beat this site! Especially if you are a lover of Asian ladies and Asian spanking 🙂 Its a really great site. This update features a punishment where the spankee’s sister has decided to put her younger sister across her knee after she stole/borrowed her dress! 🙂

Nice 🙂 You know for me, there is very little that is sexier than a naughty girls bottom filling out her tight skirt like that 🙂 Sometimes less is more 🙂 But for those that prefer the bare bottom…and yes its a close run thing for me too by the way, you wont be disappointed either 🙂

See what i mean? 🙂 Well…if she hadn’t stolen her sisters dress she would be going out about now and having fun right? So she clearly deserves that paddle! Perhaps she needs a stint in the Bars & Stripes prison but for now at least, it doesn’t look like her sister has done a bad job on her naughty bottom! 🙂 In fact if you look below it looks as though she is going to be squirming every time she sits down for a good week into the future!

Anyway, to see the video you will have to go to Cutie Spankee! And there are loads more pics waiting there for you too so dont delay 🙂

Sarah Collins Soundly Spanked at Bars & Stripes In Sarah’s Intake

There was a nice update at Bars and Stripes earlier this week. It features the very pretty Sarah Collins in Sarah’s Intake. I believe I have seen her before in Northern Spanking but its good to see her within this new theme as well 🙂 Here she is below in her B&S mugshots 🙂

By the way, she is doing 15 years for poisoning. Tut tut. And to think she could have been working in one of the fast food “restaurants” (remaining nameless) and done this risk free AND got paid! 😉 Well…minimum wage pay anyway 😉 But then if she had then we wouldn’t all be able to go there and see her get her bottom reddened for being naughty would we? And THAT really WOULD be a shame 🙂 Not to mention that its probably an open question as to which one most people would prefer anyway! LOL 🙂

Anyway, here is her bio as outlined at Bars and Stripes spanking prison 🙂

Sarah grew up in the beau colic town of Winchester, where she attended private school and enjoyed a privileged childhood. She went to Oxford University and studied Classics, graduating with a first class honours degree. At university she met the love of her life. They married and enjoyed a great marriage and social life.

However, disaster struck one day when Mr Collins died suddenly, much to Sarah’s shock. Most Mortem results revealed he had been poisoned and that put Sarah in as the prime suspect. However, Sarah never committed the crime and was sentenced protesting her innocence. The family and her friends would be shocked to know the real perpetrator and their reasons.

Inside prison, Sarah still continues to protest her innocence and through such actions makes an unusual friend of the Matron, who offers her protection and friendship in exchange for information on Mrs Woods and her cronies. This however is a dangerous path to take, because if Mrs Woods finds out.

Sounds like an interesting plot doesn’t it? YET…Matron in this video seems to be the one who is doing the spanking? See below:-)

So clearly matron isn’t one to make an enemy of if this is her definition of protection! Nah only joking, as the title suggests, this is the intake so the story line will be developed much more in the video and there is lots of that for you to see 🙂

Ahhhh…naughty bottom bent waiting for another smack! Lets hope despite Matron’s “protection” it wont be the last (!!!) which thankfully I’m able to confirm that it isn’t! And Ive seen the video that proves it! 🙂 Will definitely look forward to telling y’all about some more of this naughty girls escapades 🙂

Meanwhile, for more, why not go visit Bars and Stripes now 🙂

My Saturday Afternoon with Amy Hunter!

Hey, you will never guess who I got to meet on Saturday! None other than the stunning Amy Hunter! Yes I can see the jealousy dripping off the lips of all you guys out there already! 😉

Well…perhaps you would have guessed actually? Afterall, the clue was in the title of this post, right? But I just wanted to post this and brag cos its not every day we get to meet a goddess like Amy after all is it?

I managed to get an invite to a shoot with Strict Women and was really pleased when she walked through the door! Amy is one of the nicest people you could hope to meet. Funny and charming not to mention totally radiant and she gave the guys at Strict Women’s shoot a real hiding! One of the hardest domestic spanking’s I’ve seen in a good while 🙂 Keep your eyes on my blog at Femdom Spanking Blog as the next month or two goes on if you want to see some of her video!

Seems Dodgy Dave, a sub with Strict Women saw Amy’s famous video below where she pushes Leia’s face into a chocolate cake so made sure he bought her a chocolate cake as she clearly likes it so much! 😉

Oh and I got my mitt’s on a great fan sign so here it is! I couldn’t very well meet her and not show it now could I? 🙂 It would be rude not to 🙂

And for those who have not yet seen Amy’s video

Yeah and by the way if the message in THAT video doesnt work, sterner measures can always be applied!!! See the video at Strict Women for details! LOL 😉

In the meantime, for those who love Fm Spanking and/or Amy make sure you get over to Strict Women when she makes her debut there! And don’t forget to visit Amy on her very own blog up at

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Amelia Jane Debut’s At Northern Spanking!

Big news this week at Northern Spanking is that there is a new girl on the block! Meet Amelia Jane!

In this scenario, after having been so rudely woken to be punished, as the shock wears off, Amelia Jane realizes she is over Paul’s lap having her bottom soundly spanked and she can’t quite recall why. Her indignation recedes slightly when the disaster in the Dining Hall has been explained to her.

Also explained to her is the fact that those tight white knickers will not be adorning her bottom for very much longer and a spanking is just the beginning of what she can expect…

Ouch! Nothing quite like a bottom raised up for the spanking! Its almost like she is daring him to spank harder in this one by pushing her naughty bottom out further!

See more from this beauty now at Northern Spanking!

Northern Spanking

Naughty Honey Given Domestic OTK Spanking at Bars & Stripes!

A great update has taken place at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison guys and dolls! This one features Honey in Honey’s Intake where she has been given a rude awakening to the new prison regime unlike any of the prisons she may have seen before! And this is the naughty young lady in her new found glory as the prisoner in the nets best loved spanking prison Bars and Stripes!

Quite ominous looking huh? Yet so pretty too 🙂 Bars and Stripes outline her background thus:

Honey grew up in south East London in a working class environment. She is the daughter of 2 loving parents, and the youngest in the family with 3 older brothers. She was brought up well, but learned many “tricks” in life from her family. Her Father runs a DIY store which doubles as an illegal racket of imported cigarettes and alcohol, which supplies some of South London’s best known haunts of the underworld. Her brothers were always protective of her, but as she turned 16 she went her own way and chose her own path, which eventually has left her inside…

Once inside Bars and Stripes, Honey quickly finds the source of “booze and cigs”, Mrs Woods. Like most people who interact with our resident Top Dog, Honey’s relationship with Woods gets her into much trouble, forming and enemy of Officer O’Brien and officer Lewis almost immediately…

So you can imagine when she reports to her new life in the spanking prison and it is Officer O’Brien and Lewis that she reports to, after forming enemies of them (!) and not only that, but them having full authority to spank, paddle AND cane her, she is in for a big short sharp shock! 🙂 And that shock has just been published! I have gotten hold of a couple of frame captures from the movie so obviously they are not as high quality as the HQ images that are online but they do show the action real well 🙂 Here they are 🙂

Ouch! Bottom bared over strict Dublin O’Brien’s knee you can see she is not having a great time there with the beginning of her spanking! But Officer Lewis plainly is very happy she is suffering as no doubt is her current Mistress!

And now skirt up and knickers down for the strap as she stands on the line before officer Lewis who plainly wants to see the tears running down her pretty face!

And you can see the video over at Bars and Stripes spanking prison now! Its a really great show! You only have to look at Honey’s bare bottom to see how cute she is and how great the show will be! 🙂

Naughty Girl Spanked For Having Creased Uniform at Cutie Spankee

When a naughty girl turns up to class in a creased uniform there is only one solution!  And Miss Yara at Cutie Spankee knows exactly what that is when naughty Kari does just that! Yes another great update at Cutie Spankee, my favorite asian lezdom spanking site on the net!  You can always rely on this site to produce some great video and really high quality images in the sexiest poses possible 🙂  And the latest update seems to be no exception! 🙂

Here are a few pics 🙂

Yes skirt up and panties down!  The first step to disciplining a naughty girl!  She feels the humiliation and dread also as her panties are pulled down and she knows that soon the stinging slaps are going to begin!

And here they come!  Ouch!

But no spanking would be complete without the paddle!  And the look of dread on the naughty girls face as that big piece of wood is raised speaks so many volumes! 🙂  And you can see it now with the rest of the pics and video exclusively at Cutie Spankee! 🙂  So get over now for the action!

St Patricks Day Spanking at Northern Spanking

What better way is there to celebrate St Patrick’s night than to spank a local woman police officer? 🙂  And thats just what has happened i see in the latest update last night to Northern Spanking where WPC Switch was bent over and punished for spanking Leia Ann!  I don’t quite follow the storyline so I’ve made my own up which seems logical! 😉  Perhaps Abi Switch was not allowed to spank the criminals so she gets a spanking herself?  Yes that works for me 🙂  But here is what they said at Northern Spanking 🙂

Abi’s humiliation is far from complete as Stephen proceeds to wallop her bare bum with a huge leather paddle. Only when Leia Ann is completely satisfied is Abi allowed to depart, knickers in place but minus her dignity! She will probably be putting in for a transfer when she gets back to the station!

And as usual I’ve gotten my mitts on a couple of the pics from this update so you can see how good it is 🙂

So just how hard do you want me to spank this naughty girl he asks…  But what is it the two ladies are saying? Answers on a postcard please (well…comments section anyway 😉 )

And then led away to the corner complete with sore backside after her punishment…just as it was always supposed to be 🙂   Just wait till you see the video!  Video though I’m afraid is only available to members so for many more pics from this picture set and many others as well as much more video, go see the action now at Northern Spanking!

Northern Spanking

Sound Domestic Spanking For Asian Beauty

You know you just cant beat good domestic spanking images and amongst the best for this is none other than the best 100% genuine Japanese spanking site, Cutie Spankee!

In this video, the naughty girl is bent over her asian Mistress’s knee for a sound spanking because she reported for duty in the same outfit as her strict Mistress!  This is NOT allowed!  It is totally presumptuous and tries to assert that she is somehow on the same level as this strict lady!  And so now she must bend over the cute Mistress’s knee and take a good sound spanking!  And I’ve got some pics to show you all how that spanking went!

Naughty girl spanked over the knee but soon those panties must come down and then it will be time for the slipper!

Ahhhh see what I mean?  Classic high quality spanking images 🙂  The only genuine asian spanking lezdom site i know 🙂  So for the best of the best asian spanking head over to Cutie Spankee!  You know you cant go wrong when you do!

Adele & Nikki Star in Silence Broken VC at Bars & Stripes!

The silence was broken this easter in Bars & Stripes as Nikkie and Adele get into a fight!  This kind of behavior simply can not be tolerated in a well run prison or indeed in ANY prison and there is only one solution to deal with this kind of behavior and that is for the guard and nurse to spank the pair of them and that is exactly what will happen at the Bars & Stripes prison!   They are both bent over the desk for a sound bare bottom domestic style spanking!

And as always I have gotten my hands on a couple of pics from the set 🙂

Yes smiles all round except for the naughty girl who must push her bottom out for an ever intensifying hand spanking there over the desk!  But don’t worry, those panties are soon going to come down for the cane and the other naughty girl in the corner looking on knows exactly what she is going through as you can see from the look on her face and moreover the way in which she is rubbing that sore bottom of hers!

Now she is in for it!  The cane is out and she awaits the harsher discipline as she bends over the table!

Well, if they hadn’t broken the rules they wouldn’t be in this mess would they? 🙂