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Yuka Spanked For Skipping College Class

So here it is everybody, our first review here at the Domestic Spanking Blog of the latest update of what we think is probably the very best domestic Japanese spanking sites around! Actually one of the very few in any event but nevertheless the best 🙂  And now I hope you will see why I was so pleased with this result of being able to get the members pass to Cutie Spankee to give you all these update reviews!  Because this is a domestic spanking site that really rocks! 

This scenario in the words of Cutie Spankee (though cleaned up somewhat to correct English)

Yuka visited her girl friend’s home dressed as nurse because she planned to surprise Fuka and attend on her but found she was fine and just faked sick to skip class. “Oh, no! I have been had! You suck!” Yuka began to spank her friend on her knee. Fuka was surprised at her normally weak partner’s unexpected action but soon knew she had underestimated her friend because Yuka lifted up her mini-skirt without flinching and swung the wooden paddle down fast to her already-red buttocks!

And here are a few pics from the update 🙂

These images are quite high contrast as you can see but as you will see from future updates to this blog, this is fairly unusual.  This is a unique site.  There is no other like it as far as I’m aware which is entirely Japanese and part of what I really like about this site is that there is the Japanese cultural sphere that goes straight through pretty much every scenario which you simply don’t see anywhere else! So do yourself a favour and give Cutie Spankee a visit 🙂  Then you will see just why it is I like this site so much 🙂

Stop Press: Domestic Spanking Blog Will Now Keep You Up To Date On Best Japanese Lezdom Spanking Site, Cutie Spankee Updates!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our favorite Japanese lezdom spanking site (Cutie Spankee) will join Northern Spanking and Bars and Stripes on this site as sites we will cover regular updates from!  We hope to bring you the first review from Cutie Spankee updates tomorrow (Friday 29th February 2008) so make sure you visit us again then! 

Naughty Jadie & Leia Playing With Fire at Bars & Stripes

You would think a naughty girl in prison would know better really wouldn’t you than to be playing with fire? But apparently not Jadie or Leia!  So there is another sound spanking being administered today at Bars & Stripes for them!  The video is excellent by the way!  Here are a few frame captures 🙂

Such an incredibly pretty face?  Almost a shame to think it will be tear stricken shortly huh? 🙂

Ouch!  Miss Dublin applies the can as the worried onlooker awaits her spanking! 

The look of pain as the cane makes contact! Ow!  🙂  Yet she is always back so many times for more?  What is a guy to do with a girl this naughty you ask? We have the solution here and you can see it now at Bars and Stripes!

Naughty Dope Smoker Spanked by PC Switch at Northern Spanking

Another great update now at Northern Spanking, this time featuring the very strict Mistress Switch and naughty Leia-Anna! Here is the scenario taken directly from the members area itself 🙂

PC Switch appears at Leia-Ann and Stephens home after their neighbors reported that Leia-Ann had maliciously cut down their bush. Sent to arrest her for malicious damage to property, Leia-Ann is indignant. That bush was growing over her window and denying her the right to daylight! When PC Switch moves to arrest her, Leia-Ann and Stephen are horrified. Stephen negotiates with the officer and suggests she might enjoy punishing Leia-Ann for her crime herself, and keeping it just between them. Chewing it over, it seems our sadistic officer is just far to tempted to resist and Leia-Ann is soon over her knee…

Yes a great story line!  But not sure if its real dope or stinging nettles to be honest!  LOL  But who cares, the spanking is VERY REAL and thats the main thing! 🙂

I got you all a couple of pics from the picture set…for the video however you will need to join 🙂

Naughty girls get sound over the knee spanking!

And clearly she is feeling this spanking!  Ouch!  What do you think she is thinking to herself as she lays over the police womans knee?  Yes this sure takes police brutality to a new level! 🙂

See the video up at Northern Spanking now!

Northern Spanking

Naughty Leia In Trouble at Bars and Stripes

Naughty Leia is in trouble once more at Bars and Stripes where she has been disobedient and troublesome.  She seems to think that she is able to give her minder instructions and has generally become too big for her boots!  And now she is being given a short sharp reminder in the form of a sound spanking on her bare bottom, to remind her of her place! 

See some sample pics below:

Ouch!  A hard spank on that naughty bottom immediately brings the redness to the fore! This is how to teach a naughty lady right from wrong!

Do you think she understands now?   She does look fairly contrite!  Perhaps just a few more smacks! 🙂 

See the video now at Bars and Stripes!

Breaking News – Roxy Valentynne Spanked At Northern Spanking

Some of you may know the gorgeous Glasgow model, Roxy Valentynne?  She has been around the net a little in various adult sites but has just done her very first spanking shoot exclusively for Northern Spanking!  This is a truly exclusive model for Northern Spanking to add to a number of others and those of you who do not know her are really in for a treat!  I have seen the video and she really does take the spanking very well!  Truly the naughtiest girl you could hope to put over your knee!

The scenario for this video as Northern Spanking puts it is:

Roxy waits patiently for her partner to come home, wearing his favorite sexy black undies and fish net stockings. He said he was bringing her a present tonight, wonder what that might be…?

Another local Glasgow girl, gorgeous Roxy Valentynne joins us here on her spanking debut. No stranger to the camera but this was Roxy’s very first spanking ever! Did she enjoy herself? You bet she did and we’ll be seeing much more of Roxy in the future.

Don’t know about you but I cant wait for those future shoots!  And you should see the video!  Wow!  See the pics below

You can see why he is smiling cant you? Who wouldn’t be with a gorgeous babe like that over their knee whose bottom they can spank! 🙂

See more now at Northern Spanking!

Northern Spanking

Naughty Amy Was Behind On Her Rent So Now She Will Be Spanked!

It looks like naughty Amy is on parole from the Bars and Stripes Prison this week!  They have put up a really nice domestic spanking video set in a bedroom of a house (doesnt look like a prison even by the liberals style LOL) so IA assuming she is on parole 🙂 

Amy is behind on the rent so must now pay up with a smacked bottom over the landlords knee.  And she must still pay her rent by the way so no doubt she will be back to stealing soon and back inside the Bars and Stripes Prison! 🙂  Lets hope so anyway, naughty girls like her need regular discipline 🙂

Here are a couple of pics 🙂

Head Girl Amy Spanks and Humiliates Naughty Anna at Northern Spanking

For those who love to see the girls spanking the girls I thought i would show you another great update at Northern Spanking where Amy (now Miss Amy) puts naughty Anna over her knee to spank her and then administers the cane.  The latest update involves Amy giving a good sound thrashing with the cane.  She is determined to humiliate Anna so she applies the cane to her bare bottom as hard as she can, changing Anna’s position to inflict even harder strokes. The final ignominy for Anna is being made to display her bottom while Amy taunts her with more chocolate consumption…the reason why Amy is disciplining Anna in the first place!  Does she pick another?  Dare she? 🙂

Here are a couple of pics from the update 🙂

A truly great pic 🙂 And as somebody who loves femdom I have to say that I’m quite impressed with the Domme in this pic 🙂  You cant see much of her face but it is rare for a site that does maledom generally to come up with an image where a Mistress has the right look on her face and stands in a way that you know she is going to truly discipline her charge.  The hand on the hip and so on.  And as somebody that equally likes to see the naughty girl spanked also, the pic has everything one could ever want 🙂  A beautiful ladies bum presented out for the cane with panties down!  Just the way it should be! 🙂  A true domestic spanking.

And after she has been truly punished she is scolded when she dares to try to rub the sting away from her sore bottom 🙂  Another spanking perhaps everybody?  Do you think she deserves it?

See the movie and more featuring Amy and naughty Anna and others exclusively at Northern Spanking!

Northern Spanking

Yasmine spanked hard at Bars and Stripes

Another hard and harsh spanking greets naughty Yasmine’s bare bottie at Bars and Stripes!  And boy does she deserve it! 🙂  This spanking comes when she tries to corrupt a new inmate!  And the other poor inmate will obviously have to have her bare bottom spanked as well now!  Good domestic spanking for them both 🙂  Here are a few pictures from this update 🙂

Great upskirt pic there 🙂  And sexy stockings and suspenders.  And you just know what’s going to happen to that bare bottie there too!  Whack!  Ouch! 🙂

Bent over the desk by Miss Dublin she will soon be feeling her punishment…but first her skirt must go up and her panties must come down 🙂

Ouch!  Clearly she is feeling every spank! 🙂

See the video now over on our friends site at Bars and Stripes!