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Naughty Sam Johnson Gets Her Bum Spanked at Northern Spanking

There is a really nice picture set and movie over on Northern Spanking today featuring the lovely Sam Johnson getting her bottie soundly spanked over her husbands knee!  This is a really nice domestic otk hand spanking of the sort that makes the classic corporal punishment movies what they are!  And boy does she have one of the cutest bottoms!  I cant wait to see it bared.  I guess thats coming in a future update 🙂  But for now, here are a couple of pics from the site.  The images inside Northern Spanking by the way are 2 or 3 times larger than these but you will get the picture from what i put here 🙂

See the movie and more featuring naughty Sam Johnson and others exclusively at Northern Spanking!

Northern Spanking

Naughty Honey Spanked at Bars & Stripes Spanking Prison

Today at Bars & Stripes Spanking Prison there is a really nice update featuring the very naughty Honey who is currently serving a year for Lewd behavior.  The mind boggles huh?

Here is her profile from the Bars and Stripes site 🙂

Honey Hardy
Honey grew up in south East London in a working class environment. She is the daughter of 2 loving parents, and the youngest in the family with 3 older brothers. She was brought up well, but learned many “tricks” in life from her family. Her Father runs a DIY store which doubles as an illegal racket of imported cigarettes and alcohol, which supplies some of South London’s best known haunts of the underworld. Her brothers were always protective of her, but as she turned 16 she went her own way and chose her own path, which eventually has left her inside…

Once inside Bars and Stripes, Honey quickly finds the source of “booze and cigs”, Mrs Woods. Like most people who interact with our resident Top Dog, Honey’s relationship with Woods gets her into much trouble, forming and enemy of Officer O’Brien and officer Lewis almost immediately…

Here are a few pics from the update 🙂

A real nice domestic style over the knee spanking from the female guard 🙂  Just what the doctor ordered! 🙂  But do you think she will have learned her lesson not to smuggle in cigarettes?  Wait for the next thrilling spanking from Bars and Stripes!

Angel & Tammy In Lezdom Spanking Frenzy

Amongst my favorite spanking web sites of all time is that of Spankmaster General 🙂  Its one of the first to have come onto the net and has been one of the very best for years now.  Forget the big spanking houses…take it from a spanking fan like yourself, these smaller spanking sites by genuine spanking fans are always the best 🙂  And this shows what I mean.  This is a really nice photoset featuring the very lovely Angel and Tammy 🙂  Here are a couple of preview pics for you all 🙂

There is nothing sexier than a naughty girl bent over another ladies knee with pantyhose pulled down for a well deserved spanked bum! 🙂  And Spankmaster General are about the best I’ve seen classic domestic lezdom Ff spanking out there 🙂  Few if any even come close and certainly not any of the bigger spanking houses out there! 

Another great spanking pic 🙂  Naughty girl in tight trousers being spanked by her sexy blonde Mistress 🙂 Lovely 🙂

See more from these two cuties exclusively at Spankmaster General!

Celtic Corrections Film – Student Of Discipline, Chapter One At Northern Spanking

Another great update at Northern Spanking features Amy Hunter as the naughty student who is called in by her professor to discuss her mid term dissertation on “the sub context of Pride and Prejudice”.  Professor Lewis has been following the progress of his shy, quiet student with interest and sees something in her that even she doesn’t realize is there. Sensing from her essay that she is ready, he is about to lead her through a world she does not yet know exists. A world of surrender, and control that he hopes will lead to contentment for the troubled girl.

Here are a couple of my favorite images from this update which includes both video AND images by the way! 🙂

Down come the naughty girls panties but it looks like she already has a sore smacked bottom!

And now the spanking will continue on her BARE bottom as she bends further over that chair 🙂  Lovely 🙂

Chapter 2 is called ‘At Home With The Professor’ and looks like its going to be a really great video!  See more at Northern Spanking Now!!!

Northern Spanking

Naughty Nikki Spanked at Bars and Stripes

Another great new scenario has been added to Bars and Stripes starring Nikki Flynn in ‘Silence is Broken’. It involves several naughty girls who are caught cat fighting by the guards, then bent over and spanked by the guards and the nurse whilst in handcuffs 🙂 Here are a couple of pics.  See the video now at Bars and Stripes 🙂

One naughty lady spanked as the other stands by the wall rubbing her sore bottom!  Just the way it should be!

But it does not stop there as the nurse has removed the naughty girls knickers, put her in handcuffs and now spanks her bare bottie with a strap!  Ouch!

See the video now over at Bars and Stripes!

Spanking Good Fun Time At Northern Spanking!

Ready For The Spanking?

🙂 🙂 🙂

What can you say?  This pic above came from our great friends at Northern Spanking and its bound to be loved by pretty much ANY spanking fan!   The FemDom fans will love it because she is one of the prettiest spanking models I’ve seen anywhere in…phew…years!  And the maledom spanking fans will love it because…well…pretty much for the same reason really!  LOL 🙂 

The pic below however is entirely one for those of you who want to spank this naughty girl! 

Ready For The Spanking?

Imagine that!  Her naughty bottie put to your face!  She is just BEGGING to be spanked isn’t she?  Do you think you could handle that for her?  She desperately needs her quality over the knee domestic spanking time!

Luckily you will be pleased to know she definitely DOES get her spanking over at Northern Spanking so don’t miss out on seeing it…get over there now and see more from this cutie!

Northern Spanking

Yasmine Soundly Spanked Over The Knee

Naughty Yasmine is in trouble again at Bars and Stripes!  I’m not sure what this one was about but the title ‘Hard Times’ could just as easily refer to her bare bottom over the knee spanking from guard Miss Dublin as it could to the time she is spending inside the spanking prison! 

Interesting story behind this girl!  As outlined in the members area of Bars and Stripes:

Yasmin grew up in middle-class Surrey, where she had a high education and was a promising student. However, her family life was strict which lead to an inability to show her feelings to anyone from a young age. She met her boyfriend at University and they lived together on graduation. What began as a very happy relationship soon turned sour as he began having multiple affairs, even bringing women home while Yasmin was in the house. Unable to vent her anger on him, she got rid of him…by poisoning him. She is to this day unrepentant.

Inside prison Yasmin fails to bow to the system and finds all the (in her opinion) petty rules a complete waste of time. She makes a quick enemy of Senior Officer O’Brien, who retaliates by caning her regularly….sometimes alone where no-one can hear her cry.


I think she probably regrets this now 🙂  Maybe she knows now after her time in the spanking prison what might have been the best option for her to deal with him!  But thats another story I guess and one I will leave to the likes of and others LOL 🙂

Anyway, as you can see, this naughty girl has had a good sound domestic style spanking over the knee and to show it we have gotten our paws on a few pics for you all 🙂  Thanks go to Bars and Stripes for these 🙂

A good spanking over Miss Dublins knee!  Soon she will learn the difference between right and wrong 🙂

So the naughty girls panties come down and the spanking will be on her BARE bottom over Miss Dublins knee.

So when her spanking is complete she may stand and rub her sore bottom 🙂  Nice 🙂  And Miss Dublin is being REAL kind to her allowing her to do this too!  Some would wonder what the point of spanking her was if she is allowed to rub away the sting? 🙂

Anyway, for a great spanking experience, why not go over to Bars and Stripes now and see what they have to offer there 🙂  Updated practically every day of the week you just cant fail 🙂

Headmaster Spanks Two Ladies In Detention Class!

Another great update at Northern Spanking!  These pics come from the video called Sleepless in Surrey Part 2!

In this video the girl’s are in detention with their dreaded Headmaster, the fearsome Mr Kennedy. As was prescribed by their long-suffering Housemaster, Mr Lewis for their outrageous shenanigans the previous evening. Mr Kennedy had devised a particularly arduous detention for both the girls. The only thing he can guarantee is that both Niki and Adele will be sobbing by the time he has finished with them.

Ouch!  Clearly that smack stang!  You can see the pain on her face not to mention the look of anxiety on the other naughty girls face as she knows she is next!

See the video now at Northern Spanking!

Northern Spanking

Niki Flynn Spanked at Bars And Stripes

There has been a really great update over on Bars and Stripes today!  This one features a really cute lady called Nikki Flynn who has been sent to the spanking prison for arson.  And as somebody that has seen and experienced the sort of carnage idiot arsonists can cause im pleased to see she seems to be in pain for this 🙂  Well…i guess i would be if it were real but its not and she is not guilty i guess 🙂  But then i happen to know she loves being spanked anyway so no harm done from not sparing the rod! 🙂

Here is a great shot of the pain from her spanking here below:

By the way, these images are just frame captures from the video.  The site does also do great high quality stills as you have already seen below 🙂

Just a little background on Niki from the site for interests sake 🙂

Niki grew up in the States, but was sent away to school in England when her antisocial behavior became too much for her parents to
cope with. Always close to the edge, she spent time in a reformatory as a teenager, which only seemed to make her more unstable. A known pyromaniac, she was arrested, trying to burn down a church. Her lawyer tried to plead insanity, but given the blasphemous nature of her crime, the jury didn’t buy it.

She hasn’t spoken since her arrest.

At first Niki finds solace and companionship in Adele Haze. But what Adele thinks is just a harmless flirtation is about to turn into something more dangerous. Niki is developing an obsessive fixation on her new cellmate and in her disordered mind, dark plans are already taking shape.

So now you know! So let the spanking commence! 🙂  See the video now over at Bars and Stripes!

Caught In The Act And Spanked Over His Knee At Northern Spanking

Waiting nervously in anticipation as she watches her naughty friend get her bottom soundly spanked over Michaels knee you have to wonder what is going through her mind don’t you?  Any ideas guys & gals?

The naughty girl over the knee is Leia Ann Woods whilst the naughty girl waiting nervously with Leia over her knees also is Amy and this is one of the latest updates from Northern Spanking this week!  Maybe naughty Amy will soon be over the knee and Leia will be sitting on a red stinging bottom as she comforts Amy through her punishment? 🙂  That would be cool 🙂

The spanking being administered here is because the two ladies invaded Michaels privacy by coming onto his land without his permission.  Soon their panties are removed as their bottoms are spanked bare with all the humiliation of that! 

This a really great image set from a site that now udpates 6 times a week and with content FAR HIGHER in quality than any I’ve seen in the mainstream of sites out there like…well…I wont name them but if you visit the TGP’s you will know who they are as you wont find much of anybody else but them!  LOL 🙂  And the video clips are 20 minutes long not one minute!

And as the naughty girls are escorted from the premises rubbing their smacked bottoms they are warned of a sound caning should they return!  Now THAT will be great to see!

See the rest of the images and video from this story now exclusively at Northern Spanking!

Northern Spanking