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Northern Spanking Welcomes Sexy New Model For Spanking!

The big news today at Northern Spanking is that they have a real cute new model that they have been dealing with!  Meet Kami! 

Kami is not only new to Northern Spanking but new to the entire spanking scene!  Just 19 years old apparently but very bright and intelligent as well as quiet and demure but with a real passion for discipline and submission.  This may be Kami’s first modeling experience but we are told that it certainly will NOT be her last with Northern Spanking so keep your eyes peeled here for more news about this cutie!  And Northern Spanking of course but we will make sure you know what’s going on there from now on as we will be talking about the sites updates as they happen 🙂

The story line for this scenario is that Paul is determined to convince Kami that she must not borrow his car without telling him again, particularly on his cookery class night, Paul bends her over the dining table and takes down her panties.

As he paddles her bottom a glowing pink, Kami wonders if this might actually be a lesser suffering than having to endure his latest culinary masterpiece!

See more from this cutie now exclusively at Northern Spanking!

Northern Spanking

New Punishment Room Set Up At Bars And Stripes Spanking Prison!

There is big news at the spanking prison known as Bars And Stripes! They have just opened a new Punishment Room in the prison in which naughty ladies receive sound bare bottom spankings and judicial punishment! 

The first naughty girl to be bent and soundly spanked on her bare bottom is none other than Niki Flynn in ‘Flynns Ordeal’.

At the moment the punishment room is very new and the content in there is all video so i cant show you any pics from the punishment room yet but its video really that you want anyway isn’t it if you are a member?  But here are a few pics I found in the site showing the very cute Niki Flynn so you will get an idea 😉

We hope now to keep you up to date with what is going on in the naughty girls prison so keep coming back y’all!  And we will also be talking more about our friends at Northern Spanking also who just gave me a pass to their site so that i can keep you all up to date with their updates too! 🙂 


Catholic School Spanking

Found this great clip on You Tube!  One of the best I’ve seen in absolutely ages!  I really wish some of the commerical sites could come up with stuff as good as this!  Thought I would share it with you all 🙂

Nice! 🙂

Naughty Girl Spanked At Spank Master General

One of my favorite sites for Ff (and indeed Mf) spanking has always been Spank Master General 🙂  And I’ve just noticed a great new update there where this naughty adult school girl gets her just deserts 🙂  See below 🙂

Extend Your Hand For A Smack!

Naughty Girls Get Their Bottoms Spanked Too!  Bend Over At Once!


Prepare Yourself Girl!  This Is Going To Hurt!


I wonder if they could get the schoolgirl to take over and spank her Mistress? 🙂  Now that WOULD be interesting! 🙂

See more from this spanking only at Spank Master General Now!