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Naughty Girls Get Spanked On Their BARE Bottoms

When a naughty girl is bent over the desk for a spanking she must push her bare bottom out fully ready for the smacks to come!  Just like Naughty Kate below. 

Clutching her sore bottom, naughty Kate knows that her cries and plees for the spanking to stop will only lead to more severe punishment but the naughty girl simply cant help herself.  So bent back over the table she must now be caned and caned hard!

A well spanked bare bottom and the naughty girl will be returned to the corner where she will stand with her nose to the wall and her hands on her head. 

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Miss Jessica The Maid Enforcer

For the FemDom spanking fans amongst you I wanted to just let you know about a really great update today on Strict Women which will be loved also by many of the F/f and Mf fans who love girls in uniform!  

This update features one of Strict Women’s harder spankers, Miss Jessica who has been asked by the guys wife to come and sort her husband out as he is a male chauvinist pig and who believes that all household chores are women’s work!  Yes strict ladies out there…just the sort of guy You love to put in his place right?  So you can be sure Miss Jessica will teach him the errors of his ways once she has put him across her knee!

See the clip below:

As always, a really great performance from Miss Jessica in this one!  And a very sore backside for the new male maid who she orders to begin dusting the house as she stands over him with spanking implement in hand!

So does anybody remember Jessica in any of the Mf spanking sites out there at all?  Im sure ive seen her in one or two! 

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Kelly Learns That Class Is In!

Kelly showed up for class almost 20 minutes late and her teacher was really pissed off. Since she goes to private school, the teachers are allowed to discipline the students using their discretion. She decides to give Kelly a very hard bare bottom spanking followed by a paddling!

Kelly Gets Schooled On Being On Time.