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Nothing like Spanking A Lady In Tight Jeans!

Ive just been looking at this picture from Spank My Bottom and with a bottom like that in tight jeans I have to say yes please! 🙂 I couldnt help just pausing as I look 🙂

Spank Her Bottom

These types of shots are amongst my favorite pictures 🙂 There is nothing sexier than a lady in tight trousers, especially when they have been naughty and they bend over for a smack! 🙂 You can almost feel the thud of the paddle in my hand as if you were the one giving her that spanking cant you when she pushes her bottie out like that? Its as if she is daring you to spank her harder! 🙂

You can see the full gallery here by the way. There are lots more pictures of this lady getting her bum spanked there and yes some of them have her bare bottom but they just dont seem as sexy as this one does to me somehow 🙂 But you are welcome to look! 🙂

For more of this naughty girl though be sure to visit her site at Spank My

Spank My Bottom

Sexy French Domina Spanks Naughty Males

Well the week has flown by so fast, Monday again! But Monday is a great day on many of the best FemDom spanking sites out there because its updates day! Hurray! 🙂

So today I figure I will go a little more indepth with one of the newer sites on the net which I think gets far too little coverage! And that is Miss Chloes Slipper. The slipper by the way has nothing to do with Miss Chloes feet, though lucky slaves do get to kiss them sometimes, it refers to her slipper that she uses to spank her slaves bottoms for them and spank them hard!

And today is update day on Miss Chloes Slipper which is updated twice weekly with its second update being on Thursdays (just as it is on Strict Women). Todays update comes from a great FemDom Spanking movie called The Scheduled Spanking which is a movie I personally love because Miss Chloe in her hypnotic French accent tells her slave how she is going to spank him more regularly. There is plenty of use of the word spank in this movie and thats something that I personally love.

So here is a short clip from the movie

I just love the way that Miss Chloe slaps her slave across the face with that paddle when he quickly moves his hand away! Never ever try that with this gorgeous lady! And just look at those eyes look up towards the heavens in disdain when he tells her that her spanking him hurts? “Whatever!!!” LOL 🙂 You can tell she just is NOT interested! If he hadnt disobeyed her he wouldnt be getting spanked would he? Oh wait…yes he would…this is a scheduled spanking that is scheduled just to make sure he knows what happens IF he ever dares to! LOL 🙂

So for a very unique FemDom Spanking experience that you will not see anywhere else, the dominant French beauty Miss Chloe spanking her slaves, get along now to Miss Chloes Slipper and be sure not to keep her waiting because lateness is a spankable offence in Miss Chloes world!

Miss Chloes Slipper

Revisiting the Best Spanking Sites

Hey guys…youve all been going round and round in circles this last year or two within the few spanking sites that have been really pushed in your faces! The spanking online group of sites or the girls boarding school group of sites right? But Ive been looking about recently at some that are not really given that much air time! Northern Spanking is a classic example of a site that has not really been given enough air time to see your attention yet is probably one of the best sites for Mf and Ff spanking out there? It is truly second to none! Yet few get to see it because it is not linked up in too many places.

Dont get me wrong, the spanking online site is great as is the girls boarding school site! And I know and have met both of the owners of both sites and they are good friends. But sometimes you want to see something different? Thats why I thought that just for now i would show you a few of the sites that you may not have visited or if you have, you may not have seen for a long time?

One of the original spanking sites to hit the net (actually I think it was about the same time as Spanking Online) is Spank Master General. And they are true masters of photography at this site! I love the way they capture the most erotic and sexy elements of the spanking. Here is a sample pic.

Spanking The Wife at Spankmaster General

Wow just look at that butt! Is that spankable or what? And its one that the Fm spanking fans would love too because you can just imagine her holding that cane whacking you!

OK I know what you are thinking…you want to see that bottom of hers bared right? Hmmm….ok maybe this once… 😉

Naughty Wife Spanked on bare bum
Nice huh? 🙂

Here is another little taster 🙂

Great pic from Spank Master General

I just LOVE lezdom spanking! I guess it satisfies my craving both for the dominant woman and spanking the womans bottom too? 🙂 Anyway, if you havent taken a look at this great site at Spankmaster General dont delay, go take a look now! And if you have been there before, why not take another look for old times sake? Its a great blast from the past and you should see just how much they have improved with practice 🙂

Naughty Scottish Lass

Here is a pic from one of my favorite spanking sites out there called Northern Spanking.  This pic features one of the cutest spanking models ive seen getting her ass well and truly pounded by the guy spanking her!

This is a site from Scotland which is the home of the traditional Scottish tawse by the way!   A site that you probably have not seen a great deal of if at all but it is made by true domestic spanking enthusisasts and it shows (as it always does!)

Naughty Scottish Lass Spanked

There are lots more great pics and videos there on the site so make sure you visit them soon!  They are really nice folk who are really into the spanking scene…organise spanking parties and everything!  So visit them and you too could be spanking this naughty ladies bare bottie one day! Click Here now For Northern Spanking!

TV Presenter Gets Her Ass Spanked Live!

I found this new video on you tube which i think you might all like 🙂

She is real cute too! I bet the guys really DID deliberately make her make that mistake! I sure would have if i could get to spank that ass of hers! 🙂