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Great Spanking Site!

Wow…I just found this great spanking site called Spanking Server! Take a look at this pic

Spanking Server

Splat!!! Yes this is what happens to naughty girls! Wow that must sting to blazes but if she hadnt disobeyed him then she wouldnt be getting her ass spanked would she guys?

This girl ive named Karen, just because, well…she looks like a girl i once knew called Karen who used to wear the same type of bottoms 🙂 And like this Karen, she had a gorgeous spankable bottom too! I just never got the chance to spank it! 🙁

They have a lot of really gorgeous gals there. I really like this image from there as well…Lets have a caption competition!

You wait till its my turn!!!

You can almost hear her protestations of resentment at her humiliating spanking over his knees! But that will VERY soon be spanked out of her!

So for the caption ideas! What do you think she is saying???

Strict Women!

For those that dont know there are a number of woman spanking man websites and most are fairly similar with the exception (I believe) of just two. Those two are Strict Women and Miss Chloes Slipper

The first site at Strict Women is absolutey HUGE!!! There are well over a thousand (not an exageration) of video clips there and the site is the ONLY true international FemDom Spanking site I have ever known! You can see ladies there from countries ranging from the USA to Canada and from England and Scotland through to the South of France and from Australia to Hong Kong and India!

Here are a few of my favorite Strict Women!

Miss Katelyn

First of all from the USA take a look at this beauty!

Miss Katelyn

This is Katelyn Furst, who to everybody in Strict Women is known as MISS Katelyn! Or Ma’am. And you better believe She makes the guys address Her so! Forget after She has told them and they are holding their butts in a sling for a week!

If you go HERE and take a look at the video at the top of the page you will see this Lady in action! She is HOT!

Miss Koko

Then from Hong Kong comes this lady!

Miss Koko

This is Miss Koko. Asian beauty and ultra strict disciplinarian! This Lady has a will of iron and takes absolutely NO jip from ANY male in Her charge! Sometimes seen in FemDom Wrestling sites She is more than capable of overpowering YOU and pulling you down to your knees and over Hers!
Miss Chloe

All the way from the South of France comes Miss Chloe. See her pic below!

Miss Chloe

Specialising in absolute humiliation of the male, those who have been lucky enough to submit to this ball of fire have often commented how She has made them feel totally deflated! This lady is used to getting Her way and will stamp Her feet if she doesnt!

Did you ever dream of being spanked by your sexy French teacher? Or what about the French School Girl? All of these fantasies you can see come alive at the new site at Miss Chloes Slipper!

Miss Joanne

Miss Joanne is another unique Domme. Originally seen in the FemDom Wrestling network, many did not know that she also spanks her male charges? I dont need to say much about this lady except to take a look at her video at the top of THIS PAGE and you will see for yourself!

Miss Rebekah

This is Miss Rebekah below!
Miss Rebekah

Another very famous face in the Female Domination arena in the UK. This lady must be seen to be believed! So see her on THIS PAGE in the video towards the bottom of the page! Wow! That must REALLY sting! Miss Rebekah may be a quiet and shy Lady but that quiet demenour hides a relentless charactor that takes NO jip from ANY male and threatens far worse than the spanking she might be giving you at the moment!