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Spanking Fight Between Sarah Gregory and Veronica Ricci. Who Wins?

When Sarah Gregory becomes upset with Veronica Ricci at Spanked Call Girls she decides to put her over her knee and spank her bare bottom with hand and strap.  But the tables are soon turned as Veronica overpowers Sarah and puts Sarah over her knee instead  This time its Sarah Gregory getting the bare butt paddling!

Who do you think will win the contest?

Before you decide i have some of the spanking pics for you all :-)

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For the video and yet more pics and many more videos and pics featuring other girls you need to join Spanked Call Girls :-) But its a great site and well worth every cent for this major archive of the sexiest of domestic girl spanks girl action videos :-)


Pandora Blake Puts Courtney Shea Over Her Knee

Once again My Spanking Roommate pushes out the boundaries as to some of the best kick ass (or is it spank ass?) domestic spanking videos out there as Courtney Shea and Pandora Blake spank each other.   Check out the latest spanking pics :)

003 005 007

Awesome spanking time and again is what you get from the guys and gals at My Spanking Roommate :-)

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Domestic Help Needs Regular OTK Hand Spanking. Apply Within

Who wants the job of putting the naughty girls of over their knee to help out the Lady of House?  Yep form an orderly queue before the offer is quickly withdrawn boys 😉  But you never know!  Because the gals who have to dish out the smacked bottoms all the time must be getting tired by now  And yet the job is done so well every single time :)

In this latest movie one of the domestic helpers has failed to do her chores as per required standard and so she is now facing a sore smacked bottom from her strict young manageress!  Awesome!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics

Real awesome spanking pics for both domme and naughty girls there from so be sure not to miss this great domestic spanking video which comes to you from this awesome site :) Hand

Insolence or Cheek Makes No Difference To Punishment at Bars And Stripes Spanking Prison

There is a fine line between insolence and cheekiness as Imogen learns.  Neither is tolerated in the Bars and Stripes spanking prison but guards do sometimes turn a blind eye if said under the inmates breath.  Of course eventually the naughty girl just gets too lippy and continues to get worse and worse.   And this leads inevitably to some painful corporal punishment as Imogen discovers fist over the governors knee but then from Guard Zoe.

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics :)


You can see the video now exclusively at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison :)

A Fresh Look at Bad Females

Its been a little while since i took a look at the sites run by my good friend Tom of Girls Boarding School and I wanted to do something a little more fresh this week :-) You know me, i always like to look at new sites and to take another look at some old ones.  And lets be honest with all the pirating around at the moment there are very few new sites coming online and those that do are pretty much starved out of business by greedy people sucking their content to sell themselves on download services after site rips.  It gets kinda old.   But I do like to take little walks down memory lane sometimes :-)  Hey I remember the day when spanking sites were flying up on the net with so much awesome content :-)  so why not look at some of it now :-)

So this one is from Gregg who did some of the very best spanking material around :)  And its up with so much more of his work at this really good domestic spanking site with around 200 full spanking image sets and videos :)   And these two naughty girls, both of which get their bottoms spanked sure seem to be enjoying the experience! :)

spank027 spank049 spank046

See so much more from these gals and others now over on Bad Females!  Take a trip down memory lane, treat yourselves :-)



Kitchen Chaos Leaves Alyssa Reece With Spanked Bottom

Its been a while since i covered the awesome spanking site Spanking Sorority Girls but i could hardly let this spanking pass as girlfriend Star Nine puts Alyssa Reece across her knifer a good hand spanking and ultimately the wooden spoon across her bare bottom!

As Spanking Sorority Girls puts it:

Star Nine is back to intimidating Alyssa Reece, this time in the kitchen, when she sits on a stool and puts the curvy bottomed pledge over her knee for a hand and wooden spoon spanking. More making out occurs before Alyssa gets to spank Star a little bit, too, and finished strong with that wooden spoon.And i have picked out a few of my favourite domestic spanking pics from this gallery below :)


Don’t miss this one!  This is one of the sexiest domestic spanking sites i have come across and a fantastic addition to this fabulous group of domestic spanking sites :) Click on the pics or the banner below to take a look!  :)  Or just click here.  Either way you get there :-)   But just make sure you do!  :-)

Doctor Zoe Puts The Nurse Over Her Knee at Spanked In Uniform

Watching on as Dr Zoe Page spanks Nurse Scarlets bare bottom over her knee is Nurse Julie who is contemplating her own stinging red spanked bottom!  And squirming over Miss Zoes knee Scarlet does her best to endure the hard hand spanking she is receiving.   Not keeping the ward clean sure got these two in deep trouble!

hmmm…. you know I have to confess I’m having some difficulty imagining Miss Zoe in the ‘caring profession’ with a desire to ‘heal’ the sick and injured!  I know for many its not a great leap of faith but I actually KNOW her and having been over her knee many times before myself it just doesn’t quite ring true!  :)  But hey what do i know?  One thing i CAN tell you is the spanking will certainly be real!  And those bottoms will surely be very red and stinging!   And thats what really matters right? :)

And i have some of the spanking pics!


And you can see more exclusively now at Spanked In Uniform


The Wait For Her Spanking Is Always The Longest

Waiting for her disciplinarian in the punishment room Ito of knows she is in trouble.   She has been told to wait kneeling on the ground and when confronted by Miss Mari who arrives 10 minutes later she knows she is about to have a very sore bottom!  For every time she is disobedient Miss Mari puts her across her knee, lifts her skirt and pulls down her panties for a good sound bare bottom hand spanking!  And today is no exception to that rule

Spanked methodically from cheek to cheek Miss Mari leaves Itos very spankable bottom red and stinging before she is allowed to stand and wait in the corner.  Ito never knows if her punishment is over or if Miss Mari will be returning with a hairbrush to finish the job!  She can only hope that her Mistress will be more forgiving this time!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics


Real awesome spanking pics for both domme and naughty girls there from so be sure not to miss this great domestic spanking video which comes to you from this awesome site :) Hand

Lapa Lopez Spank Interviewed By Kays Mom at My Spanking Roommate

This week at My Spanking Roommate you get to see Kays mom played by pro domme Fiona X spank and be spanked by beautiful Lapa Lopoz!  Awesome spanking action that will have your mouth watering for more :)   Lapa has one of the most spankable bottoms you can imagine!!!

And to prove it i have grabbed some spanking pics of both her being spanked and her spanking Kays Mom!  :)

014 003 016 002-1

See what i mean? :)  And you can see more now exclusively at My Spanking Roommate :-)

msr-anim hpa4

Alyssa Reece Gives Revenge Spanking To Star Over Her Knee

Another awesome update at Spanking Sorority Girls as Alyssa Reece administers a revenge spanking to co star Star for the spanking she had received there last week!  Bare bottom of course and over her knee!  Just as it should always be :)

As Spanking Sorority Girls puts it:

Alyssa Reece has something over Star and she takes this opportunity to get revenge for the spanking and sexual violation that Star gave her the day before. So Alyssa puts Star over her knee for a spanking, then follows it up with a lesson in strap-on play. It’s a nice spanking scene that is also very sexy! But Star warns Alyssa that this won’t be over. Seems like there are more spankings in Alyssa’s future.

And i have some great domestic spanking pics from the gallery for you all :)

003-1 002-2 006 015-1

Don’t miss this one!  Some of the pics you can see here for free but you need to go to the site to see the video :)