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Apricot Pitts Must Spank Her Own Bottom!

Check out sexy Apricot Pitts from AAA Spanking who has taken to spanking herself for misdemeanours!  We need volunteers to give her that spanking boys!  Could it be you?

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A Touch of Discipline For A Naughty Student!

Ahhhhh getting back into the swing of things now after my break but at least i had an excuse which is more than this naughty girl at Northern Spanking had for not handing in her essay before her university tutorial!  But her strict university professor has a fix for that and it is a sore stinging bottom!

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Obedience Is Expected Says Miss Lila as Disobedient Lim is Soundly Hand Spanked Over Her Knee!

There is a naughty girl that is getting a smacked bottom again this week at Hand Spanking as she leaves her room in the house she shares with her strict friend Miss Lila.  Lim had been told several times that she needed to make more of an effort to keep the house tidy and the last time she was even told that the warning was her last before it was accompanied with a sound bare bottom spanking over Miss Lila’s knee!  But Lim simply didn’t obey and now she finds herself bent over her strict friends knee getting those stinging smacks from Miss Lila’s hand!  Smack Smack Smack, a searing stinging throbbing bottom fills Lim’s brain to focus her mind  only on the message Miss Lila is giving her.   That of obedience!  This video exclusive to the guys at Hand the worlds best Asian lezdom spanking site!

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When A Call Girl Steals A Client Her Butt Is Soundly Spanked!

At Spanked Call Girls there are some awesome domestic spanking pics and videos and in this one it seems that Clare Fonda has walked in on a spanking at the brothel!  One of the call girls has caught the other trying to steal one of her clients and so has dragged her by the ear to one of the bedrooms and put her over her knee for a good well deserved spanking!   But it is only Clare that is allowed to spank!  And so now the other will pay with a sore smacked bottom too!

And i have some domestic spanking pics for you all!

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Fridge Thief Karen Gets Red Stinging Bottom Over Miss Sandra’s Knee!

A naughty girl must always feel the sting of a spanked bottom! That is the rule that is known by all whom read this blog!  And a view also shared by the guys at Punished Brats where another bad girl gets herself put over Mistress’s knee for a sound hand spanking after she steals her food from the fridge!  Check out these awesome domestic spanking pics!

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Tennis Club Practice is Mandatory On Pain of Spanking at Northern Spanking!

This being Wimbledon week, Northern Spanking has put out a great little spanking video featuring Alex Reynolds spanking Rococo Royalle who has not being putting in the practice that is required to remain a part of the girls only tennis club!  But a sore spanked bottom will show Rococo the error of her ways!  Check it out now at Northern Spanking

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An Ode To Naughty Gals Spanked Bottoms Everywhere!

One of my favourite spanking sites, Bad Tushy always put out some of the best spanking pics ever.  Gregg who photographed them really understood the spanking scene so well.   And it didn’t matter what type of spanking, male spanking female, female spanking male or female spanking female, he always got it spot on!  Here you see college teacher spanking one of her students for throwing screwed up paper at her as she writes on the blackboard!  Sexy!  Just not sure who is the sexier, the spanker or the spankee! Im gonna plum for the spankee though cos we get to see her bare bottom! 🙂

And I have some of the domestic spanking pics for you all :)

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Spanked Simply Because Her Mistress Decides It is Appropriate!

Taking up her new role as submissive to her dominant new girlfriend, this naughty girl is instructed to sit up properly at the dinner table!  But her strict girlfriend is simply not satisfied by how straight is straight and so she is now instructed to bend over the gals knees with her pants down!  The humiliating spanking she will now endure is matched only by how much that bottom of hers now stings!  But it is as it is meant to be! It is as her Mistress wants it!  Check it out now exclusively at Hand

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Bad Attitude Gets Carols Bare Bottom Spanked!

Carol has been getting out of line!  She has been developing a bratty attitude, slothing off of her chores and answering her boss back!  But Miss Sarah has a perfect solution at Spanking Sarah! And that is to bend her over and soundly spank her bottom!  Check it out!  Tears come to her eyes!  And her attitude is soon changed!

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Lazy Maid Is Bent And Caned at English Spankers!

Maids know the rules at English Spankers.   Be on time, do the work, keep busy and do as you are told!  Simple as that.   Break any of them and you will get your bare bottom spanked!  Lazy Louise is learning that now as her bottom is caned!

And i have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics

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