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Reporting To Female Professor For A Spanked Bottom!

Reporting to the college professor when she had been neglecting her homework and talking in class Rachael knewfrom past experience that she was in for a painful time and she sure was!  For it took Miss merely 3 or 4 minutes to have her bottom smarting and a stinging pink colour as her paddle struck the naughty girls bottom! Spanked In Uniform has some awesome videos and pics :)   Check out these domestic spanking pics below from their latest update :)

ep14_9 ep14_5 ep14_2

And you can see more exclusively now at Spanked In Uniform


Karla Kush Uses OTK Spanking To Prevent Veronica Ricci Leaving Spanked Call Girls

When Veronica Ricci thought she would leave the pages of Spanked Call Girls is was a bad mistake as newbie spanker and spankee Karla Kush was determined not to allow this!  And when Veronica is spanked over Karla’s knee she soon changes her mind!  But now she will take back her dominant role and spank Karla for thinking she has the authority to spank HER!


And i have some awesome lezdom F/f spanking pics for you all

006-1 001 002

For the video and yet more pics and many more videos and pics featuring other girls you need to join Spanked Call Girls :-) But its a great site and well worth every cent for this major archive of the sexiest of domestic girl spanks girl action videos :-)


Diary Entry Leaves Boss With Stinging Spanked Bottom at Hand Spanking!

At the home of the best asian F/f spanking anywhere in the world Hand Spanking have released another awesome update!  This one features manageress Erika put over her new employee Ruka’s knee and soundly spanked after she reads her diary!

And i have a few of the awesome domestics spanking pics :)

e19-53 e19-45 e19-30

Real awesome spanking pics for both domme and naughty girls there from so be sure not to miss this great domestic spanking video which comes to you from this awesome site :) Hand

Reunion Leaves Two Sore Stinging Bottoms at My Spanking Roommate

This week at My Spanking Roommate Kay and Madison get back together after a long time apart the reunion leaves two very red and sore spanked bottoms in the room!  For with hand and hairbrush the two go at each others bare asses over their knees as hard as they possibly can and spank till the other is close to tears!

And i have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics for you all :-)

011-1 006 005

See what i mean?   And you can see more now exclusively at My Spanking Roommate :-)

msr-anim hpa4

Spanked When Rude To Miss

Being rude, disobedient or disrespectful to Miss at AAA Spanking will get a naught girls bottom spanked in double quick time as Aleesha Fox should know by now yet she just can not help herself!  And when Aleesha does this one time too many Miss Zoe makes the decision that she will tolerate this no further!   Fetching a chair from the kitchen Miss Zoe decides put Aleesha Fox over her knee and spank!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics

015 008 011
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The Spanking Lola Has Been Dreading All Night Now Administered at Bars And Stripes!

All night Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison inmate Lola Mari has been waiting nervously knowing she faces corporal punishment discipline on the following morning.  It has been ordered by the court as part of her rehabilitation and she has been anxiously dreading it for the last week now!  Every Friday morning about this time its spanking time for Lola!  And i have some great spanking pics for you from this update!


LolaMorning After - 54 LolaMorning After - 08 LolaMorning After - 46

And remember you can see the video (to the spanking pics) now exclusively at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison :)

Ella Hughes Feels Aleesha Fox’s Hairbrush Across Her Bare Bottom at Northern Spanking!

Excellence follows once more at the awesome UK spanking website Northern Spanking where this week Aleesha Fox administers a very sound bare bottom spanking with her hairbrush to misbehaving naughty girl Ella Hughes who has arrived home late from her new job!

And I have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics!


Hairbrush Spanks Bottom!


Mistress Warns Naughty Girl!


A Naughty Girls Bottom Should Always Be Spanked!

Yes it looks like Aleesha has had HER bottom spanked too there!  What do you think THAT was for?  Check it out now exclusively at Northern Spanking

Sexy Tub Spanking Leaves Two With Stinging Red Bottoms at Girl Spanks Girl!

A bathing tub spanking with bath brush and hand leaves two naughty girls with stinging red spanked bottoms this week at Girls Spank Girl!

In this movie Miss Ricci (Veronica Ricci) who plays a Russian Ballet instructress catches two American students making out in the bath tub!  I guess she must agree (in the movie at least) with the stance taken by Russian government on homosexuality as she decides to put both of them against the wall where they will both be soundly spanked with a wooden bath brush!   And with wet bottoms this is going to REALLY sting!

And I’ve got some of the domestic lezdom F/f spanking pics for you all :)

008 004 013

Awesome :)  Imagine being able to spank those bottoms like Veronica is right now!  :)

Check em out!  You can see them all now exclusively at Girls Spank Girl


When Mother In Law Is Mad She Spanks!

Being lazy and failing to do any work around the house does not go down well with naughty Maria’s mother in law who is concerned that her son is getting a raw deal!  Well if he will not spank her bottom mother in law Hiroko is determined to do so for him and make his lazy wife bottom truly sting!  Hand truly make an awesome movie with this one!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics for you all


Real awesome spanking pics for both domme and naughty girls there from so be sure not to miss this great domestic spanking video which comes to you from this awesome site :) Hand

English Lesson Turns Painfully Bad for American Student at AAA Spanking

Pronouncing words incorrectly gets this naughty girl in deep trouble at AAA Spanking when her Americanisation of the beautiful British mother tongue is punished severely with the use of a slipper on her bare bottom!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics




You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!