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Danielle Hunt Feels The Paddle Snap On Her Bare Bottom at AAA Spanking!

Daniella Hunt is the star at AAA Spanking this week as she bends over to take a good hard paddling on her bare bottom!  But little did she know JUST HOW MUCH trouble she was really in when the spanking commenced as her disciplinarian spanks her SO HARD it literally snaps the paddle in two!  And if she thought that the spanking would end there she was much mistaken!  So what if she gets splinters in her bottom!  She should have thought about that before she misbehaved!

As Tripple A Spanking Put It:

Danielle Hunt had been confined to her Dorm Room awaiting her latest punishment in the embarrassing “Discipline Dropseats”. A humiliating piece of clothing as any girl at this private school would know that anyone wearing this item was about to be punished… this helped enforce the room confinement and making trips to the bathroom down the long corridor fraught with worry. Cruel? Perhaps… but these rules were in place for a reason, so when Mr Osborne arrived, he discovered that Danielle had also been using a hidden phone which was strictly forbidden! He immediately set about punishing her with her dropseat pants pulled down revealing her full naked bottom… she was spanked, given the hairbrush & then the nasty composite paddle that was a personal favourite of his as he knew this really, really stung like hell! However, her naughty buns of steel broke his cherished paddle: You will see the end of an area at Triple A as one of our much cherished implements met its match with Danielle Hunt!

And i have some great domestic home spanking pics for you :)

008 009

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!


Bryanna Cox, Tight Yoga Pants And A Paddled Bare Bottom!

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Domestic Spanking Blog!  I just thought i would update y’all on whats been going on over at my friends Bryanna and Lance Cox’s site where Bryanna has gotten herself in trouble again!  Wearing tight yoga pants she seems to think it is a good idea to irritate the principle!  But soon when those pants are pulled down for her bare bottom to be spanked by his paddle she soon changes her mind!

As Spanking Bare Butts put it

Bryanna thought it would be fun to tease the principal of her school by showing off her butt in skin tight yoga pants and by telling him that she wouldn’t mind getting a paddling from him at all. Well was she ever wrong and sorry for making that decision! Bryanna already hated what she had gotten herself into after the first 40 licks smacked down onto her butt through her inapropriate skin tight yoga pants, but she really started to beg and cry once her pants were pulled down and the paddle seared into her naked bouncing cheeks over 140 more times!

And I have some domestic spanking pics :-)

sbbmfp56-14 sbbmfp56-11

One of the most spankable bottoms anywhere on the net, Bryanna is completely exclusive to Spanking Bare Butt’s y’all!  So be sure to hop on over there now and see the movie!  You can see it now over at Spanking Bare Butts :-)

Wordplay And A Soundly Spanked butt at

Hi everybody!  Sorry im a lil late with this today :)  I spent all day yesterday trying to  get through some jobs that just threw up barriers and obstacles at every turn!  Ever had a day like that?  Well yesterday was mine!  Anyway, to relieve the stress somewhat i thought i would pop over to AAA Spanking and see what they have been up to!   And i couldn’t but not cover it really :)  Awesome domestic spanking and Ive half inched a couple of the pics :-)



As Tripple A Spanking Put It:

Mishka, the new Exchange Student, was a very naughty little thing! She rubbed herself off and got excited reading about the ways in which bad girls were disciplined with a corporal punishment spanking! She imagined herself getting that treatment too and dipped her fingers into her glistening pussy to relieve that feeling of severe arousal! However, she hadn’t turned up for Supper as she was engrossed in her illicit finger pie business that she got caught masturbating! A shocked Mr Osborne gave her a spanking (which was what she got off on) – but he noticed this and then turned the tables on her, making her read the paragraphs that she found so interesting from the Female Disciplinary Manual then whacked her bare reddening cheeks with the hairbrush! Her growing humiliation was only matched by the increasingly beautiful red colour of her tight buns! Gaze upon the glowing cheeks of shame which contrasted beautifully with her light blue gingham school dress!

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!


Charity Dance Spanking For Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory has gotten herself in trouble with her boyfriend it seems at Sarah Gregory Spanking as her bratty behaviour lands her in hot water again!  It seems that she was playing up in a charity dance and causing him some considerable embarrassment!   And now naughty Sarah faces a very sound spanking over her panties!

As Sarah Gregory Spanking put it:

Sarah’s Boyfriend is sick and tired of her being a stuck up brat and flirty with everyone else. After he takes her to his company charity dance, she makes a fool of him by her flirty and bratty behavior. He handles this when they get home with a good hard spanking.

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics from the movie :-)

016 011 012

And you can see more of this hot spanking video now exclusively at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Office Failures End In Sore Bottom For Miss Lou

Hi again everybody and welcome back to Domestic Spanking Blog where the naughtiest of girls get bent over the knee for a well deserved spanked bottom!  And today it is the turn of Miss Lau, secretary to the boss at Triple A Spanking :-)  I wanted to publish some of this one particularly not only because she is so gosh darned purdy, though that is as good a reason as any but I also wanted to show some extra breadth that’s in the site and I just cant help but love those office type scenarios with the naughty secretary :-)  And of course new or less featured faces in a website always make it so much more interesting :-)  And Jasmine having one of the most spankable bottoms anywhere I dont think any of us can really go wrong :-)

As Tripple A Spanking Put It:

Secretary Miss Lau gives her boss the flight schedule & confirmation of his long awaited business class trip to Barbados. She thinks she has done well getting him a decently priced non refundable flight, the dates are correct, the airport ideal, etc. etc… & she is rather pleased with herself! However… Osborne’s initial good nature towards his rather attractive secretary change when he sees she has booked the 3 Thousand Quid ($5000) flight to Bermuda instead! & it’s NON refundable! He’s prepared to fire her over this nonsense which has cost him a lot of money but she’s desperate to keep her job and even offers herself to him sexually! Mr Osborne is horrified that a young (yet admittedly attractive) grown woman half his age would try to work this out with sordid sexual favors! He is an old school disciplinarian, disgusted by all things sexual & instead propositions her to pay off the bill in “spanking intallments”. However, Mr Osborne is rather smitten with Jasmine as she presents her pert buttocks & tight body for his discipline, what you’ll see is this hypocrite claim that what he is doing is only erotic! “Yes, Mr Osborne… we believe you” (not!) See how he gets on in this hilarious yet highly “erotic” 20 minute spanking film (it’s nothing sexual, honest!)

And i have some great domestic home spanking pics for you :)

005 004 010

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

POV Spanking Introduced At Tripple A Spanking!

I have always been a fan of POV (point of view) spanking video and images ever since i saw the awesome video first done I believe by Tony who has sadly now passed away at Cameo Classics.  I actually think Tony set the standard there in that day with POV which was entirely new at the time.  And as somebody that produces video myself I am particularly appreciative of the way that he managed to make that work!  Im still not sure how he did it!  I have spent HOURS on end discussing this very matter with various video producers and photographers and there is really SO MUCH more to shooting proper POV spanking than you might imagine.   But of course Im coming from this with the perspective of the spankee.   Shooting POV video for submissive’s is I think considerably harder than shooting it for those who like to spank the girls.  And that would have been even more the case back then in the 70’s than it is today!  The reason I say that is because the lady who was spanking you as a male in that particular video dragged the pov person to a stool and harshly (and quickly) pulled him over the knee.  And yet the video was fairly steady!  To do this you would have to have the camera pretty much in the place your head is!  Not easy!  and then holding it still as you are being violently dragged across the room to be put over the ladies knee adds complications!  But the main problem we encoutered trying to do this even with a stills camera is getting the angle correct over when over the knee!  Because the first time you see that sight of the backs of the stockinged thighs of a young Goddess as she spanks you is really quite incredible!   Now that is difficult even by todays standards short of fixing a very small CCTV type camera to your head at eye level but bear in mind these cameras did not exist in the 70’s!  The cameras then were a good foot long!  And the ladies stool would have to have been really quite tall to work with that even holding the camera pointed upwards at the thighs!  And of course keeping the guys stupid head out of the way (not easy for him either as he is already often struggling to hold himself in position as he is being spanked!).  Really very difficult indeed.

Anyway, im going off the topic really.  Digressing as I so often do.  But i have written all of the above down now and…well…I dont think I fancy deleting the last 5 minutes of my life as i spill out some photographic wisdom so i will leave it!  LOL.  The point is that the guys at Triple A Spanking have just released their first POV video and its really very good indeed! From the lifting of the skirt, to the slipper across her pantied bottom and then across her bare bottom with panties around the tops of her thighs!  Excellent throughout.

As Tripple A Spanking Put It:

This clip explores the view of the spanker, it’s the spanker’s POV. YOU are in control… Alex talks to YOU and the camera is your eyes, you can really imagine that you are spanking Alex as she lies over the punishment trestle… it’s too late for her to find excuses now… she gives you the 1st implement, a leather strap, YOU know what to do with it, don’t you? You’re not satisfied that she has learnt her lesson, so you give her bottom a good slippering too, and YOU watch what you are doing, seeing her bottom mark up an angry red as you slipper the hell out of her rear! This film is classed as spanker’s POV in our ongoing project: We hope you enjoy this special preview of what we are trying to do.

And i have some great domestic home spanking pics for you :)

003 007 014

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Asian Gal Gets Her Bottom Spanked at Girls Boarding School

Sometimes i like to just post a few pics from a gallery i have seen and liked :-)  And they can be old or new but that’s the case here :)  Naughty asian glad gets caning at Girls Boarding School :)  Just cos i like it :)

pic06-1 pic04-1 pic09

See the video now exclusively at Girls Boarding School :-)  They have absolutely tonnes of it there :-)  Be sure to check them out :-)

Alison Miller Bends For 175 Spanks From The Strap After Driving Dancers Too Hard at Firm Hand Spanking!

Hey everybody!  I wanted to cover a recent video just released at my friends site at Firm Hand Spanking!  Features a gal I feature here a lot named Alison Miller!  You will know her well because she has an unmistakable hair colour not to mention one of the sexier bottoms around in the spanking scene as of late!

It seems that Alison has been pushing her dance partners too hard and now faces a very sore bottom as she is told to bend over for a 175 spank strapping from Frank!

As Firm Hand Spanking put it!

Flame-haired Dance Captain Alison Miller kneels on a sofa, hands on the floor, bared butt high in the air, for a stinging 175 swats with Frank Reed’s punishment strap. She’s been driving her dancers too hard and berating them: now her cheeks pay the price!

And again i have obtained a few of the great domestic spanking pics :-)

dance_o003 dance_o001 dance_o002 dance_o004

One thing is for sure and that is with the sore stinging red bottom she has now this young lady will be a lot more careful about disobeying Miss Alison again!   Here is spanking good video preview sample :-)


And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)

Racket Whacking At Treble A Spankin

Kami Robertson is in trouble at Triple A Spanking this week as she is before the head teacher for fighting with one of the schools tennis stars!  So dressed in her tennis outfit she now faces a very sore bottom from the spanking she is about to get there at skool :)

pulled down and kneeling on the table for a very sound bare bottom spanking is the order of the day at Triple A Spanking as Amber and Sophie take a sound strapping to their bare bottoms!

As AAA Spanking put it:

Kami Robertson is in detention for fighting with the other school’s tennis stars during practice. She is not remorseful at all when confronted by the teacher in charge of her detention discipline! To teach her respect and some manners he spanks her in her tennis kit without the protection of her panties as she is also given the leather slipper and hairbrush heavily across her tight bare bottom. This starts to have the desired effect of making this arrogant young madam just a little more compliant and sorry for her recent disgraceful behaviour!

And i have some of the great domestic spanking pics :)   You can see more at thisspanking gallery here :)

010 002 016 013 003

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Clover Paisley Reports For Sound Bare Bottom Spanking at Bars And Stripes Spanking Prison

In a recent adjudication at the Bars and Stripes spanking prison, Clover Paisley has come off somewhat worse for wear!  Certainly worse than she first imagined she might as she has been bent over the table for a very sound bare bottom spanking!

And i have some of the pics from this recent photo update :)

clover2_adjudication - 063 clover2_adjudication - 050-1 clover2_adjudication - 067 clover2_adjudication - 043 clover2_adjudication - 050

Be sure to check them out for more from this set over at Bars and Stripes boys and girls!   :-)