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Pain For Ten Amorette At Spanking Party

Ten Amorette thought she would attend a party without reading the invitation!  Imagine her shock when she discovers that it is a spanking party and it is her butt that is going to get the stinging leather treatment!  Well shocked or not thats what happens anyway!  Check it out now at AAA Spanking!

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Spelling Mistakes In Punishment Lines Earns Julie A Whupping at Spanked In Uniform

Making spelling mistakes in her punishment lines at college earns naughty Julie a good whupping from the head principle of the college who feels like she is mocking him!  And she feels ever spank!

Check out these spanking pics!

And you can see more exclusively now at Spanked In Uniform


Caned By College Head

Turning up late for a college tuitorial and not having done her assessed essay earns naughty Karen six of the best across both her hands and her bae bottom! A naughty girls bottom should always be red and sore but how is she going to do her essay now with sore hands?  Check out these awesome domestic spanking pics from Red Stripe Films!


Check out the video now only at Red Stripe Films!

Asking For A Spanking Leads To Regret at AAA Spanking!

Adriana Evans must be regretting her stupidity in asking for a spanking when she visited the guys at AAA Spanking!  Because they are never going to say no and by the time she gets up from over the knee her bottom is red and stinging for sure!

And i have some of the awesome domestic spanking photos!

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Amelia’s Hairbrush Spanking As She Misbehaves Yet Again!

What is a man to do when they are left in charge of a naughty girl like Amelia!  Forever disobedient and bratty she spends most of her days with a red stinging bottom!  But one thing is clear to Lee and that is that she needs it!  And so when she refuses to do the housework one evening and tries to tell him that HE should be pulling his weight he pulls the weight of a wooden hairbrush rapidly through the air onto her naughty bottom!  One thing is for sure with her ass now well and truly on fire once more her bratty attitude over at Firm Hand Spanking is well and truly in check again!

And I have some awesome domestic spanking pics

And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)


Rebecca Rebelling Against Her Spanking Results In Her Being Sent To Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison!

When Rebecca is imprisoned for punching her college principle after he put her over his knee for smoking (see previous update) she is shocked to find that he also the job as prison disciplinarian at the Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison where she has been sent!  Oh what sweet justice for him that he now gets to spank her all over again and this time with a hard leather strap reserved for the nations naughtiest girls! Check it out now in these awesome domestic spanking pics!

And remember you can see the video (to the spanking pics) now exclusively at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison :)

Smacked Bottom For Smoking

Having been caught smoking, Rebecca is in a lot of trouble.  She knows at college the head principle has zero tolerance for anything that breaks the rules and has a tendency to put naughty girls who disobey them over his knee and hand spank their bare bottoms!  So it comes as no surprise to Rebecca when she is turned over his knee and has her panties pulled down for some bare bottom discipline!  Ouch!

And i have some of the spanking pics!

And you can see more exclusively now at Spanked In Uniform


If You Misbehave Down In The Woods Today…

If you are a naughty girl who misbehaves down in the woods today you may just get a big surprise!  Yes a soundly spanked bottom!  I love these outdoor spanking pics in the woods.   Like a voyeur spanking where the naughty girl is in danger of the world seeing her shamed and disciplined!

Check out this awesome video at Bad Females

See so much more from these gals and others now over on Bad Females!  Take a trip down memory lane, treat yourselves


Linny Bends Over Pauls Knee To Get Well Deserved Smacked Bottom

Linny Lace is in trouble this week at Northern Spanking after she has been losing interest in her college work and getting bad grades!  One thing is for sure and that is that with a sound hand spanking over her bare bottoms he will learn her lesson!

Check out these latest awesome domestic spanking pics I got from their site!

Check it all out again soon at Northern Spanking

Naughty Dutch Girl Leona Reports Back To Real Life Spanking For Discipline Refresher!

After some time away from the studio at Real Life Spanking, naughty Leona has missed her discipline sessions and found herself getting more and more unruly and belligerent!  So when she reports back to the guys there she certainly soaks up the bare bottom spanking that she so richly needs and deserves!  Check this out at Real Life Spanking

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics


So be sure to visit Real Life Spanking for the best spanking video!

Real Life Spanking